Raynes Lines

Basically this quest is about assassinating an evil Baroness. There are two paths the player can take. Go undercover as a traveling group of bards to get close to the Baroness, or follow Raynes through the trap-laden back entrance to kill the Baroness in her private chambers.

Raynes doesn’t appear until you’re about to leave for the Baroness’ island, as he’s filling in as a favor for Griffith who lost his desire to kill. So the player is unsure if Griffith is coming to help, but then he hears a voice, turns around, and it’s Raynes.

Green – Daenlyn Oakhollow, Bard

Red – Jerulith, ex-Thalmor Justiciar

Blue – Guard

Arrive at the docks

All right, you made it. Remember, stick to the story. We’re traveling performers, here to entertain the late Baron’s daughter.
Wait, who are you? Where’s the Imperial?

1. The Imperial’s found new life as a milk-drinker. He’s no use to you. I’m here to take his place.

(alternate) All right, fine, but I don’t like the way you’re dressed. You look suspicious. 
You do realize we’re supposed to be wearing our best clothes, don’t you?

Wait, hold on. You mean to tell me there are people who actually hold these peasant rags in high esteem?
Not only are they incredibly uncomfortable, they are patently hideous. How long am I expected to wear this hat?

For as long as we’re on the island. Trust me, the hat is the most important part. It’s like the peasant version of a noble robe.

And here I thought being exiled from the Thalmor was my lowest moment. Let’s just get this over with.

Fine. It’s too late to change wardrobe now anyway. They’re expecting us.

What do you say? Shall we depart?

Let’s go.
Okay, well grab an oar. We’re paddling our way there.

I’m not ready. Give me a moment.
Sure thing. We’ll be here.

travel to the docks

All right, we’re here. Now remember, let me do all the talking. The rest of you just keep quiet and follow my lead.

Halt. This is a private island. State your business.

Greetings, sera, we are the Dancing Minstrels of Oakhollow. We’ve come on behalf of your ladyship’s brother, to help mend her aching heart.

Ah, right. The fairy Bosmer from Solitude. She’s expecting you. These others, they bards too?

Well, this is my assistant, Jerulith the noble, a former Court Jester of Lillandril.
She can juggle fireballs and swallow swords, and do so with her eyes closed.

No. I realize bows and swords are part of the jester’s trade, but no fireballs, not inside the manor.
I’m not going to let the whole place burn down on account of some failed trick.

I apologize sera, then perhaps a cartwheel or two will please my lady?


Ha! You mean to tell me this big horse of a woman can do a cartwheel? That I’d like to see.

You won’t see much of anything when I light your face on fire.

What’s that?

I, uh, my assistant simply said she can’t wait to see the lady’s face light up when she does her performance!

Oh. Glad to hear it. Truth be told, her ladyship’s been a little bored as of late, and when she gets bored, heads roll.
What about the others? You in the back! What’s your talent?

2.  I’m the boatman.

Huh? What’s that? You juggle oars or something?

Um, what my friend means to say he’s the great bard of…uh…

3.  No, I think you’re mistaken. I’m not with these n’wahs. I’m just the boatman.
4.  I rowed the boat here. And when this fetcher is done playing, I’m going to row him back.

All right, fair enough. (to player) And who might you be?

At this point, the player has two choices, go with the bard or go with Raynes.

Outcome 1: Player chooses the bard but fails to kill the Baroness. In this scenario, the Baronness will run into her chambers where Raynes will finish her. Player mush kill all the guards to gain access to the chamber.

5. It’s about time you fetchers showed up. This one was claimed to be innocent, but in the end, she confessed her sins. They always do.

How did you get into the chamber? 
6.  I took the back entrance. It made more sense than whatever you n’wahs were trying to do.

Where did all this blood come from?
7.  You’d be surprised how much there is in a person, even one as tiny as this one.
8.  But they don’t know that. A cut here and a cut there, and they start to panic.
9.  They don’t see their blood spilling out. They see their life slipping away.

I get that she was a bad person but don’t you think this is a little…much?

10.  She was a law-breaker. More importantly, she knew the whereabouts of other law-breakers. Only fools pity the wicked.

Well, I for one, think she got exactly what she deserved. The woman was insufferable. Now, if you don’t mind, let’s get back to the boat.
After being on this island for a few hours, I almost miss Falkreath. 

11.  It won’t be a walk in the park, Thalmor. That commotion you caused likely brought every guard on this island out of their hole.

What about the back way?

12.  Flooded. A water trap of some kind. The only way out is through the front door.

You say that like it’s a bad thing. But if you fools don’t have the stomach for it, then you can stay here and rot for all I care. I’m leaving.

