Olette Script

Excuse me sir, have you seen my pa? We was trading at the market stalls and then he was gone and I can’t find him!

Excuse me miss, have you seen my pa?

Calm down, girl. Tell me, what does your father look like?
Well, he’s got red hair, like me. And a big bushy beard! Oh, won’t you help me find him?

Get away from me, kid. I don’t have time for this.
Fine. Stupid skeever brain.

I’m very busy, but you could ask one of the guards to assist you?
I asked them, but the guards are mean and won’t help.

I’d like to help, but I need you to be more specific.
Um, he’s got a scar on his chin shaped like a star…and a big fat belly!

Alright, girl. What does he look like?
Um, he’s got a scar on his chin shaped like a star…and a big fat belly!

Oh, I think I saw him over by the Pawned Prawn. Yeah, that’s it. Good day.
Really?  Do you mind heading on over there to see?  Pa can be really scary sometimes, and I don’t want to go in alone.
Just head on over there, I’ll be right behind you.

If you’re going to try to steal from me, you’d better improve your technique.
So, what are you ‘tending to do about it, hmm? Holler fer the guards?
I’ll stick you before sound passes lips and slip right back inta the gutter unseen.
Or you can let me slip off without a fuss and we’ll be merry as a Midyear mornin’.

Wait a second…Hey! Did you swipe a gold piece from me?
Don’t know what you’re blabbering about, Cap’n. But if I was you, I’d keep my lips shut.
Noisy people get stuck before sound passes their lips. And the thing that sticks ya? It slips right back inta the gutter unseen.

Don’t think I didn’t notice that. If you needed money you had only to ask.
Notice what? I don’t need money. I told you Pa has a big belly and he keeps me fed.  You need to get your eyes checked Cap’n.
Seems to me you’re just a big bully harassing some poor kid.  Maybe you tried to kidnap me and I stuck you where the sun don’t shine.

Like it never happened. Now get out of here before I change my mind.
Okey-dokey Cap’n. I ain’t even here.

Hold on a second. I’m not going to rat you out. I just want to talk.
Sounds like you’re stallin’ till a guard walks past and nabs me. Why risk it? What’s in it fer me?

You’re right, that was my plan. And it worked. Guards! Guards! A thief!
Guards! Guards! A kidnapper! See? You don’t want to play that game Cap’n.
How about we make a deal? I help you in exchange for the clink. A few hushed words from a little bird.

A septim or two, to get you a few meals, if I like what you say.
Fair trade Cap’n. Fer a few clink I’ll sing like a sparrow. So whaddaya want?

Nothing, you filthy urchin. Get out of here before I call the guards.
Wait, you’re new here, right? How about some clink in exchange for the news? A few hushed words from a little bird.

I don’t have time for this. Just don’t let me catch your hand on my purse again.
Okey-dokey cap’n. Next time you won’t catch me. Thief’s honor.

Where are your parents?
Pa was a sailor with a kid in every port from Seyda Neen to Stros M’Kai. One of them ports is Windhelm, and one of them kids is me.
Ma’s a skooma fiend. She likes to go where the skooma is. One day she went off into the Ratways to get her some more and never came back.
Probably murdered for the clink she had on her. Or maybe it was the skooma that done her in. Don’t matter all that much to me.
If she showed up here tomorrow right as rain I’d spit right in her face and tell her to go kiss a deadroth. I take care of myself.

Don’t you get lonely?
So you’re one of them bleedin’ hearts I pinch septims from all the time, then?
I got my stabber, my wits and all my fingers. I don’t get lonesome.

We can only rely on ourselves. Some fools take decades to learn that.
Ain’t that right. All I need is my stabber and a mind to tell me when ta use it.

Why not join the Thieves Guild?
So they can take a big chunk of my spoils? I do just fine on my own.

Why not live at the Orphanage?
I heard the lady that runs it is a Hagraven who gobbles up stupid children.
‘Sides, no-one would want to adopt a dirty guttersnipe with broken teeth and blood under her nails. Not with the likes of cute, sweet Runa around.

