Pit Dogs


Pit Dogs
Quest Giver Zora, Gorr
Locations Sleeping Giant Inn, Falkreath Barracks, Bloodlet Throne
Prerequisites Children Fair, Met Gorr in Markarth
Related Quests The Children Fair, Gorr the Wanderer
Enemy Level PC x 1 Class N/A
Quest ID Gorrquest Editor ID XX16E34D
NPCs ZoraGorr, Jsharr, The Fair Lady, Valenor, Ignatius
Reward 1200 – 1500 Gold

Pit Dogs delves into the past of the former arena fighter, Gorr, as he and Zora Fair-Child investigate a new underground pit fighting ring in Skyrim. The quest has two outcomes, with one generally positive result and another with clear consequences.

The quest technically begins south of Ivarstead after Gorr is initially dismissed. During this meeting, Gorr will mention someone casting aspersions on his character, although the identity of the person is not yet revealed. After a short conversation, Gorr will head to the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth. Speaking with Gorr there will satisfy the prerquisities for Pit Dogs.

Cats and Pit Dogs
The quest can be initiated by talking to Zora and searching for Gorr or speaking to Gorr with Zora in your party. Any combination of the two together will start a conversation about the rumors being spread about Gorr.

Zora mentions seeing a suspicious Khajiit in Riverwood who referred to Gorr as a “pit dog” before  heading off to Whiterun. She suggests the three travel to the Bannered Mare and check the rooms for new guests.


– The initial dialogue will weave in and out of scenes between Gorr and Zora and forcegreets with the player, in an attempt to create a three-way conversation in which the player takes part.

The Pit
After reaching the Bannered Mare, the three discover the rumormonger is none other than J’sharr, a former arena fighter and friend of Gorr. J’Sharr insists the nickname “Pit Dog” was a term of endearment, and chalks the whole affair up to a misunderstanding. He tells Gorr he has come to Skyrim to participate in an underground pit fighting ring, and hopes that the Redguard will join him.

Gorr turns the Khajiit down, and J’Sharr reluctantly accepts his reasoning. However, as a favor he asks that Gorr attend his fight and cheer him on. Zora, Gorr, and the player agree to meet J’Sharr outside the back entrance to the Fort Sungard Oubliette. Yet once they arrive they are greeted by a group of archers, and Gorr quickly realizes J’Sharr has led the trio into a trap.


After succumbing to a poison, the player wakes up to find himself/herself in a cage. J’Sharr, as a show of good faith, opens the door and explains that he is working in everyone’s best interest. The player finds Gorr already in a match with another fighter, with the Dragonborn’s own fight to come shortly thereafter. Zora, meanwhile, is nowhere to be found.

J’Sharr explains that her fight is taking place in a separate location, which he will reveal after the player’s fight. The player has the option of making a bet before mingling with the crowd. Speaking with the Fair Lady advances the quest and calls the opponents to the ring.

– J’Sharr attempts to deceive the player as to the amount of gold he/she can win by betting on their match.
– Valenor, Ignatius, and the Fair Lady provide background information on the pits and J’Sharr. Valenor reveals that J’Sharr’s previous opponents were vampires who were disposed of by Among-the-Hist.

The Cat and the Diamond
After beating the two Alik’r warriors, J’Sharr informs the player Zora is at Skytemple Ruins. The player will be given the choice of killing J’Sharr now or prioritizing Zora’s rescue. The decision will ultimately decide Zora’s fate, as the additional time taken to handle J’Sharr will result in Zora’s death. Heading straight to Skytemple Ruins will allow Gorr and the player to interrupt the battle and save her life.


If Zora dies the quest will end after Gorr gives a short speech. If Zora is saved, then Gorr will suggest the two return to the pit to ask about J’Sharr.

The player can discover J’Sharr’s location in one of two ways. Telling Valenor you would like to work with J’Sharr will make the Wood Elf reveal the true nature of his relationship with the Khajiit. Failing that, the player can pay the Fair Lady 200 gold. The player can then travel to J’Sharr’s hideout in Orotheim.

– Opting to kill J’Sharr immediately will reveal that Valenor has been working with the Khajiit, as he comes to J’Sharr’s defense.
– Gorr remarks on how quickly he forgets offenses made against him, but makes an exception when it comes to horker stew, a reference to the Callen’s quest, The Way to a Big Oaf’s Heart.