Outcome 2: Successfully re-enact Fjori and Holgeir

In this version, the player joins the bard and successfully convinces the Baroness to join them in a play, where the player stabs her. The plan is then to escape while the guards think the Baroness is pretending to be dead as part of the show. However, soon the guards wise up and attack. Still, by successfully completing this portion. The way out is made easier by Raynes killing half the guards on the island, which is evident by when you escape the manor.

13.  I take it by the noise you fetchers got what you came for. So did I.

What do you mean by that?
14.  I took it upon myself to have a chat with the steward of the manor. There’s a lot he knows about Gabania’s business. There’s also a lot he hasn’t told me. But he will.

Anything useful?
15. Names of contacts, suppliers, that sort of thing. Don’t worry, they’ll all be dead soon enough.

Was the steward a law-breaker?
16. Of course. He was an accomplice to murder. He was a witness to crimes and did nothing. This makes him worse than scum.

Does that mean the steward’s still alive?
17. For now. I took him a mile down the coast and nailed him to a post. Right now I’m letting him think about all the crimes he committed, and how he’s going to repent.

Never mind the steward, what did you do to this poor guard?
18. This one? This was just for fun.

There might also be things in the house.
19. True. Journals, ledgers…These are confessions spoken from the void. All they need is someone to listen.

What about the boat? Is it intact?

20. Of course. This way, fetcher.

Banter 1

You know, all things considered I think that went pretty well.

It went precisely how I said it would. There was no need for subterfuge. They all died in the end.

True, but doing it my way lowered the amount of risk. It was more efficient than taking them all at once.

21.  The most efficient way would have been for you to stay in Skyrim. The only thing you fetchers did was leave my knives thirsty.

And gods forbid your stupid knives don’t get to drink.

22.  You keep talking Thalmor, and they just might.

Okay, now I’m starting to like this guy.


Arrive at Boat

(alternate) Well, the skiff’s gone, but we can take the larger boat. Provided you know how to sail it.

23. It’s easy. Use the oars to set off then hoist the sail.

How do you know so much about sailing?

24.  I’m no stranger to the water. I’ve tracked enough Argonians to know where they like to hide.


What about the boat? Did it survive your little trip with the steward?

25. Of course. Unlike you, I’m no stranger to the water. I’ve tracked enough Argonians to know where they like to hide.
26. One even tried to stow away in a barrel, all the way down Pilgrim’s Trench.
27.  I brought him up to the surface, then cut him through the wood. He drowned in his own blood.

Well, that isn’t creepy or anything.

28. Is it me, Thalmor? Or do you have thin skin?

The only thing that’s thin is my patience. Particularly when dealing with madmen like yourself. 

29.  Madmen start wars they can’t finish. Just like you did with the Empire. Just like you’re about to do with me.

Oh man, I reeeaaally like this guy.

Oh look Dunmer, it appears you have a fan. I’ll be in the boat while you imbeciles cuddle.

Fair enough.

If Raynes killed Baroness and is escaping with group.

30. Hold on. I’m staying here.

Why are you staying?
31.  For one, there may be survivors. This Baroness may be the chief lawbreaker, but anyone who served her is just as guilty.

They were just doing their job.
32.  These men turned a blind eye to corruption. I will be the one to open them.

Good luck. I hope you find every last one of them.
33.  Don’t worry fetcher, I will. There’s nowhere for them to run.

I don’t think there’s anyone left.
34.  Maybe no one alive, but their journals and ledgers speak from the void.

All right. Until next time.
35.  Sure thing, fetcher. There’ll always be a next time, so long as the law needs to be kept.

Well, at least we’ll have a little more room on the way back. Come on, let’s get this thing in the water.



The Raynes path involves a dungeon full of traps. It runs through an ancient catacombs where shades inhabit.

36. Smart move, scrib. While those two go prancing around playing make-believe, we’ll be busy giving this lawbreaker a red smile. Right across her throat.

What did Griffith tell you about the job?
37. All he had to do was say her name. I’ve heard this one’s worse than her father. Thinks with her heart, and not her head.
38. And when your heart is black, that’s never a good thing.

What happened after you and Griffith parted ways?
39. I watched him and the girl. I figured it was only a matter of time before he killed again. Then, he would be mine.
40. But the fetcher stayed the course. He never left the kwama’s side. Some days, he even brought her to the city.

Do you think Griffith’s giving up killing for good?
41. Maybe, maybe not. Some say once a guar, always a guar. But I’m not going to waste my time following him. There’s plenty of other fish to catch.

All right. Let’s get to that back entrance.
42.  Then grab an oar.

43.  All right, we’re here. Shouldn’t take us long to get into the manor, but those other scribs should buy us some time.