Where do you sleep?
I got me a bedroll right by the fire in Beggars Row. Would be aces if Edda didn’t snore.

I take it you sleep in the same hovel as the rest of the gutter trash.
Right as rain, cap’n.  I got me a bedroll right by the fire in Beggars Row. Would be aces if Edda didn’t snore.

Tell me about Riften.
Riften is a stinkhole full to burstin’ with suckers of all kinds.
You got the lovers comin’ in all trussed up to get ‘trothed at the Temple giggling like maids.
You got the guards who don’t know a dog from a dragon, and the city folk who seem to want to get robbed blind.

They’re trying to build a life. People can’t just up and leave.
Yeah, well, neither can I. I do what I have to to get by.
Not everyone gets to snuggle up in their warm beds with Mama and Papa reading them some foolish story ’bout heroes and maidens and loincloths.

This city needs a hero. I’m going to clean this place up.
Well, why are you talkin’ to me then, Cap’n?  There’s hero stuff that needs doin’, like saving a defenseless salmon from a dragon or summat.

If it weren’t for thieving scum like you Riften would be a beautiful city.
I don’t know about that Cap’n, the thieving scum would be gone, but the regular scum would still be there.

Yeah, you’d think at least the nobles would know better than to live here.
Yeah, and I mostly steal from the richies. Stupid merchants or lovers swaggerin’ by with fat purses ripe for the picking.

How do you manage to keep fed?
You jokin’? There’ll always be that stinker of a fool ready to pat my head and lose their purse.
Or a fellow sneaky type wantin’ the freshest news that’s trickled down inta the gutter.
And when fools is short, there’s always skeevers to eat. Cook up nice with a touch of pilfered garlic or a dab of lifted lavender.
Lotsa skeevers in the Warrens. I don’t like it down there, though. Full of crazies and some mage type who sets my spine a-tingling.

I prefer my Skeevers raw and bloody, personally.
Ha. Keep that to yerself or fine upstandin’ citizens will start checking you for wolfy bits.

A lot of people come to you for rumors, then?
Course. A good bit of information nets me a nice deal more than some old stolen plates or a pair of pilfered pants.

My friend here is a mage type.
Yeah? He’s creepy like that guy. I ain’t never seen his face though. Then again, I can’t see your friend’s either.

Dagri’lon? He’s harmless when you get to know him.
Says you. I mean, have ya seen his face? ‘Cause you’d be the first. I’m beginning to think he don’t have one.

Some mage type?
Yeah. Dagri-sumthin. All the sneaks are ‘fraid o him and I don’t much like him either.

Don’t you want more from your life than that?
Whatcha want to hear? That I wanna be a big famous adventurer or some wailin’ bard crooning for the Jarl of Solitude? Those are stupid kid dreams.

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever stolen?
I don’t much do big jobs. I take what I need and most people here don’t have much o value ‘cept to themselves, anyway.
But this one time…some big time merchant came marchin’ into the city, fat as anything, and behind him was a caravan full of all sorts of treasures.
I managed to pinch the biggest ruby you’ve ever seen from him while he was slobberin’ all over the meats in the market and on Haelga’s backside.
Woulda been made for life but one of the bigger boys knocked me into next Middas and took the gem.
Big as a scrib it were, too… Still, the guards lopped off his head on the way out of the city so I don’t feel too sore about it.

You didn’t feel bad for the boy?
He beat me bloody and stole my riches. And then, then he was stupid enough to get caught! I wouldn’ta got caught.

Sounds like the boy got what he deserved.
Pretty much, cap’n. If you’re dumb enough to get caught, you deserve whatever comes next.

That poor boy. It should’ve been you.
That ain’t very nice cap’n, but you’re half right, it shoulda been me with the gem. I would’ve gotten away with it.

Here. Have a gold piece.
What do you want fer it?

Nothing. Just take it.
Oh, alright. Thanks, I s’pose.