Bloody Kismet
The trio arrive at Orotheim and find a group of bandits living in the cave. They dispatch both the bandits and a Khajiit that by all appearances is J’Sharr. However, the Khajiit is nameless and has slightly different facial features than the cat. Regardless of whether the player realizes this, Gorr takes the escape in good stride, his mind already moving on to the next meal. Gorr and Zora take their leave and the quest comes to a conclusion, with Zora safe but J’Sharr having escaped.

– If the cave has been cleared, the player will find a much easier fight, with only the Khajiit double and two bodyguards waiting int he cave.
– Both in his marriage dialogue and at the end of the quest, Gorr will mention how J’Sharr always mentions the word kismet, implying everything, including his narrow escapes, are the product of fate. In truth, J’Sharr’s luck is a result of his careful planning.
– Letting Zora die will effectively break the Blood of Kings Questline, but given the consequences of that end, the unlikelihood of anyone keeping that route made creating an alternate for Zora unnecessary.

Pit Dogs (Gorrquest)
Stage Information
1 Help Zora find Gorr. This stage will be skipped if Zora is brought to Gorr and he is spoken to.
20 Gorr makes a reference to the Ivarstead conversation, that someone is casting aspersions on his character. Zora mentions a suspicious character headed toward Whiterun.
30 At the Drunken Huntsman, the player is introduced to J’Sharr, who is the character mentioned in Gorr’s marriage request dialogue. He mentions an underground pit fighting ring in Fort Sungard, and asks the group to attend his match.
40 J’Sharr will proceed to poison the Dragonborn. The PC will wake up in a cage, after which J’Sharr will quickly free the PC and usher him/her to the pits.
70 After watching Gorr defeat a combatant, the player has the opportunity to mingle. 3 NPCs, Valenor, Ignatius and the Fair Lady will have conversation strings. Talking to the Fair Lady will advance the quest.
75 The PC is partnered with J’Sharr and must battle 2 Alik’r Warriors in the Pit. Before the fight, J’Sharr attempts to fool the player with faulty math, at which point he/she can call him on his mistake, deny payment for the fight, or accept the amount J’Sharr says the PC will win.
100 After defeating the warriors, J’Sharr provides a key to the exit and reveals Zora can be found at Skytemple Ruins. Through Gorr’s dialogue, the option will be given to kill J’Sharr now, or prioritize rescuing Zora. This will affect the outcome of the quest.
105 Killing J’Sharr immediately will result in a delay that ends Zora’s life. Eliminating her killers will end the quest.
110 It is revealed Zora did not have a match, but was sold to a necromancer. If J’Sharr is ignored she can be saved.
135 The group returns to the Pit to find out information on J’Sharr’s whereabouts. The player can progress the quest by convincing Valenor you want to make a deal or bribing the Fair Lady.
140 J’Sharr’s location is revealed to be Orotheim. In the cave, the player finds a Khajiit and three henchmen, along with any bandits generated by the vanilla game.
200 Upon killing the Khajiit, a scene will trigger and the quest will complete.

74 thoughts on “Pit Dogs”

  1. I’m using the voiced only esp and can’t start this quest.. i talked to gorr at the camp near ivarstead and markarth, met zora and finished the children fair quest, asked her if there’s something on her mind and she said that we should look for gorr, but the quest isn’t starting. i took her to gorr, and he said something about happy seeing me again and notices the ‘diamond of the riverwood’ behind me. after that line, nothing happened, and gorr just walked off. no reply from zora, no pit dog quest in journal, nothing :|


    1. it’s been deactivated in the voiced only – although i realize 2.43.3 has the voice assets. if you download the audio files from that update, you could probably get it to start by “setstage gorrquest 6” or “setstage gorrquest 4”

      i believe i changed the stage to 4 or 6 instead of 5 to deactivate it.

      edit: Actually, on second thought that may not work, as some of the dialogue is conditioned to stage 5 as well. Another tactic you can do is download the 2.43.3 esp, and do the quest using the full version, then switch back to the voiced.