44. You keep strange company, fetcher. First a Brotherhood assassin, and now a Thalmor Justiciar?
45. Then again, I like to keep my enemies close, and my knives close to their necks.

45a.  Something dark is lurking in these ruins, fetcher, and I don’t mean the spiders. I can feel their eyes watching us.

45b. Another one, Kwama! Behind you!
45c. By Azura! Those things came right out of the murals. This is no ordinary ruin, fetcher.

there’s a lever, pulling it triggers a water trap that floods the cavern

46. The water’s rising, scrib! Look around for another button or lever!

47.  Hurry up kwama! Not even a lizard can hold his breath forever!

push hidden button

48. Good work! Let’s go!


They reach the catacombs

49.  By Azura…shades. Careful, fetcher. These ghosts don’t need eyes to see.

49b. Mind your steps, kwama. You fall, and you’ll have to fight your way back up.

see bodies everywhere

50. This Baroness has a gift for torture. But she isn’t trying to leave witnesses. Where these men went, no one can hear them scream.

51. But this isn’t the time to lose your nerve. We still have a job to do. The key to the manor must be around here somewhere.



52. That’s the key, scrib. It should take us to the ground floor. The Baroness will be upstairs.
There may be servants in our way. Lawbreakers nonetheless. Still, if you want, we can sneak past them. How do you want to do this?

We go in there quietly.
53. All right. Then let’s walk in her shadow, and let it swallow her whole.

We use force.
54.  Sure. There’s no need to use stealth. My guess is the guards are already in frenzy trying to deal with that Thalmor.

We wait for the others.
55. You’ll be leaving them to die. The Thalmor I don’t care for, but the bard has committed no crime.
56.  You ask me wait, and you’re asking me to be an accomplice to his death. That is out of the question.

I’m not sure I want to do. What do we really know about this woman?
57. Do you not see all the blood and bodies, scrib?
58. But if you’re not convinced, just wait an hour, and she’ll add your friends to the pile.

Who are you? How did you get in here?

59. We followed the stench of death, lawbreaker. And here we are, at the end of the line.

No, please! If it’s gold you want, I can pay you!

Gold is a start. Land and titles would be better.
Of course, you’ll have them all, but I don’t think our friend here will be willing to take them. You’ll have to kill him.

Go on. 
Good. I’m glad to see you’re being reasonable about this. But your friend is another matter.
I want you to prove your loyalty to me first by killing him. It’ll mean a larger share of the boon for you as well.

I’m sorry, there’s no amount of gold that can save you.
Then you leave me no choice. Guards!

Your brother sends his regards.
My brother? That no good bastard! Guards! Guards!

No deal.
Then you’re truly a fool.

All right. I’ll kill Raynes.
Good. We’ll discuss your payment when it’s done.

raynes kills her.

60.  I don’t think so.
I should’ve known you were like the rest. Just another lawbreaker. This one may have died quickly, but my knives will savor you blood!

Raynes not killed

61.  That takes care of that. The stupid fetcher thought she could bribe you into breaking the law. But our code is not so easily broken.

Daenlyn and Jerulith enter

By Y’ffre! Is that the Baroness?

Of course it is. We didn’t come all this way to eliminate a bunch of impoverished apes. Just a wealthy one.

But how did you get here?

62.  We took the back way, fetcher. Sometimes it’s best to cut the head off the snake.

Well, it’s not like I wanted to fight through the entire guard. That was the Thalmor’s work.

If you took out the guard, that means we can walk out the front door.
Pretty much. There might be a few guards we missed, but they’re probably long gone now.
Of course, if that’s the case, we should get to the dock quickly. We don’t want anyone taking our boat.


Back Way Banter Raynes

So we took a long time going through the front, but it seems like we almost got to the Baroness at the same time. Why is that?

63.  Your ignorance betrays you, Bosmer. You wouldn’t have escaped that cavern. Not without soiling yourself first.

Even if I brought the Thalmor with me?

64. She would’ve triggered a trap. You would’ve blamed her for triggering it. And while the two of you were bickering, you both would’ve drowned.

You almost sound like a soothsayer, Dunmer.
Perhaps you’ll also predict what happens tomorrow, when I invite you into a quiet room and proceed to melt your flesh.

 Post Quest Hellos

(for Brother and Keeper quest)
65. We did good work taking care of Gabania. Lawbreakers from here to Cyrodiil will know they aren’t safe.

66. There was a lot of information on that island. A lot of names that need crossing out.

67. Griffith may have turned a new leaf, but that Thalmor, she’ll never change. When the time comes, make sure she suffers.

68. I might drop in on your Bosmer friend one of these days. Tell him to watch his back.



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