nythriel revised

Nythriel (Sassy, Haughty, Gossipy)
Nythriel is a bit of a gossip.  She likes to spread rumors and embellish them, and Solitude, with its multitude of personalities and secrets, is the perfect place for her to set up shop.   Although many do not agree with the presence of a High Elf at The Blue Palace, she has no connection to the Thalmor and has no official capacity in court other than to organize court attire and throw fancy parties.

Conversation Start
1.  If you’ve come to file another complaint, I won’t deign to hear it.
2.  For the last time, I am not a gossip. I’m just gregarious. I don’t embellish, it’s just the facts don’t convey the spirit of what really happens.

There have been complaints?
3. Oh yes. Thane Erikur has accused me of spreading rumors, as if his eccentric love life were not a matter of public knowledge.
4. But I assure you, I am not what they say. In time, you will find that I am someone worthy of your confidence.

I’m more concerned about a High Elf influencing the court.
5. For your information, I am not a Thalmor Agent. You’re thinking of my terribly unfashionable twin sister, Myth-riel.
6. My name, on the other hand, is Nythriel, and I am both an attendant of the court and someone worthy of your confidence.

Why don’t you feel your gossip is harmful?
7.  Gossip is inclusive. It allows outsiders such as yourself to easily join the conversation.
8.  Spend an hour with me, and you’ll know everything about everyone, and truly feel like one of the locals.

True. A little gossip never hurt anyone.
9.  But that still implies that gossip itself is a negative. What I do is strictly positive. My words tie the community together.

But you embellish the truth and spread lies. That seems rather exclusive.
10.  I don’t embellish, I extrapolate. Besides, it’s not as if the people I speak of are in the room when I do.
11.  If I told you Inge Six-Fingers had twelve toes, who would dare try and broach the subject with Inge directly?
12.  And if someone did, I would be quick to comfort Inge as we excoriated said person for being such a brute.

You’ve convinced me. You are doing this city a service.  Carry on.
13.  Oh, I will. For instance, I have it on good authority that Erikur’s wizard, Melaran, has some rather disturbing habits.
14.  One of which is standing over his master’s bed while he sleeps. Is it love or hate that motivates him? We can only guess.

I’ve been with you for a few minutes and I already need a bath.
15.  Fine.  Then I will speak with someone who appreciates what I have to say, instead of belittling it.

Gossip is gossip.  Your euphemisms do little to change that.
16. Only because the word itself is misunderstood. Gossip helps people listen. Because without it, the facts lose all their luster.
17.  For instance, if I told you Roggvir sabotaged Sorex’s chances with Vivienne, you might be interested.
18.  But what if I told you Roggvir had a taste for men?  Why, the story would have an entirely new twist, would it not? Such a scandal!

Given your reputation, why would people tell you anything?
19.  Because people love to gossip. It’s the sauce on an otherwise boring bowl of conversation.

Do you have an example? How does gossip enhance a conversation?
20.  Well, if I were to tell you that Jarl Elisif trusts Falk Firebeard with everything, you would likely nod your head and praise the steward.
21.  And after that would come the awkward silence. Pretty soon we would start hating each other and ourselves for not being more interesting.
22.  Now if I were to tell you that Jarl Elisif trusts Falk Firebeard with everything, and perhaps curl my lips into a smile…
23.  I imagine you would have little difficulty formulating a reply.

I have no clue why people think you gossip.  Everything you say is a fact.
24.  Oh you jest, but what I do isn’t overstating the facts, it’s investigating them.
25.  If every night strangers walk in and out of a large house with no windows, I don’t need to enter the premises to tell you it’s a brothel.

(fake anger/indignance for line 27, she really wants to believe it)

Is that true? Are the two in love?
26. Well, if true, that would be quite the scandal. I mean, the Jarl finding another lover so soon after Torygg’s death?
27.  No, I refuse to believe it! But I will say this: the two are very, very close.

