Nephalata Script

Not everyone is fully invested in this city. They feel like they can come and go if they wanted to. I wish they would just leave.

If we’re successful here, we’ll be establishing a blueprint for future underground settlements. It’s vital we succeed.

All my life I’ve wanted a place to call home. And I’ll fight to my last breath to keep it.

Morrowind, Windhelm. Everywhere I’ve lived they’ve pushed me out. But not this time.

Why aren’t there more mages in this group?
Believe it or not, when we first arrived, the entire security force was made up of mages.
But the work that needed to be done…the crafting, mining, and smelting…well, there are many who find it demeaning.
They were only a handful of us when Elenea took ill. Now, the three of us are all that remains.

What do you aim to do now that the city has been reclaimed?
With Zannfar dead, we’ll need to redouble our security efforts.
Assembling a guard of mages will allow us to sell off the Dwarven metal and still protect the city.

(alternate) Zannfar’s guard should provide an adequate line of defense. But it’s not the best solution long term.
Assembling a guard of mages, on the other hand, will allow us to sell off the Dwarven metal and use the gold elsewhere.

If that’s the case, why would Zannfar be against it?
Training competent mages takes time. The Falmer didn’t give us any.
And of course, the smaller our numbers, the weaker our coverage. Even the most powerful wizards have to sleep.

How well did you know Elenea’s daughter?
I loved Avrusa like a sister, and she was far more talented than I. But at times, she overestimated her own abilities.
Talent can be a weakness when it’s used as a crutch. Still, I don’t believe what they say about her and the Falmer. It’s too…clean.

Talent can be a weakness when it’s used as a crutch. Still, I don’t believe what they say about Zannfar being the killer. He isn’t a political type.

How do you think Elenea’s daughter died?
I don’t know, because I wasn’t here. Some say it was an accident, but it’s hard to separate the politics from it.
Still, I would be looking into it, if I wasn’t so busy with the mage guard. Perhaps you can find the time to do investigate the matter yourself.

I can ask around for you.
Then you have my thanks. Start with the refugees who were there.
They may have their own suspicions now that the truth has come to light.
Elenea herself may have answers as well, but I fear this isn’t a topic she wants to revisit.

I can’t do that right now.
I understand. We all have our own troubles to work out. For me, the city’s well being must take priority.

Aldryn mentioned a mage who studied the Dwemer.
Yes, Helfar. Without him, the council has suspended most of the build projects.
We can’t tear down a wall and risk the entire ruin collapsing.

Scene with Brathus

Brathus! Have you found any suitable recruits?

Not yet. But a few have expressed interest, they just lack the aptitude.

Not the old shopkeeper again, is it?

I’m afraid he’s rather insistent he can help.

At this rate, we may not have another option.

Nevyn Scene

Citizen, if you would spread the word, I’d appreciate it. We’re forming a mages guild to help with the defense.

Sure, but I don’t think there’s a need.

How can you say that? Magic is an important tool that could very well save this city.

I don’t mean it that way. I’m saying the city’s small, and pretty much everyone has seen you two walking around.
They don’t need me to remind them you exist.

Scene with Fervaysi

Nepha, when are you going to invite me into your little guild?

There are standards, I’m afraid, which you do not meet.

But next to Elenea, I’m the most powerful mage here.

Those aren’t the kind of standards I’m talking about.

Scene with Jenabel

Jenabel, do you have any experience with magic?

Well, my husband once said “Your smile can light up a room.” But then I realized he was talking to the tavern wench.

I’m talking about spells, incantations, that sort of thing.

Oh I know. But I’m sorry. There’s about as much magic in these fingers as there was in my marriage.

Scene with Zannfar

How’s your little guild coming along?

Not well. Perhaps if some of the guard were interested in magical training, we can increase our numbers more readily.

No. They’re having to learn enough as it is.

Well, then what do you suggest? You of all people should be supporting my efforts.

Easy, ash hopper. I’ll find you some suitable candidates. Just right now, we’re stretched thin.

Scene with Elenea

Councilor, how are you feeling?

Physically, I’m fine. The rest will take some time.

I understand. But you’re the most powerful mage here. We need your guidance.

I’m sorry Nepha. In this state, I would do more harm than good.

Scene with Elenea

I heard you have plans to make a guild.

Yes. Magic is in our blood. We need to teach it to the next generation.

Of course. But take care not to be so forceful, or you may end up teaching a class of empty chairs.

I’m sorry. That was rude of me. I shouldn’t have brought it up.

Tabythah Scene

How are your studies coming along?

They’re doing just fine, Nepha.

You know, you don’t have to lie to me. If you’re having trouble with a tome, I may be able to help you.

Well, to be honest, I don’t understand how to form ice spikes. I just end up making a lot of ice.

You have the basic principle down. You just need to focus your energy into a point, and gradually draw it out.
Think of it like pulling a handkerchief through a tiny hole.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Are any of the refugees here from High Rock?
Strange that you mention it. The other day I overheard part of a conversation while doing my rounds.
It was about a plant native to Daggerfall of all things. Needless to say, it was very odd to hear this given most of us have never been west of Skyrim.
I don’t remember who said it, or the context, unfortunately. But I hope that helps.

Do you know if anyone has a taste for Argonian Bloodwine?
I know Councilor Aldryn has a taste for all wines, but you’d have to ask him yourself.

I know Councilor Aldryn had a taste for all wines, but among the living? I can’t say I do.

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