      1. i decided to use the console command (after updating to 2.43.3), and was able to start the quest with the ‘setstage gorrquest 10’ line then talking to zora with gorr nearby. setting it to 2 started the quest (having to take zora to gorr) but nothing happened when i bring her to him, so i tried other numbers till 10 (other numbers don’t work). i finished the quest, btw. but does the usage of the console command affects other quest that requires pit dogs to be completed?

  2. Having a bit of an issue. I got to the point where you have to rescue Zora, but when I leave the Pit she shows up right next to me. I’m using Amazing Follower Tweaks so perhaps she could have ‘caught up’ when I drew my sword but surely she shouldn’t be set as a follower at this point? I’m not sure what to do now. Thanks in advance for any help.

    1. the quest disables her at stage 45 and enables at 100.

      Her regular package is set to Skytemple Ruins from stage 100 to 135, so if she’s following you, it’s because she’s set as a regular follower. To account for this, I have her booted out of your party, but this may not work if you’re using a follower mod or FMC.

      So, I can set Gorr’s quest to a higher priority than the vanilla follower quest to rectify. For now, I’d say just remove her from your party manually before you watch J’Sharr’s match if the auto-boot isn’t jiving with your follower setup.

  3. I rescued Zora and bribed the Fair Lady for information.
    Hypothetically speaking, if I killed Valenor right now, would issues arise later on? Because I really feel like killing that thrice-damned aimless milk-drinker gnome, but am worried that some problem may arise later on.

    By the way, I have the 2.43.3 version, and that fetcher-that-would-make-a-great-rug-if-i-had-the-time-to-kill-him isn’t voiced at all, as well as some of Gorr’s dialogue.

  4. fwi, 3DNPC_2432, Gorr has the tendancy to keep trying to walk out of the silver blood inn during the convo with zora and player. have to keep activating him to keep him in place, the 3 way convo does not start over if you do this, but ends if you let him walk out. but still loving this entire package, thank you for your work.

  5. Is there no alternate ending when the DB MURDERS that pathetic excuse of a Khajit? This quest left me seething with rage. Come on, I paid 200 gold and got to kill some poor dupe? I want to find that asshole (the real one), skin him alive, sew that skin back on with a rusty needle and then feed him his own feces before I throw him into a skeever pit.

    He tried to kill my friend! I´m SO not letting that go!

    I´d take a four hour long quest where I´d have to pay over 10,000 gold in bribes, bounties and for information (as long as I don´t have to pay the “fair lady” another coin, after she screwed me over like this). That would be better than just abandoning it like this. That´s NOT my character.

    Is there no way to kill J’Sharr without killing Zora? I´m doing this for her, she´s more precious than him, but that doesn´t mean I´ll just let this go. PLEASE let me murder him…

    1. Yeah… I second this.

      I think all of us want vengeance for what he did.
      But also this may actually be the point of the quest: you need to make a choice. Either getting vengeance or rescueing our beloved Zora (and I know which one I’ll always choose, and now I’ll always be her hero are Mr. and Mrs. Blackheart <3).
      Adding a four hour long quest (lol I loved your description of it) would really make us very happy for killing him, but in a certain way, it would take the point of it.

      But IIRC somewhere in the pages about this quest, Kris hints that he may come back. Let's hope s/he will do it.

      In a completely unrelated topic, I've never stopped to think if Kris is a she or a he. In Portuguese (my mother language) this name is both male and female, but I'd put my coins on being a girl.

      1. Thanks. Good to know I´m not the only one. :) But seriously, I don´t think THINKING or being RUTHLESS destroys the message of the quest.

        I want to go and pay the Dark Brotherhood 1000 gold incentive to find him (plus promise a reward of 5000 or more for his head, as long as it´s the real one). Or alternatively order some of my best men to go and hunt that fleabag down if I´m the Listener or send a letter to Morrowind and hire Morag Tong if I already killed them all. If not, there´s always the Companions – J´Sharr´s betraying friends and threatening innocents should get them riled up.

        Then I want to pay the Thieves Guild about 1000 gold incentive and promise a reward of 5000 if they capture him for me. Alternatively I´ll always pay for information, if they have it.

        Then I´ll give 500 incentive and promise to double the pay of the ratways face-sculptor and Ytharil if he tries to hide from me that way. I´ll also bribe some guards in all holds so he can´t escape from Skyrim.