Where’s a good place to spend the night?
Haelga’s had half the town ‘neath her sheets, from what I hear. So head to her Bunkhouse if that’s what you’re after.

Tell me something about the townsfolk.
That Mara priestess, Jade? Well, she in’t as behaved as a priestess oughta be. Picked more than a few pockets in her time.

Tell me something about the townsfolk.
Mjoll caught me pinching her pockets once.
I thought I were in fer it, but she give me a gold piece and told me to get some food. Just like that. Talk to her if yer needin’ a strong arm.

Care to give a traveler some advice?
Don’t die all lonesome! Buy flowers from Yushari! And tell her I sent you.

Care to give a traveler some advice?
The market stalls are an easy target, if you’re itching for sumthin’ to pinch.

Care to give a traveler some advice?
The Thieves Guild have Shadowmarks all over the city. Gnives told me all about them.

Tell me something about the townsfolk.
I hear Runa Fair-Shield has ataxia.

Tell me something about the townsfolk.
If you want a laugh, go see Dirassi at Mistveil Keep and tell her you got Brain Rot.

Tell me something about the townsfolk.
I hear Sadrin’s got a problem with his man bits.

Where can I find a strong companion?
If you need a hand there’s usually a smug Breton mage for hire hanging about in The Bee and Barb.

Tell me something about the townsfolk.
Sapphire don’t talk much about her past, but I know all about it and it’s not for me to tell.

What’s the word around town?
The beggars say that Wylandriah is a strange one.

What’s the word around town?
I heard a few whispers about some Skooma dealers in a warehouse on the outskirts of the city. Feel free to go kill ’em.

Any new rumors or gossip?
There’s some mad Khajiit running about the place called Maiq. He wanted to know if I had any calipers. What’s calipers?

You look a little down, is all.
It’s my Ma. I found her body down in the Warrens.

Olette, I’m so sorry.
I already knew, in a way. It’s just strange to…really know it, no question.

Are you sure it was her? There are a lot of people down in the Ratways.
I’m sure, alright. She always wore a ring that papa gave her to charm her into bed. It was on the corpse.
Always thought he’d come back and we’d be a proper family. Stupid.

Well from the sound of it she was a useless Skooma fiend anyway. Good riddance.
Oh, shut up, you dung slinging mudcrab lover. What do you know?

Well, these things happen. Usually to bad people like you.
Shut up, shut up, shut up! Leave me alone you big mean toe licker!

I wish there was something I could do. Do you need anything?
I din’t wanna ask. But I was gonna go down to the docks by the fishery. Ma always used to like sitting down there with her feet in the water.
You can join me, I guess. If you feel like it.

I’m sorry for your loss. I’ll leave you alone for a while.
Wait. I din’t wanna ask but… I was gonna go down to the docks by the fishery.
Ma always used to like sitting down there with her feet in the water. Maybe you can join me, if…if you feel like it.

So. Ma. I….don’t really know what to say. Most of the time you was gobbling up Skooma or getting drunk at the Bee and Barb or pining over papa.
But…there was other times too. So I guess I should talk about them. I remember how you used to read me stories about the Champion of Cyrodiil…
And how you’d make me dance with you at the Bee and Barb when the bard started chirping about some hero or another. I was so embarrassed.
But it was fun, really….And I remember you used to call me Little Dartwing. That was nice. So thanks…for all that stuff. Rest easy, Ma.

You seem at peace.
Yeah. I…I just…I just needed to say goodbye.

What will you do now?
I dunno. Ma’s in a better place, but I ain’t. Beggar’s Row ain’t exactly the best of it.

Why don’t you come and live with me? I could take care of you.
But…I barely know you. That would just be weird. Thanks but no thanks, cap’n. I’ll take my chances in the gutter.

You ought to live with me, little girl. We can be best friends.
What kind of freak are you?  No thanks, cap’n. I’m not gonna end up being gobbled up by some daedra toucher.