What exactly are your responsibilities?
28.  As a court attendant, I mostly deal with acquiring clothes, silverware, and other amenities.
29. Now, some accuse me of exhausting the city coffers at a time of war.
30.  But the truth is, I’m not high maintenance, just high minded.
31. When I petition for funding for a party or festival, or new robes for the Thanes, I do so with purpose.

What purpose is that?
32. Maintaining authority. Nobles can’t dress like common peasants.
33. We must present ourselves in a fashion that evokes the proper respect from the populace.

What kind of robes do you order?
34. Well, recently I had silks and linens imported from the Summerset Isle, exquisite fabrics embroidered in silver and gold.
35. Unfortunately, the court deemed them too impractical for Skyrim’s more frigid climate. Thus we wear what you see before you.

Would you like to hear rumors from outside of Tamriel?
36. Thanks, but news from outside comes in all the time. I’m more interested in hearing about you.
37. Oh, you must share. What sort of skeletons do you keep in your closet?  I promise it will be our little secret.

Good.  I’ve been dying to tell someone my darkest secret.
38.  Oh, do tell.  You can always confide in me.

I eat human flesh.
39. You eat people?  By Arkay, I hope not anyone I know.  Or at least, anyone I like.   Oh, but don’t fret, your secret’s safe with me.

Before I came to Skyrim, I abandoned my own child and left it for dead.
40.  How dreadful!  And you have no inkling as to whether it survived?  That is a shameful secret, but rest assured, I won’t tell a soul.

I am a compulsive hoarder.
41.  Oh, then you’re in luck!  I heard there’s a Dunmer in Whiterun who will take all your junk off your hands, for a nominal fee.

I don’t really have a secret.
42.  Now there’s a lie if I ever heard one.  You sound like Erikur when I asked him why he was mumbling about some woman named Bjartur.

I get nervous around other races.
43.  What a scandalous confession!  So few are willing to admit what everyone knows to be true.
44.  In Skyrim, all the races seem to loathe each other.

Telling you would be like telling all of Tamriel.
45. Oh, don’t be that way! I assure you everything you say will be held in the strictest confidence.
46.  Think of me as your impenetrable safe. You let me hold on to your secrets, so they don’t burden you on the road.

I’m almost afraid to ask. Heard any interesting rumors?
47. A few. Some of them even center around your occupation. Is it true what they say? Do adventurers fancy a demure, submissive type?

Actually, I prefer other males myself.
48.  My apologies!  I didn’t mean to presume.  Oh you’ll find there are many in Solitude who share your particular inclinations.
49.  Belrand, Octieve San, and even Sorex, to name a few.  I’d be willing to bet Fihada and his apprentice are too, but you didn’t hear that from me.
50.  I have a sense for these things.

Actually, I prefer other females myself.
51.  My apologies!  I didn’t mean to presume.  Oh you’ll find there are many in Solitude who share your particular inclinations.
52.  Offhand I know Jordis and Taarie might be interested, but there’s a few others I suspect.  Gisli, for instance.  She seems like the type.
53.  Some people say Evette San too, but I’m not inclined to agree.  I have a sense for these things that others don’t.

All lovers have their quirks.  Mine happen to involve goats and Daedra.
54. Oh, you’re no fun at all!  For a second I thought you were being serious.  Very well then, leave me in suspense.

I’d tell you, but it would be like telling all of Nirn.
55.  Well, that wouldn’t be such a terrible thing, would it?  It would at the very minimum remove certain unwanted solicitors from contention.
56.  Unless your proclivities are so queer you’d rather not have them advertised. Hm…now I am intrigued.

I prefer to be alone.
57.  I wonder, is that your choice, or a choice that was made for you?

I enjoy someone with a sense of humor.
58.  Then you’re better off meeting one of the food vendors in Eastmarch.  The selection of cuisine there is completely laughable.

Yes, I prefer a mate who is strong and valorous.
59.  Let me see…who do I know that’s available…are you opposed to marriage outside your race? 60. On the other hand, I suppose they might be.

I want someone to come home to.
61.  As long as you bother to come home.  Otherwise you may find your new home costs 10 gold per night, although the noise is free.

