Table of Contents/Locations/The Rift/Olette

Encounter Riften Marketplace
Locations Riften Marketplace, Beggar’s Row, Vanilla Homes
Race Imperial
Gender Female
Level PC x 1 Class Child
RefID XX127983 BaseID 02127966
Health PC Leveled x 1 Magicka PC Leveled x 1
Stamina PC Leveled x 1
Primary Skills Smithing, Alchemy, Enchanting, Sneak
Property Crime Only Confidence Average
Inventory ChildOutfit02
Writer Progressive Stupidity
Voice Stephanie Young (Arisen1)

Olette is an adoptable child offered by the mod that works independent of Hearthfires. She is one of the first NPCs to offer progression without the use of a quest or a follower mechanic. Her background is accessible only by exhausting her rumor dialogue, which can be heard for a single gold piece.

After listening to all her rumors, Olette will tell the player about the fate of her mother, whom she found dead in the sewers. At this point, she will retreat to the docks where the player can listen to her story and hint at adoption. However, due to the nature of Olette’s character, the player will have to provide a practical reason for them to live together as opposed to appealing to her emotional side. She will move to any vanilla home and utilize a standard sandbox package.


Interaction with Marriage NPCs
Olette has unique dialogue with a number of marriage candidates, although only NPCs who were in the mod at the time she was created. This excludes some notable partners such as Amalee, which including some less likely candidates such as Veralene and Raynes. The full list is as follows, with number of scenes in parenthesis:

– Isobel (2)
– Gorr (5)
– Veralene (4)
– Valgus (1)
– Raynes (3)
– Zora (2)

Olette was written by Progressive Stupidity, and further expansion will require his input. Minor edits to his original script were added to account for location and logistics.

One thought on “Olette”

  1. Can you make her actually use children’s bedroom and hearthfire clothes? And I noticed, she never goes outside the house.

    Also, will she play a lute? Or she just plans on reselling it? :))

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