Daenlyn Oakhollow


Go to Falkreath

Hey. Figured they’d bring you here. Good to see you’re okay.

Any idea what this is about?
It might have something do with what we did on that ship. But if that’s the case, why are we still alive?

I don’t know. And I don’t like it.
Me neither. They wouldn’t tell me anything until you got here.
Still, they don’t seem hostile either. But I guess we won’t know for sure until we go inside.

We’re alive because there’s no one in Tamriel capable of killing us.
True. But that doesn’t stop them from trying. Still, this seems different. I don’t think they want to kill us.
In any case, we might as well head inside, see what it’s about.

Not sure. But let’s treasure every day we have left.
Heh, you sound like a priest with that nonsense. I’m not ready to die yet. But I’m not sure that’s what they want.
But I guess we won’t know until we get inside.

We’re alive because our mothers gave birth to us.
This isn’t the time for jokes. Whatever these people want, it’s serious. That much I can tell.

Well, at least Morrigan seems to be enjoying herself.
Yeah. It’s good for her to be around other kids. But at the same time, I can’t let her get too attached. 
Still, it doesn’t seem like these people want to do her harm. Now we just have to find out what it is they do want.

If Morrigan dead

Oh, it’s you. I should’ve known you were involved.

Good to see you too, Griffith.
Sorry. You just have one of those faces.
Hmph. But it’s not your fault. There’s no one else to blame but me.

Do you know what this is all about?
There’s only one reason they would bring us here. They need killers. And we’re the best.

Naturally. I tend to involve myself in just about everything.
Yeah, don’t I know it. But it’s not you I’m mad at. Just seeing your face reminds me of my own.

Griffith. It’s been awhile. You all right?
What does it matter.

Come on, they’re waiting. Let’s find out who it is they want dead.

Good, you’re all here. It’s not often I leave Cyrodiil for anything, but given what’s happened, you’ve left me little choice.
I trust you all understand the gravity of your offences. 

The only thing I understand is that you’re the one responsible for wasting my time.
Or is there some other person I need to kill to end this meeting.

Ah yes. The Thalmor. Or ex-Thalmor. I was told you would be the most difficult to wrangle.
It was just outside this very inn, was it not? That you murdered my father’s steward.
Of course, the guards say it was a duel. I have a hard time believing that. 

I kill a lot of people. I make it a point not to care.

That attitude is fine if you have the Dominion to protect you. But those days are over. You my be strong, but you’re hardly invincible.

No one’s invincible. Not even you.

Ah, Daenlyn Oakhollow. The bard who can’t say “Aggression.” But it isn’t your politics that brought you here. It’s your gambling.
About a season ago, you took a large sum of drakes from a merchant under my father’s employ.
That money was supposed to go to bodyguards for a caravan headed to Rothvine Manor.
Without the bodyguards, the caravan was easy prey for a certain vigilante. It cost my father quite a large sum in gold.

Then you should bring that merchant here. He’s the one to blame.

Quite true. But he’s already dead. And while I can’t blame you for his gambling habits, I can blame you for cheating him.
Or is the ace in your boot simply for show?

How did you….

There’s nothing I don’t know, Bosmer. But yes, yours is a minor sin. The assassin’s, on the other hand, is another matter entirely.
The two of you, after all, are responsible for killing my father. The Baron Gabania.

So that’s what this is about. You want revenge

Hardly. As the bastard child of the family, I barely knew my father. And what little I’ve heard doesn’t cast him in a flattering light.
No, my issue is that your little act of vengeance cost his business, nay, my business, a large sum in gold. 

I am here to seek restitution for that sum. 

And if I don’t, I take it you’re gonna go after Morrigan.

(Alternate) And what if I don’t? You gonna try and kill me?

No, but my sister will. And that is who I want you to eliminate.

You want us to kill your own sister?

I want you to kill my father’s daughter.
She’s a vile woman, make no mistake about that, but that may only be relevant to the Bosmer, given his moral compass.
The larger point is the four of you owe a debt. A debt of gold and a debt of blood.

To pay it, my sister would ask that you take your lives.

I would ask that you take hers.

Gabania never had a succession plan?
My father did not leave a will. This should have been obvious to anyone why. He was a man who believed in survival of the fittest.
While my sister focuses only on revenge, I see an opportunity. It is for this reason that I am the rightful heir.

Are there any other children besides the two of you?
I’m sure there are hundreds all over Tamriel. I was simply fortunate enough to be born in the kitchen and not the brothel.

A bastard can never be the rightful heir.
Except we aren’t fighting for a throne. There may be titles involved but ultimately this is a business. Rules of succession are much looser.

It doesn’t bother you that this is your brother?
A half-sister, and a halfwit. It doesn’t bother me that you killed my father, so why should I care about his younger, more foolish girl.
I’ve long since moved past the notion that the blood in my veins is worth more than the blood they’ve spilled.

How is the fortune divided up currently?
Unfortunately, after my father’s death, my sister was quick to seize all of his assets.
But she doesn’t realize her moves are pointless. This game can be won with a single stroke.