I could adopt you. I always have need of a squire with an ear for gossip.
That makes sense. You want the word around town while you’re off heroing. In that case, I’m your mole.
But I got one condition. My pa was a sailor, and we always moved from place to place. I hated it. So wherever it is, I’m there to stay.

I own a manor in the Pale called Heljarchen Hall.
A manor? Oh, well how fancy. Not to worry though, I’ll leave your riches alone.

Well, I’m a rogue with a large estate and I wouldn’t mind having an understudy.
You mean it, Cap’n? I always wanted to train under an adventurer! Well, a master thief first, but an adventurer second!
But I got one condition. My pa was a sailor, and we always moved from place to place. I hated it. So wherever it is, I’m there to stay.

I don’t want to rush this decision. Let me think about it.
Alright cap’n. Beggar’s Row it is then.

As a matter of fact, I have a home right here in Riften. Honeyside.
Yeah, I know the place! I stole some enchanted pants from there once. Not to worry, though, I’ll leave your riches alone.

I have a house in Whiterun.  The carriage driver can take you.
I been to Whiterun a few times before Ma passed. I know my way around.

I own a Dwarven style house in Markarth called Vlindrel Hall.
I never seen Markarth before. I hope they got skeevers there.

Ever been to Solitude? I own a place there called Proudspire Manor.
A manor? Oh, well how fancy. I always wanted to go to Solitude. Lots of pockets to pick. And that Bard’s college!

Windhelm’s cold, but the homes are rather cozy.  We could live there.
We came by boat to Windhelm, but I were too young to remember. I hear if you tug Ulfrics beard he lets out a Thu’um.

I’ve decided on where you should live.
Oh yeah? Where’s that?

(The Raid) Rest in peace. Know that I’ve avenged you, mother of Olette.
You did that? For me? Um…thanks.

This is no time for tears, girl.  Now is the time for vengeance.
I’m sorry cap’n.  I didn’t come here for that.  I just came here to say goodbye.

How are you adjusting to life here?
Alright. I’ve been looking after your bits and chasing off the Skeevers and things.
But I was thinkin’ maybe it’d be fair if you got me a lute for a job well done.
I mean….I’d just steal one, but they’re too big to secret out of someone’s house under my skirts.

Here. Bang on this drum if you’re bored.
Thanks. And if I can’t get the hang of it, I can always use it to bash bandits with.

That sounds fair. But do you know how to play?
A bit. Ma used to play, sometimes and I pick up stuff quick. And hey, maybe one day I’ll sing tales o’ your heroic adventures.

Oh, do you know how to play? I could teach you, if you’d like?
That’s ok. I know a bit already and I’ll pick up the rest quick enough.

Maybe another time.
Oh….Alright then.

While I’m here, is there anything you need?
Eh, not right now. Ask me later.

I’ll have whatever you’re havin’.

Nope. I got everything I need right here.

Nothin’ Cap’n. Just some time to myself will do.

Thanks Cap’n, but I’m fine.

I’ll have whatever you’re havin’.

Yeah, I been thinking. I’m good with a dagger. Great, even.
I could hit a dartwing with a throwing knife from twenty paces and I can skin a Skeever in seconds flat.
But that int gonna do much against a Dragon, or an ogre, or a giant, or them Centaurs they got in High Rock.
I want you to show me how to use a sword and shield, so I can grow up to be like a hero…the Champion of Tamriel!

I’m not skilled in melee combat. But I could bring you some books on it.
No, I int much for reading. But thanks for the thought. Maybe you’re not such a daedra-toucher, after all.

The life of an adventurer is dangerous. You should focus on your studies.
Oh, stuff you, then. Who are you to tell me what I should be doing, anyway?

Alright. It will do you good to be able to defend yourself.
Really? Brilliant! I’ll be collectin’ Daedroth teeth in no time.

Let’s trade.
All right, Cap’n.
Okey-dokey, Cap’n


What? What is it now? Talk ain’t cheap, Cap’n.

Need something?

Whatcha want?


A skeever followed me home, so I made it into a stew. It’s in the pot.