You must have been quite busy during the High King’s death.
62.  Indeed.  They asked me what I saw, and I told them what I heard.  Ulfric Stormcloak, shouting King Torygg to pieces.
63.  And I do mean that literally.  From what I understand there were chunks of the High King all over the walls of the throne.

Really? Physical chunks?
64.  Oh yes. Poor Borgeir Bearclaw had to spend all night scraping what was left of the High King while Elisif wept in her chambers.
65. General Tullius, meanwhile, was screaming at Aldis for letting Ulfric escape.  Naturally, Aldis made Roggvir a scapegoat.
66.  Which is laughable. Roggvir couldn’t even find his own bottom, let alone a way past the Castle Guard.

What really happened? How did Ulfric escape?
67.  Well, according to my sources, the only person to leave the castle was an Argonian male who took the carriage by the stables later that night.
68.  Alone this would mean little, but consider this:  When Ulfric shouted Torygg to death, some claim his skin burst open to reveal a pattern of scales.
69.  Not the scales of an Argonian, but that of a dragon.

What a ridiculous tale.
70.  Not half as ridiculous as Sayma’s taste in attire, but that is evidently all too real.

Anyone could sneak past this pathetic excuse for a guard.
71.  Perhaps a Ratway blossom like Evette San could crawl through the sewers and swim to Hjaalmarch, but I don’t see Ulfric as the dirty type.

Ulfric is a real dragon?
72.  As much as a Khajiit is a cat, a Dunmer is a Daedra, and a Wood Elf is a tree.   So yes, that’s exactly what he is.

73.  As much as an Argonian is a lizard, an Imperial is a statue, and an Orc is ugly.  So yes, that’s exactly what he is.

Ulfric didn’t literally shout Torygg to pieces.
74.  Didn’t he?  If my voice paralyzes you, and I use that opportunity to cut you into bites of flesh, is it not the same thing?
75.  Besides, if the townsfolk aren’t capable of deciphering a simple metaphor, then that is no one’s fault but their own.

How did Elisif react to the death of her husband?
76.  Well, it was rather tragic what Ulfric did to Torygg, but not nearly as tragic as the prehistoric cave garments with which he dresses his generals.
77.  The uniforms of his lower rank soldiers are bad enough, given their redundancy, but I mean really, a bear’s head?
78.  I know third era fashion is all the rage these days but I think you have to go back a couple millennia to find a time when animal heads were stylish.
79.  If Elisif mourned anything, it was the death of good taste under Stormcloak rule.

Are you implying Elisif cared more about fashion than Torygg?
80.  Well, I suspect her husband was important too.  Either way, I can’t say all this melancholy has been good for her complexion, but she’s still quite fetching.
81.  You may not be aware of this, but it requires a great deal of work to live up to the moniker, “Elisif the Fair.”
82.  The last thing a lady wants is to have that name said in jest.



83.  Ever notice how pale the court mage is?  I know Sybille never leaves the palace during the day, but that in itself is quite strange.

84.  Endarie has put on quite a bit of weight in the past month.  It’s no wonder she’s so bitter, especially when Taarie looks so fabulous.

85.  Ahtar is menacing one, isn’t he?  I suppose it’s part of the job description.  Men like that are typically kittens behind closed doors.

86.  Jorn reminds me of the sort of man whose wife disappears and all his neighbors are shocked, just shocked that he would be a suspect.

87.  You ever notice that Katla and Greta wear the exact same clothes and the exact same hat, and the exact same face?

88.  Aia never used to cover her hair.  Thank Dibella she does now.  Her locks and her makeup were telling two different stories and both of them awful.

89.  According to Illdi, her and the Skeever bard have a bit of a rivalry going on.  Although a rivalry typically requires two willing combatants.

90.  Octieve San saw the face of one of the Eight at the Skeever again.  Today it was the face of Julianos in his soup.

91.  Rorlund refuses to dignify Octieve’s claims with a response, as he believes they’re part of a scheme to pay off his gambling debts.

92. One of these days Octieve is going to ask Silana to inspect the stain of Akatosh on his undergarments, and maybe then she’ll draw a line.

