Nevyn Script

What can you tell me about the city?
Well, if you mean the buildings, there’s not much to see. Just walk five steps the other way and you’ve seen everything.
If you mean the people, then that’s different. Everyone has their habits. Some like to drink, some like to gamble, and some like to shop.
Every night we get a different mix of people in here. And that helps keep things lively.

Nepha Scene

Citizen, if you would spread the word, I’d appreciate it. We’re forming a mages guild to help defend the city.

Sure, but I don’t think there’s a need.

How can you say that? Magic is an important tool that could very well save this city.

I don’t mean it that way. I’m saying the city’s small, and pretty much everyone has seen you two walking around.
They don’t need me to remind them you exist.

Scene with Varksys

You still in for that card game, Nevyn?

Yeah, I can get Verah to cover for me, so long as it isn’t on the weekend.

Great. I’ve got a couple easy marks to join us too. Green as cabbages.

You should go easy on the young ones, Varksys.

Ha! Now why would I do that?

Well, for one, you might scare them off. You can’t play Iron Hearts with yourself now, can you?

Scene with Verah

Verah, I’m going to need you to tend the inn on Middas again.

You really need to kick that habit. It’s not like you can spare the gold.

Well, look at it this way. If I lose everything, you’ll inherit the inn. You can even hire me as your wench.

Ha! Maybe then you’ll appreciate me a little more, after you’ve walked a mile in my shoes.

I already do Verah. You’re a bloody saint.

Scene with Verah

You know, there’s some really nice women in this city. I think some of them wouldn’t mind an older man.

Now you’re just talking nonsense.

Scene with Verah

Nevyn, we’re running low on mead.

Again? You’d think we were serving Nords the way they drink that swill.

It can’t be helped. It’s the cheapest spirit we sell.

Poker Hellos

Varksys gets the boys to play a round or two every week.

Verah’s tending the inn right now. Not the least bit worried. I mean, it’s not like she can burn the place down.

Poker scene

So if the Ace is a one, how is it higher than all the other numbers? This is confusing.

You’re over-thinking it, kid. This isn’t arithmetic. It’s just the way the rules are written.

Just think of the ace as someone with two jobs. It can be either an innkeep or a wench. How you play it depends on the rest of your hand.

Wait, so if it’s a face card too, does that mean I have a straight?

(groan – everybody does this line save Casival)

Son of a guar….

What? Did I win?

Just take the goddamn money.

Poker 2

I want to raise. Having all of the same color is a good thing right?

Only if it’s the same shape and color. Hearts and diamonds aren’t the same.

Oh…then can I take it back?

I don’t see why not.

No, it’s too late, he already said the words. I call. Let’s see it.

Yeah, I got nothing. I was trying to make a flush, but I only matched the colors. 

You didn’t even do that. There’s a spade in your hand.

Oh right…Five cards make a hand, not four! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Well, that’s the price of experience.

Varksys, the kid’s got a full house.

Oh for the love of Mara, you can’t be serious!

Does that mean I win?


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