        And then I´ll sit down and watch the hunt. I´m a werewolf, we love our hunts. With brotherhood or whoever actively hunting and thieves guild plus guards blocking exits, he can´t escape me for long.

        Just ONCE I want to be able to do this and J´Sharr pissed me off enough.

  6. Help!! During Pit Boss Zora glitched and left the party leaving me and Gorr. I cannot get her to follow me again because I already have Gorr but I cannot get past finding the lizard guy and following him into the cave. I even tried to placeatme a spawn hoping it would work…it didnt. I already had to reinstall this mod and start a new game because originally my npcs had no sound. Please I am stuck…

  7. I’m going to meet J’Sharr to ‘watch his pit fight’. But Zora seemingly walks back in the direction of Riften (having married and moved there). When I go to J’Sharr cave, and the archers start aiming at me, Gorr says 1 line of dialogue then stops speaking. Zora never appears, even waiting long periods of time. Any ideas?

    1. Do you have a mod that puts Zora somewhere else? Or are you doing a quest that involves Zora? That’s the only thing I cna think of. You can try moving her with the console or recruit her as a follower again to make sure she stays.

  8. Gorr doesn’t seem to want to leave Riverwood so I can not meet him in Markarth
    Have done the quest on another file so I know it works, but what specifically prompts Gorr to leave?
    I finished “The Child Fair” and “Honor’s Calling”

    1. Recruiting him and asking him where to go while he’s following sets “DialogueGorr” to stage 10.

      Then, when dismissing, his AI package will check the stage and move him accordingly. Riverwood is stage 0, the camp near Ivarstead is stage 10, and Markarth is 20. After you talk to him there, it will set the stage to 30,, which sets him wandering to various places in Skyrim. Being at stage 30 is the prereq.

  9. I’ve very much enjoyed all the quests that I’ve been through to date. They have been extremely well done. However, this one bothered me, given your notes.

    Personally, I do think an alternative for Zora, if she dies, is required, otherwise the choice and consequences presented in this quest (which is good thing to have) have little meaning or purpose. Being forced into a particular option, or to reload a save to do so, in order to be able to engage in the entire Blood of Kings questline naturally invalidates the concept of giving the player a choice at that point.

    Either that or simply remove the dialogue for killing J’Sharr on the spot so that there is no alternate quest path. One of the two.

    Just a bit of hopefully constructive feedback.:)

    1. I can’t edit, so I’ll add this separately….

      The other option would be make the requirements for ‘The Harbinger of Us All’ to be either ‘Faces and Names’ OR ‘The Bloodsmith’, but not both.

      Point being, you could still do both quests if Zora is alive, but it isn’t a requirement in order to progress the Blood of Kings questline.

      1. I mean, I liked (from a gameplay point of view) the fact that Zora died as a result of me choosing to kill the Khajiit on the spot, but not the fact that I now have to reload, unless I want to be locked out of a questline.

  10. I’ve got a very strange issue here. When I start this quest, the quest marker points to an open location next to the Pelagia Farm near Whiterun, but there’s no Gorr there. I also have a mod that expands the outskirts of Whiterun, but the location is open sky anyway.

    1. Solved by moving Gorr to me in the console (not by moving to Gorr, that just took me to the open sky location). Now, there were two haystacks in this open sky location which I don’t remember whether they were there in vanilla, but why would Gorr ever attempt to do something with this utterly unremarkable location not on his wandering list? He certainly wasn’t struck in these small hay stacks, I tcl’ed though them, but didn’t find any signs of Gorr.

      BTW, here’s where that strange quest target was:


      I seem to be the only one with this error, but it’s certainly very strange.

  11. Sorry to spam this with minor criticisms, considering the EPIC work you and all the voice actors did on Skyrim FOR FREE (This mod adds at least 1.5 points to my personal Skyrim score), but it doesn’t make much sense that the underground arena is in Fort Sungard of all places, which the Stormcloaks take over during the Civil War. I mean, the Stormcloaks have many flaws, but tolerating illegal arenas isn’t one of them. It felt rather jarring to leave the arena and see Stormcloak soldiers patrol the Fort like nothing is going on there. I really need to have a word with Galmar about whom he allows to enter the armed forces of independent Skyrim…

  12. You know, I wish there was one more option on this quest. The one where poison doesn´t work on The Awesome Dovahkiin and he slaughters everyone in the Oubliette (besides his friends of course).

