Table of Contents/Locations/The Rift/Peragorn

Encounter Snow-Shod Farm, Haelga’s Bunkhouse
Locations Snow-Shod Farm, Haelga’s Bunkhouse
Race Wood Elf
Gender Male
Level PC x 1 Class Farmer
RefID XX06ea09 BaseID XX06E4A3
Health PC Leveled x 1 Magicka PC Leveled x 1
Stamina PC Leveled x 1
Primary Skills Alchemy, Smithing, Enchanted, One-Handed
No Crime Confidence Average
Inventory FoodApple, Gold(5)
Voice DutchDude

Peragorn is a Wood Elf farmer who does contract work for Snow-Shod Farm, helping pick vegetables and tending to the cows. His dialogue is designed to be a satire of video game dialogue in general, as the PC is typically the inquisitive one despite leading the far more interesting life. As such Peragorn’s introductory lines are mostly questions as opposed to answers. However, eventually the dialogue moves to a more traditional path, with Peragorn elaborating on his own troubles.

It should be noted that other NPCs added in subsequent versions of the mod, such as Ureni and Isobel, would use this convention as well, in order to better know the Dragonborn and allow the player to role play their own back story, as opposed to simply flipping a concept as was the case with Peragorn.

2 thoughts on “Peragorn”

  1. My character met Peragorn upon slaying a dragon that killed basically the whole family at the farm.
    I don’t typically like the idea that everyone throws their stuff to the ground and attacks dragons rather than scurrying away in fear for their lives and families, so I resurrected them.

    Peragorn didn’t attack, but he did run up when I slayed the damn thing. And he wanted to know more about my character and it’s like “AT LAST SOMEONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT ME YES MY CHARACTER IS SO INTERESTING” and he only had 2 things to ask. Lmfao

    You ought to have more characters who are interested in the dragonborn’s life, because honestly, who wouldn’t be in this world of farmers and guards? You got a person who can fuckin’ absorb dragon souls and has been to Sovngarde /without dying/ and back, but you talk to a person and they’re like, “Woe is me my husband is stuffed in the jarl’s backside my life is a black abyss oh woooe” like damn bitch I just saved all of fuckin’ Tamriel and all you gotta talk about is your gay husband?

    1. There are limitations on how much the player can say. Peragorn’s two or three questions may seem short, but just those 2 questions require a large variety of answers to account for all the different ways a player can reply, and even then it’s not enough. After all, the role play options for the player are nearly infinite.

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