What can you tell me about your sister?
She and I share a much different opinion of our father, and inherited much different traits.
My sister has her mother’s passion, and her father’s bloodlust.
As long as she’s alive, your friend will never be safe, regardless of what Sithis thinks.

What’s your relationship with Na’ir?
Na’ir was the bodyguard assigned to me by my father. It was an insult to my mother, meant to appease the Baronness.
But my father’s cunning extended beyond the battlefield.

What do you mean by that?
You may have guessed, but Na’ir is no ordinary sellsword. The way he brought you four to me is a perfect example of his guile.
Yes, like my sister, my father could have assigned me some nameless bodyguard.
But by giving me Na’ir, he not only satisfied his wife’s petulance, but gave me a mentor who knew more than how to swing a sword.

What do you know of Gabania’s dealings?
I’ve mostly dealt with the economic side, helping the former Steward balance the books.
But when you handle the gold, you gain an understanding of how the entire system works.

How so?
Let me put it this way. Everything I know about my father I’ve pieced together from those financial records.
Slave trades, court bribes, skooma smuggling, the list goes on and on. And he was every bit the scoundrel that the rumors claim.

Why not just approach us normally? Why all the subterfuge?
My sister may be daft, but my father’s spies are still under her employ. We needed to bring everyone together in a way that didn’t seem suspicious.
As it stands now, you rescued Na’ir, and in the process, formed bonds with your companions.
I am here, of course, to reward the fine adventurers who saved him.

You mentioned being a bastard child.
Yes. My mother was little more than a scullery maid. As such, I was born with my father’s wit but my mother’s roots.
Everything I’ve gotten has been through sweat and hard work.
I will not stand by and let my spoiled brat of a sister run our business into the ground.

Where is your sister now?
At one of my father’s manors off the coast. Na’ir will provide you with the details. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have business I must attend to. After all, there is more to saving our fortune beyond stopping my sister from spending it.
But I want to wish you all good luck. Hopefully when next we meet, it will be under less clandestine circumstances.




9 thoughts on “Daenlyn Oakhollow”

  1. I hope reporting bugs here is ok, I haven’t seen any other places.

    Anyway, Daenlyn Oakhollow is currently my main follower, but that may change soon as it would seem I can’t access his inventory while in Whiterun. while in Whiterun I can only ask him about his skills.
    I haven’t seen this happen anywhere else, and if I leave town then I can access his inventory again.

    I’m not sure what version I used, but I downloaded it from nexus probably 2 days ago

    Let me know if more info is needed =)

    1. Thanks, reporting bugs on the blog is perfect, because I check this place more than anywhere else. As for your report, I couldn’t replicate it, and checking the parameters, the only condition is that he’s following you.

      It might have to do with a follower mod or something else that alters the trading mechanic, but as you can see in the video, I had no problems in Whiterun, unless you’re referring to a specific spot in Whiterun and I can test again.

  2. No, it seems to be more general than just in Whiterun, I just first discovered it in Whiterun, but sometimes he is fine in Whiterun, othertimes he bugs in other geographical areas, always the same bug, where his entire chat tree is removed, except for asking what skills he has.
    I have a number of mods installed:

    Build your own city
    Civil war overhaul
    Clothing and clutter fixes
    Complete crafting overhaul remade
    Convenient horses
    Dragon Combat overhaul
    Fire and ice overhaul
    Interesting NPCs
    Skyrim Immersive Creatures
    Skyrim Project Optimization
    Thuum Leveling
    TK Children (I’ve adopted two children, and it scared me slightly that all children looked identical xD )
    Unnoficial Skyrim, Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Hearthfire patch.
    WARZONES – Civil Unrest

    I’ve also discovered that when I click switches and levers it takes up to a second maybe even 2 before anything happens. And I can no longer mine ores. That is, the animation starts after a few seconds, but no ore is ever mined.

    I’ve first discovered these bugs after I first posted, and I’m unsure of whether they are related, or which mod is the culprit, or if it’s the mix of mods =/

    1. His trade dialogue is not conditioned to any location. It only checks if he is in the “currentfollowerfaction.” Location is irrelevant.

      Now, on occasion, if you click on him at the exact right time, the “idle commentary blocker” will fire, removing all follower related dialogue. Exiting and re-entering dialogue will restore this. This is an intentional script used to prevent followers from chatting when you’re locked into dialogue with another NPC, but on a rare occasion it will fire on a follower. It happens about once or twice every 50 times I click on a follower, where only the base dialogue remains.

      The mod doesn’t touch ores or levers and the like.

  3. Yea, thought so. Then it must be one of the other mods causing this.
    *Sigh* to much work to find the 1 buggy mod, I’ll just have to live with it. The most annoying thing I’ve noticed is that I can no longer obtain dragon souls xD

    1. All right. I’ll keep it in mind anyway in case other people experience the same. To that end, you probably should comment on Daenlyn’s normal page, not this one.


      Eventually these script pages get deleted – and I typically want a record of all discussions pertaining to bugs to stay so other people can read them.

  4. I’m having trouble marrying Daenlyn. He says his line about the amulet of Mara, but there’s no ‘interested?’ option for my character. I tried disabling a marriage mod I had but that didn’t make a difference. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

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