    My Bosmer!DB has 50% poison resistance because he´s a Bosmer and the Snakeblood perk from the Alchemy skill tree. So basically, he´s immune to all poisons (and if he was not bosmer, he´s just use the necklace of poison resistance). Maybe some specialized poison would knock him over, but J’Sharr didn´t plan on poisoning the immune Drabonborn and his friends, he planned to poison Gorr and his friends. He even says so, that the poison was made to knock out “that giant”. Gorr might be big, but he´s not immune to poison.

    I can just imagine the looks on their faces when DB fails to fall… and then throws a couple fireballs at the archers and picks off the rest with his poisoned blade. Gorr might be a bit miffed that he was not the one to kill that fleabag, but I´ll just go make him a Horker stew and everything will be alright.

    We might even go and fight in the Arena, with Zora in J’Sharr´s place, because hey, it might be interesting to see what was so important about that place that J’Sharr sacrificed his life for it – since attacking THE Dragonborn is pretty much suicide, as Madanach, Silver-Bloods, Blackbriars (thank you, console) and many others found out.

    1. You know… I also wished that we could both save Zora (<3 <3 <3) and kill that rat.
      However your idea wouldn't work, as Gorr is a Redguard and redguards also have 50% resist to poison.
      Given that Gorr is also a giant of a man, and with a fighting backgroung, it's safe to assume that if it can knock him out, it will probably knock out almost everybody else. Poisons work related to the weight of the victim, right?
      Also, there's a cap to elemental damage, which is 85% reduction (exception: if you use the necklace of poison immunity), so if you have the Snakeblood and/or is a bosmer/redguard and/or uses armor enchanted, you'll still have 15% of poison damage.
      And this necklace of poison immunity is awesomely rare.

      1. True… but I just want to kill him so much!

        And I wouldn´t mind if this option was only available when you have equipped the necklace of poison immunity. I guess I just want to “see” the expressions on their faces when the DB gives them a LOOK and readies his weapon after they just stand there so sure of themselves and this pathetic, backstabbing, cowardly plan.

        I always wanted to say “Notice how I´m standing between you and the exit” and it would FIT here. Or alternate one-liner “Fools! You didn´t trap me in with you, you trapped yourselves in with me.” and then he´ll kill everyone.

    1. If you’ve dismissed him once, he’s at a small camp south of Ivarstead. Asking the innkeeper if there’s any rumors will provide you with a note that points a quest marker directly to the next location.

      1. i found him, its because i was looking actually south from ivarstead looked all the way to the alchemists shack, whereas actually hes just east of the south exit from ivarstead

  13. Thank you for another fantastic quest! The level of your narrative is far, far beyond anything Bethesda produced in the original game. I care WAY more about Zora and Jorr than I ever did about Delphine or Ulfric.

    I particularly like the lack of resolution with J’Sharr’s double. I appreciate that the there’s an actual choice to be made between rescue and revenge, rather than getting to rescue Zora and then kill J’Sharr anyway. I hope he returns in a future quest.

    I have two gripes about the rescue part:
    1. How did we find out where Zora was? Did I miss the relevant dialogue? Surely J’Sharr wouldn’t tell us… and did anyone else at the Pit even know?
    2. The “fake deadline” aspect is immersion-breaking. Why does it take “longer” to kill J’Sharr and sprint on a horse across the map than to let him live and take a plodding carriage there?

    I realize my second gripe is common to most Skyrim quests. The Dragonborn needs to do go something *immediately,* but it’s okay for him to first spend a few hours mixing potions, take a nap, etc. Still, it would be nice if this unfortunate aspect of Skyrim wasn’t critical to the plot of “Pit Dogs.” I had a similar beef with “Spell it Out for Me.”