Some slinkin’ Khajiit snuck in to steal your spoils, so I chomped his finger off. He ran off, caterwaulin’ like a humping horker.

A dragon was circling over the city today. I ran out the house with my stabber and it flew off.

You’re back! Did you slay any dragons? Did you fight off a horde of naked Nords? What spoils did you bring back?

I been practicing and practicing with my stabber. I think I’ll be ready to come on an adventure soon.

Do you have a lute? I always wanted a lute. That int stupid, is it?

So, I was thinking. What if them dragons has you fer dinner? Gods forbid, o course. But maybe I should be training to fight ’em. Just in case.

If the guards come round askin’ about me, tell ’em I was with you last Fredas. Far from the market stalls.

Someone came by with this for you. Probably for some heroing you did.

A skeever followed me home, so I made it into a stew. It’s in the pot.

There was a vampire attack in the city while you was…away. I barred the door and stuffed garlic up the chimney.

I put some simple traps on the locks while you were away. Anyone pickin’ at em will get a nasty surprise.

A courier came by with a letter. It was from Mjoll. She wants to know if I was keeping out of trouble.

A courier came by with a letter fer you. I threw it away. It wasn’t important.

Can you get some easier books? I been trying to learn how to read better. I found this one called ‘The Lusty Argonian Maid’ but it’s too hard for me.

One of the older boys told me that if I kissed a mudcrab it’d turn into a handsome knight, so I shoved his stupid lying face in the mud.

Beware, Beware, the Skeeverborn comes. With a dung wielding power of the ancient rat farts! Believe, Believe, the Skeeverborn comes…

I been practicing my curtsies and manners and speaking proper. All the easier to get closer to thee noble ladies and steal their jewels

Them housecarls sure complain a lot. I am swoooorn to carry your buuurdens!

Some shifty folk came round dressed as Stendarr priests. They said the house was haunted and it needs ‘cleansin’, but I know a thief when I see ’em.

One of them Thalmor types came knockin’ on your door while you was away. I told em we was fine upstandin’ citizens and we hate them Talos lovers.

I found this weird plant down by the river. Here.

Ain’t Imperials supposed to be good at chatter? I prefer to bash stuff, anyway.

I can’t wait for the next burning of King Olaf.

I heard that the Empire was full of wimpy bum kissers. What you doing with them?

I snuck in to the bards college today. They make such pretty music.

I like it in the Gray Quarter. Nobody there expects me to curtsy and say my pleases and thank you’s and they let me sit in the New Gnisis Cornerclub.

I went and pinched an arrow from Jorrvaskr today, just to see if I could.

This city is confusing. Perfect for losing guards.

Same old Riften. ‘Cept now people notice I’m here. When I want them to.

I’m glad you joined them Stormcloaks. It seems like them Empire types all want to bow and scrape to some haughty elves.

I think my stabber needs a new name. What about ‘Skeeverbane!?!’

One of the local girls showed me her doll. I want one…to hide my stabber in.

Don’t use the cooking pot for a while. Gorr drank too much mead and peed in it.

Gorr is teaching me how to burp like a warrior!

Raynes is nice. He kills the bad guys.

Zora showed me how to braid my hair. That should keep it out of my face when I’m slaying vampires.

Valgus says he’ll help me with my reading.

Have you seen Morndas in action? I’d challenge her to a lockpicking contest, but there aren’t enough locks in the city.

I asked Isobel to forge me a new stabber. She said daggers ain’t toys. You’ll talk to her, won’t you?

Did you marry for love? ‘Cause I int sure your wife did.

G’bye then.
See ya later Cap’n.
All right then.
Don’t forget to bring home some more stuff. We ain’t never got enough.

Scenes with Valgus

That book you give me was too hard.

You just need to slow down, child.  With these books, there are often words beneath the words.  But if you read too quickly you’ll miss them.

I int getting it. I’m too stupid.

That’s not true. You read beautifully during our last lesson.

Alright. I’ll keep at it.