93. You didn’t hear it from me, but Thane Erikur prefers to do his shopping in the dungeon rather than the marketplace.

94. The other day I was telling Sybille about how what that Fironet girl put her poor fiance through is despicable.

95. The way Vivienne Onis treats poor Sorex, constantly flirting with other men at The Skeever…tsk, tsk.

96. In Vivienne’s defense, Sorex doesn’t seem to be aware that his childhood infatuation isn’t romantic. It’s creepy.

Scene Dialogue
97.  Greetings Netta.  Is it official yet? Are you a member of the college?
Um, no, not yet, but I’ve been practicing, so any day now.
98.  Oh. Well I do suggest you hurry.  People are beginning to talk.
Really?  Who?  What are they saying?
99.  Oh Netta, you know I can’t betray their confidence.  Just as I would never betray yours.

100.  Veralene, we’re all anxious to hear how the manhunt is going.  Do tell.
 Slow. Another poor farmer sought my company the other day.  Why can’t people stick to their own kind?
101.  Well dear, I hate to break it to you, because you hail from such marvelous stock, but judging by your current state…I think he was.

I’m wondering if you know anyone who could critique a book.
1.  Well yes! You came to the right Elf. I know everything about everyone.
2.  In fact, you’re quite the popular topic these days.
3.  So before I share, I need to know if the rumors regarding you and that hagraven are true.
4.  After all, I would never spread such lies without first confronting the person in question.

Look, I don’t remember anything.  Sometimes I get drunk and…
Hold on.  If this is about Witchmist Grove, I was drunk and…
5.  Oh, of course! No one would ever willingly bed a hagraven.  I swear on the Divines, I will make sure these rumors are set straight.
6.  And that business with the feathers?  All lies I’m sure.

Whatever this rumor is, I assure you, it’s completely true.
7.  By the Gods, you mean all of it?  Even the part where you keep her feathers in your trousers?  Oh my!
8.  However, as your newest and dearest confidant, I will let everyone know how you handled this whole affair with aplomb.
9.  After all, it’s your life, and your trousers.

Lies.  All lies.  I have been nothing but friendly to hagravens.
10.  Which is precisely what the rumors have been saying.  That you have been getting more than a little friendly with them.
11.  Then there’s that other nasty rumor that you were only seen with a hagraven because you agreed to join the Forsworn.
12.  But I insisted that you were a person of character, and would never resort to committing such heinous acts to feed your skooma habit.

Well, I’ve killed about 100 hagravens and never stopped to get their names.
13.  As your newest and dearest confidant, I am glad to hear it.  They are wicked creatures and deserve no mercy.
14.  Now I don’t want to alarm you, but this may give credence to that other rumor that you have…difficulties controlling your rage.
15.  One person even accused you of murdering an elderly women and calling her a hagraven.  A rumor I squashed immediately on your behalf.

Lovely.  Can you tell me about the book critic?
16.  Gladly. I won’t reveal my sources, but I hear a certain publisher has been struggling to stay afloat.
17.  In a last ditch effort, they’ve sent their minions all over Tamriel in search of the next great writer.
18.  One such person is at the Skeever rightnow. Of course, that’s not the scandalous part.
19. Everyone is saying how he bears a striking resemblance to one Minette Vinius.
20. Is it possible his forays to the tavern are an attempt to reclaim the child? We can only guess.

How will I know him? Minette has a rather plain face.
21.  Oh, it’s rather simple. He always sits at the bar, on the furthest stool to the right.  They say it offers him the best view.
22.  You take that seat, and I’m sure he’ll come to you.

I need a description of the man, you blabbering gossip.  Not his life story.
23.  My, my, it seems the rumors about your temper are true.  Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to keep it a secret.
24.  As for a description, it’s unnecessary.  The man always sits in the same seat, the stool on the right at the bar.
25.  They say it offers him a good view of the child.  You take it, and he’ll come to you.

Extra quest starter line

There’s been rumors of Talos worshipers leaving notes at his altar. Or at least, where his altar used to be.
Of course, some say the Thalmor left them there as bait.

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