    Some possible resolutions:
    – Put Zora way closer, so the travel time isn’t important
    – Make killing J’Sharr cause a more meaningful delay (e.g. getting knocked out again, or having to track him to some other location)
    – Make killing J’Sharr affect the plot in a different, more tangible way (e.g. J’Sharr is the only one who knows where Zora is, but he gives a false location at first. If the player goes there immediately, he discovers the lie, tracks down J’Sharr, and gets him to tell Zora’s true location. If he kills j’Sharr first then Zora is lost forever.)

    1. Thanks,

      1. Response 4 is missing the “Skytemple Ruins” dialogue, will fix. The other 3 he mentions it.

      2. You’ll notice that when you arrive upon the scene, Zora is just about to fight her captors. Think about the difference between that, and had you arrived 5 minutes later. (Consider that in Skyrim time, your battle with J’Sharr took much longer than in real time).

      Yes, there’s the Skyrim open world factor that can make this imperfect, but the idea is to stress that seconds and minutes matter. That even the smallest delay for a selfish purpose can result in consequences. And just as he did with the archers to buy time, it’s in those seconds where someone like J’Sharr can make his escape.

      As for “Spell it out for me,” time isn’t the emphasis here, as much as the realization that Cassock represents the final letter. Failing to realize it means losing the game. Naturally, the fact that I can’t actually account for time plays into that, but even then, simply having a time limit is less unique/interesting to me anyway.

      Also, when you say “Why does it take “longer” to kill J’Sharr and sprint on a horse across the map than to let him live and take a plodding carriage there?”

      That to me isn’t really a conflict either. Every time you go back and load, it’s a separate universe with separate outcomes. You can’t say, okay, Alduin came to Kynesgrove and raised the dragon in December last time, so he’ll do it on the exact same day this time. Saves are independent of each other. Your current save isn’t aware of a future where Zora died in one day. Your current save only knows what might happen in his or her universe.

      The important thing here is your priorities, and your choice.

  14. Many thanks for the quick and thoughtful reply.

    I very much appreciate the focus your quests place on choices and priorities. I wouldn’t actually enjoy a quest that tested me on how quickly I could cross the map or clear a dungeon, and I certainly don’t mean to suggest that.

    Really, I’m suggesting that you go a step further in the same direction and remove time as a plot device entirely when possible. Time and deadlines in Skyrim always require suspension of disbelief, and it’s easy for the author and player to legitimately disagree about how to do that.

    For me, the choice in Pit Dogs failed to be about priorities because I was busy trying to guess which type of pretend-time Skyrim I’m operating in. Do I pretend that the seconds it takes to kill J’Sharr are critical? Or is Skytemple Ruins deliberately placed on the other side of the map to make it clear that those seconds are irrelevant… and that I should instead worry about J’Sharr getting to the ruins ahead of me if I leave him alive?

  15. I’m at the point where you meet J’sharr outside the cave, but every time he turns to enter, Zora suddenly goes hostile and attacks me. This is the second bug I’ve had, too, since the very first objective “Find Gorr” never completed and had to be skipped via console. I’m using v3.04 if that helps any. Going to try kicking her out before talking to the khajiit and Calming her, maybe monkeying with the console again if necessary, but so far yielding and reloading have done nothing for me.

    1. If someone turns hostile, it’s 100 times out of 100 caused by friendly fire. She doesn’t attack earlier though because she’s still in your party. At that moment, she’s released from the follower faction, so hence she attacks you. I’ll add a stop combat script at that point.

      You’ll have to be more clear on what happened with Gorr. You can watch the video and tell me exactly what was different in your game. It’s been tested and completed many times without issue, but I can’t account for every possible scenario.

    2. Also, I think with Zora you have to repeatedly hit her over and over again to make her hostile, since her relationship rank is set to 4 the moment you meet in case players want to marry her. That’s probably why what you experienced is so rare. In any case, I’ll add the stopcombat() line and restore said relationship rank.

      1. I hadn’t been in any battles for a WHILE, but it was also storming and I have Minty’s Lightning mod installed… I think she may have been struck during the walk to the Pit. Anyway, I had to revert to a save way back in Whiterun, as any save before then had her turn hostile when I talked to her. Weird, but eh, it’s fixed now. Thanks for the quick replies anyway~

        1. Yeah, if you notice any more instances, let me know. I just have to put in extra failsafes to stop their combat and restore your friendship. You’d think a few lightning strikes wouldn’t get between you but I guess Zora holds a grudge like that.