Scenes with Gorr

So I been practicing my forms, like you showed me. I think I’m getting better.

Good to hear, little firebrand.  Are you getting used to the weight?

Well, my arm is achy after practice.

Keep at it, girl. Soon you’ll have bigger muscles than I do.

Scene 2

That older boy was giving me trouble again. I’m tryin’ to be all civilized and solve things with words, but I want to punch him in his fat face.

 I say give him what’s coming to him, just the once. He’ll never bother you again.

That’s good advice. I’ll punch him right in his kisser.

Well little firebrand, just don’t go easy on him!  You know I wouldn’t! (Laughs)

Scene 3

So I been down to the market today and they had some Horker meat. I made it into a stew. So you can have some, if you want.

Little firebrand, you are a godsend. This is just what I need. Thank you.

Yeah….Twas nothin’.

Scene 4

You was gone a long time last time you went off heroin’.

(Laughs) Sounds like you were worried about me, little firebrand.

Don’t be daft. I was just wondering when I’d next be gettin’ some more sword training. ….You are careful, though, int you?

No, little one, but I don’t need to be. I’m the best.

Scenes with Isobel

Isobel, you think you can forge me a sword?

I would love to, Olette. When you’re old enough.

What about tomorrow? Will I be old enough then?

(Laughs) We’ll see.

Scene 2

Olette, have you been hunting skeevers in the tunnels again?

No milady. On my honor.

Are you positive? You know I don’t like being lied to.

Okay, maybe I had a bite.

(Sigh) Olette, we talked about this. You don’t have to go hunting for your dinner anymore.
I have a warm meal ready for you on the table.

Scene with Veralene

Were you out hunting skeevers again, child?

Yeah, I killed a big fat one. It bit me on the arm but I stuck it good.

That’s wonderful news. No need to go to the apothecary, I’m sure it’ll heal just fine.

Scene with Veralene 2

I hate to disappoint you girl, but you will not carry on the Ashwood name. Not as you are.

That’s okay. I din’t want it.

Then we’re in agreement.

Scene with Veralene 3

Child, you’ll never snag a rich husband running around in filth like you do.

Eh, I don’t need anyone but my stabber. But if I did, I’d marry an adventurer, like you did with the Cap’n.

Foolish child, my love is a rare breed. Most adventurers are far more…rustic.

Scene with Veralene 4

That’s not how you walk. Sway your hips, but not too much. And if you pinch your cheeks it will flush them and draw the men.

Right, yeah. This is all useful stuff. I’ll be stealin’ from the Jarl in no time.

That’s not exactly what I had intended, girl.

Scene with Zora

You look like you want to ask me something, Olette.

No…maybe…I was lookin’ at the pretty ladies down in the market and the paint they got on their face….

Oh, you want me to show you how to do up your face! Oh, but I’d love to!

Actually, I was gonna say they look right stupid.

Oh, I see.

So…can I have some?

(Laughs) Of course.

Scene with Zora 2

So some stink-faced boy gave me a sad bunch o’ flowers the other day. I dint know what to say.

Well, do you like him?

He’s always covered in mud. And he tries to play wiv mudcrabs down by the river. They always try to pinch him. He’s ok.

Ha, so is that a yes then?

No. Mebbie. Shut up.

Scene with Raynes 1

You know, I’m good at stabbing. If you’re goin’ off on some bandit whacking mission, you’d be smart to take me with you.

I’ll bear that in mind, little scrib. Perhaps you’d be best staying here, though? To protect the city.

Hmm. Maybe you’re right. I’m better at fighting than half the guards and smarter’n most.

Scene with Raynes 2

A guard tells me you stole his sweetroll, little scrib. Tell the truth now. I’ll know otherwise.

Well, he was a stupid guard. I’m sick of hearing about his stupid knee.

Me too, little scrib. But try to keep out of trouble.

Scene with Raynes 3

I made up some poison for you. For bandit killing.

A potent brew. I’ll make good use of it.

I made it in the cooking pot, though. You might need to wash it out.


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