Quantum Gravity Notes

Possible Bugs and Oh Wells

  • The bodies are all white. Tried the GECK download off Nexus. Don’t know if it’s just my game because it seems like all the bodies are mismatched. Maybe I need to unpack the BSA because I did need to do that for an activator to give it a specific mesh. Putting in the path alone didn’t work, had to fool it with a fake NIF item, then deleted and presto.
  • I’m not entirely clear how to make the map markers not appear immediately save for disabling them but I didn’t fiddle with it all that much.
  • Sometimes the NPCs in the cell will start running for no reason. Happened in 3dnpc01 and 3dnpc03. For no fucking reason. Reload and they go back to normal. Might be on account of COC’ing back and forth, but no hostiles to speak of.
  • The garage door is too far out on purpose. You can’t click on it otherwise.
  • Dead NPCs get cleaned up almost immediately. Would’ve liked to leave them there for effect, but eh.
  • Get a navmesh error when saving. Happened right after I made 3DNPC03, although might be related to 3DNPC02. It doesn’t mess anything up, but it’s annoying. The navmesh is only altered slightly in 3DNPC03 from the vanilla copy, to account for the bigger room and pool table.
  • When the guard goes to the playground swing, I can’t tell if her “Idle chatter” is firing but didn’t really check too hard because no one will ever need to do this.
  • In one instance when Butch and the Doc tangled, the Doctor vanished into thin air. He wasn’t disabled, there was some sort of WHOOSHING sound effect, I don’t know how he did it. Not a stealth boy either. Butcher seemed to think he was on the other side of the wall.
  • One of the addicts does not run away immediately when the guard tells him to scram (For the scene which occurs if Butcher does not accompany the player). Probably because he got “targeted” initially. All 3 addicts are set to scram simultaneously. Possible to make a package that helps him forcibly run? The dialogue makes less sense otherwise.
  • The last thing I cannot fix for the life of me and has caused me to give up. There is a scene with Butcher and the guard that does not fire when loading a save right before it’s supposed to happen. It fires when playing normally but refuses to fire upon recent loads. It’s crazy. Fortunately the scene itself isn’t all that essential, but it still is annoying and makes me skeptical of the system as a whole. Why would it not work on a recent load?

Here is the video. It fires the first time, but an immediate load of the exact same moment and it breaks.

The funny thing is, earlier in the quest construction I was loading a save and it wasn’t breaking.

I know this because I was having a completely different issue. The guard wouldn’t say the final line if I targeted the addict. But targeting the ghoul made it so she wasn’t facing the right way. So what I did was move the ghoul from the door to where he is in the video, so she yells at the addicts while facing the right direction.

As you can imagine this took some time to get right, so I must’ve loaded a save repeatedly from the safehouse to test. And it always fired. Eh, maybe my save is just buggered.



  • You can skip the first section by going directly to stage 70.
  • Lab needs to be decorated, right now it’s a garage, although makes sense in the context of the story.
  • Didn’t really do much with the graffiti, just slapped it on a few walls.
  • Paying caps to see the doctor will result in Butcher escorting you to the garage. This alters how some of the options play out in several ways, particular if you select the dialogue option to kill the gang. It also alters the scene where the junkies scatter as you exit the safehouse.
  • Player control is temporarily disabled during the scene with Butcher and the Doctor, and is enabled in time for you to intervene and kill Butch, if you choose too. VATS helps as the Doctor dies easy.
  • One of the guards goes to the playground swing at midnight and provides a clue as to the key’s location. You can’t pick it up until you have to, but it helps if you screw up and kill the gang and get know other clue for the key. Jace the Junkie is the one who tells you midnight.
  • Apropos of the previous point, you have the choice of killing the gang at any time, either through dialogue or just hacking away. The quest should make sense regardless of when you do it.
  • The key should pop up only at the appropriate time, not before or after. Same goes for the holotapes, books, and soda. I already tested this so should be good.
  • Picking up the journal at various times should also work regardless of when you do it. If you give it back to the doctor, you can kill him and get it back.
  • If you choose to spare the gang and give them the quantum bottle, they’ll have post-quest dialogue and produce more quantum.
  • If you spare the gang, the Doc dies no matter what.
  • If you choose the option to trick the gang, the cola is placed right next to the journal, giving you an interesting choice to go back on your word by taking the journal instead. But I had to disable it to prevent the player from picking it up beforehand.

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