    1. These type of issues are caused by follower mods. This mod is worth ditching a few other mods anyway. Either way the follower system allows you to have one normal follower and one 3dnpc follower.

  16. Possibly reposting because I don’t see my own post…but my issue is after this quest, dissmissing Zora will still have her as my follower. Any ideas or console commands to help me out?

  17. I need a bit of help….Zora won’t leave me when I dismiss her after this quest….Help? The follower count console command doesn’t seem to work either…

    1. Is it possible you started another Zora quest, like “the children fair?”

      You can check and see if Zora is in the follower alias by typing “Sqv DialogueFollower3dnpc” and seeing whose alias is in there. If it’s Zora’s, then “set 3dnpcfollowercount to 0” and recruiting someone else will boot her.

      If she’s not in there, again, she’s likely following as part of anotehr quest, and telling her to “meet me there” should send her on her way.

      1. Can’t possibly be children’s fair, I did that one..and there doesn’t seem to be an option to tell her to meet me anywhere, but I will try this other thing out.

        1. Huh…None of this worked, and using the sqv thing doesn’t make her show her alias…I hope I haven’t broken anything somehow..>< Oh btw I have AFT…hopefully this isn't causing any problems.

        1. Are you sure you finished pit dogs? Type “Sqv gorrquest” and see what stage you are on. If it’s not 200, then that would explain it. As you can see here, the very 1st condition is to check and see if gorrquest has been completed. If it has, then the follow package will not run.

          If you have completed pit dogs, it could be related to AFT. If she is not in the DialogueFollower3dnpc alias, then that means she is following as part of a package. As you can see, however, her follow package is set up properly, and I haven’t been able to replicate your issue in testing. Nor does it seem like something others are experiencing.

      2. Well, I did what you said earlier, and sqv gorrquest came back as 200. I’ve already made a separate save that doesn’t have this issue, but kept the save with it, just so we can see whats wrong…and it’s kinda looking like it might be something with AFT…maybe the auto follower leaves in the quest made AFT freak out at some point…I’m gonna see if I can replicate the issue with the ‘clean’ save.

      3. Huh…strange….I started up on my clean save and after dismissing Gorr, all he will do is wonder..and seems to never make it south of Ivarstead. What’s up now?

      4. It appears I have reproduced the issue AGAIN with Zora…and this time I think it might be something with AFT. I once again did as you said, and just like last time, there was no option to have her meet me anywhere. I’m going to remove AFT and possibly replace it with UFO again, the only reason I used AFT is because of the incompatibilities people said there were with your mod…I’m gonna see myself. :3

  18. First of all a very brilliant mod and the characters especially Zora are amazing. However there is a dialogue bug I found recently during the 3-way conversation between the Dragonborn, Gorr and Zora early on in the quest. It had stemmed from being in the conversation and at the same time as its happening a vampire attack occurred. (Info: my conversation point was just outside Rorikstead.) After eliminating the vampires I couldnt get back to the point I was at in the conversation and the normal dialogue trees came up when I spoke to either two. Any possible solutions? I’m using v3.04 if it at all helps.

    1. i’ll check tomorrow and make sure the scenes are all “pause on combat” instead of “end” in the meantime you can just type “sqs gorrquest” see what the next number is and then use the console to update the stage. “Sqv gorrquest” will tell you your current stage.

      1. Thanks, I shall bear that in mind for future saves. Luckily I made a save shortly before the quest started so I just redid it at a different in-game time as it was at night I encountered it.

  19. I can’t start this quest. I’ve tried everything I know. I’ve been attempting to start it for the past hour, using console commands and forcing Zora and Gorr to stand next to each other and switching them as followers and making them meet.

    Gorr is in Riverwood. I don’t recall meeting him in Markarth or Ivarstead, but it’s been a long time since I played Skyrim and only picked it up recently so my memory might be blank. Talking to him and going through all the dialogue options doesn’t start anything, talking to Zora doesn’t start anything, and nothing works even when they’re next to each other and one of them is my follower, and even when neither of them are my follower.

    This is actually making me really mad. Using console commands doesn’t introduce any dialogue options. I finished The Children Fair for Zora, and like I said I don’t recall meeting Gorr in Markarth or Ivarstead. But he’s in /Riverwood/, so it doesn’t matter. Even when I checked all of Ivarstead and Markrath, expecting a copy of him or something, he wasn’t there.

    What’s going on? I really want to finish this quest so I can do the Blood of Kings, and I really hope I don’t have to reinstall the mod. I’ve gotten so far into dialogues and quests with these characters.

    1. You have to complete Gorr the Wanderer.


      This quest is supposed to happen organically by recruiting Gorr, asking him where he wants to go, and then at some point, dismissing him. If you do these 3 things, he will go to the camp near Ivarstead. If you have trouble finding the camp, talking to the innkeepers in either Ivarstead or Riften will point you to him.

      Once the Ivarstead conversation happens, he will go to Markarth next. As it’s an inn, the idea is you will run into him simply by playing the game, and you’re like, “oh shit, it’s Gorr, lemme talk to him.” Talking to him in Markarth essentially ends the quest, and frees him up for Pit Dogs and sets him to wander to 7 different locations.

      1. Ugh, god, I feel stupid now. I checked all the pages on here EXCEPT Gorr’s which lists exactly what to do.

        I’ll do this now and hopefully it’ll work, and I didn’t screw anything up. But I do think some text should be edited, as I got the idea that I would meet Gorr in Markarth, not Riverwood. Or I could just be reading things wrong (I normally do).

        Sorry for wasting your time!

        1. yeah, he’s supposed to be in markarth. I checked the package for dialoguegorr stage 20, and it’s set up correctly.

          The problem I think is I had him sandbox around a mod-created chair. If this chair were to be wiped out by another mod, shit would break and he’d go to Riverwood. I’ll have him sandbox around a vanilla item instead.

  20. Found a problem with the quest (which I hopefully fixed).

    When talking to Zora, after she finishes her greet, the dialogue option which starts the quest can disappear and not come back. I reloaded and tried clicking it as fast as I could which started the quest, but I’m not sure why it disappeared, and the quest might not work properly still, but I’ll see.

    1. Nope! It’s broken.

      Gorr is standing still in Riverwood next to Faendal’s House and Zora will not talk to him and Gorr will not talk to her and there’s no new dialogue options. The quest is stuck at stage 1.

      1. Stage 1 is where you want to be. I think the issue is you’re in Riverwood – Gorr isn’t supposed to be there after you find him in Markarth. Try teleporting him outside Rivrwood. I’ve checked his pacakges, and I’m not sure why he’d be there though.

      2. Yeah, I think I figured out what the issue is here. A mod you’re using wiped out the chair in Markarth that I had Gorr sit in.

        With no chair, he goes to Riverwood because that’s his default package. Unfortunately, that screws everything up. You’ll have to move him out of Riverwood – like say – the Markarth Silver-Blood Inn to get the quest started correctly.

        I’ll have him sandbox around a vanilla item so that it’s mod friendly.

        1. Well I fixed the problem by reloading and waiting etc. etc. I don’t have a mod installed that would fix the inside of any building in Markarth, as I don’t typically download “_____ REDONE!!!!” mods because honestly, all they are is adding a bunch of trees and statues. :P They’re not exactly my thing, but that aside I think fixing something like that to be more mod-friendly would introduce less problems into the game.

          The problem was, I figured out, was that I released Gorr as a follower very recently and then talked to Zora. Naturally, he didn’t have time to go to wherever he wanted to go, and was stuck standing in Riverwood. Stupid mistake on my part, but I also didn’t know that he wasn’t supposed to be in Riverwood for that part so I would’ve waited a bit before starting the quest.

          The quest worked fine after that I believe, and it continued working to finish the Blood of Kings questline (which, by the way, was extremely satisfying and definitely on par with the base game quests). So with that done, I think I’ve officially finished all the quests for your mod, except probably some of the miscellaneous ones.

          And an extremely satisfying and rewarding mod it is.

  21. How exactly do you start this quest? Zora and Gorr were already in Riverwood so I tried recruiting both of them at the same time into my party but no dialogue is exchanged between them. Isn’t that one other way to start the quest? Or must I wait till Gorr has travelled to Markarth and talk to him there first?

    Please reply

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