Encounter Lost Echo Cave
Locations Various
Quests The Law Always Wins, Brother and Keeper
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level PC×1 Class CombatAssassin
RefID XX0f50b9 BaseID XX09F11A
Health Levels with PC +75 Magicka Levels with PC +25
Stamina Levels with PC +75
Primary Skills Sneak, Light Armor, One-handed, Archery
Morality No Crime Confidence Average
Inventory Head Bandages, Leather Boots, Leather Cuirass, Leather Gauntlets, Steel Dagger (2), Torch, Frostbite Venom (4), Scroll of Fireball (10), Scroll of Heal Other (10)
Voice MalevolentMC Audio Files Download

Raynes is a psychotic lawman who hunts, tortures, and mutilates those who break the law, leaving them as living deterrents to those who might be tempted to do the same. In addition to the quests Brother and Keeper and The Law Always Wins, Raynes is also mentioned by Sunken-Roots in The Raven of Anvil as the Dunmer whom the bandits are trying to place a bounty on.

Raynes can be married after completion of his personal quest and listening to the Barenziah story at an inn. As the story involves the Bee and Barb, his dialogue will alter slightly to account for being at that location. The player must also own a vanilla home.

The Long Arm of the Law
Raynes has a set schedule and travels to various parts of Skyrim. This can make it difficult to find him once he is dismissed. His schedule is as follows:

-Sundas – Old Hroldan Inn
-Morndas – The Drunken Huntsman
-Tirdas – Hunters Rest
-Middas – Dawnstar Docks
-Turdas – Braidwood Inn
-Fredas – Darkwater Crossing
-Loredas – Vilemyr Inn

For more information about Raynes, check out his character profile here.

19 thoughts on “Raynes”

  1. Raynes keeps following me even if he’s not an active follower. That doesn’t seem right. I already have enough reasons to kill him, strip him down, castrate him, burn the corpse and leave it for the falmer to feast on. Him constantly following me is gonna be the final nail in the coffin unless you fix that.

  2. Raynes keeps following me even if he’s not an active follower. That doesn’t seem right. I already have enough reasons to kill him, strip him down, castrate him, burn the corpse and leave it for the falmer to feast on. Him constantly following me is gonna be the final nail in the coffin unless you fix that.

    1. there’s nothing that needs to be fixed.

      if he’s following you, it’s part of a quest. Did you finish “the law always wins?” Did you start “Brother and Keeper?”

      You’ve got to give me more information. or type “Sqv DialogueRaynes” or “SQV raynesgriffithquest” in the console. If you type “Sqv dialoguefollower3dnpc” is his alias in that quest? Or is it empty/filled with someone else?

      Lastly, it could be a conflict with a follower mod. But again, it starts with eliminating the most likely suspect. Being on a quest.

      1. Thank you for your prompt response.

        I’ve finished “The Law Always Wins” quest, yet couldn’t finish “Brother and Keeper”.

        Here’s what happened:

        -Met Raynes, insta-recruited him through the dialogue option (not via “Follow me… I need your help”, that option was still available however and, if used, made no difference apart from adding follower dialogue).

        -After killing Horace, he asked me to take him to “Bee and Barb”. I told him to meet me there instead. He still kept following me, so I took him there manually.

        -Then we were supposed to find Griffith in Nightgate Inn. Note that I had met him and Morrigan in a worker’s house before I met Raynes (and had a full conversation with both of them).

        -I chose to give Morrigan spells. Griffith became my follower as well, though, unlike Raynes, he had no “Follow me… I need your help” option.

        -We boarded the ship. Captain from the lower deck appeared rather docile, yet he fought back. I let Griffith kill Gabania.

        -We returned to Morrigan. She walked up to Griffith, finished her dialogue with him. Griffith walked up to me and said “Yes?”. I guess we were supposed to talk, but there was no white/new dialogue options so we had nothing new to talk about. I still tried the old dialogue options – no luck.

        -Ever since we got back to Morrigan, she’s had a marker over her head. She had no new dialogue options. One of the old ones, regarding her time in an orphanage, appeared white though. Again, I went through all old options again.

        This is where the quest got stuck. Griffith and Raynes still kept following me.

        I do not use UFO, AFT, EFF or any other follower mods nor have I had them ever installed in this playthrough. I do not use any mods that alter dialogue options. I only have Valfar, Hoth, Inconsequential NPCs and Better Dialogue Controls installed. The rest of the mods are mainly visual/immersive.

        Follower count has always been 0.000 unless I recruited a follower via “Follow me… I need your help”.

        I understand that you’ve put a lot of hard work into this mod, thus I’m not asking you to thoroughly look into my case as it’s not something game breaking. Especially if you are competely sure the problem is not on behalf of the mod. It only costed me two NPCs to make the quest stop. “Sqv dialoguefollower3dnpc” shows no alias as Griffith and Raynes are both dead now.

  3. I’m having an issue with Raynes’ looks – his bandages seem to clip through his face a bit. I’m using the Elven Overhaul and Sacrified elves mod.

  4. There are some Interesting NPC’s who are memorable and a pleasure to meet. There are others to whom I take an immediate dislike and wish to have no dealings with. Raynes is the latter.

    Naturally, that’s fine, as, in essence, you find that in real life. However, the fact that you end up being pretty much railroaded into helping him clear the cave if you follow the dialogue tree is rather annoying. My character had no desire to ‘assist’ him in any way. She didn’t care for his attitude or continual insults. So, ending up starting ‘The Law Always Wins’ without specifically agreeing to do so (even the quest log states, ‘We have decided to clear the cave of Falmer’ when she had made no such decision) was unfortunately a little forced and irritating.

    In the end, I rolled back to a save made after first entering the cave, spoke to him for long enough to role-play judging his character, and then dropped out of the conversation and killed him. Not directly because he is taking the law into his own hands (even though it would be kind of warranted since my character is Thane of Haafingar) but simply because he comes over as a thoroughly detestable individual and really no better (and probably worse) than those to whom he metes out his ‘justice’.

    Naturally, that does mean that Griffith’s and Morrigan’s story will never play out, which is unfortunate. But, that’s the nature of role-play. I don’t do things simply because I can, but because my character would choose to do so.

    Anyway, bottom line; an interesting character, yes, and well voice acted. Kudos for that. This mod never fails to impress in that regard. :) But, being pretty much lead into a quest, especially with a character such as Raynes, without an option to specifically accept or refuse..? That I disliked, unfortunately. Sorry.

    1. Or you could’ve just killed Raynes after receiving the quest. Basically all you’re saying is “The quest didn’t clear from my journal.” That’s a bug, will fix.

  5. I apologize for not putting this in nearly the right place but I can’t seem to log into WordPress or the 3DNPC sites correctly and post this in the FAQs like I wanted to.

    After Raynes began following me, his inventory was wiped clean and I have no idea why. It’s never happened to any other followers, including any from Interesting NPCs. This would not normally be a huge deal but it means I have lost his head bandages and have no way of getting them back. That part of his look is very important to his character and thus to me. I’m having trouble figuring out the Creation Kit with INPCs to find the item ID and give him his bandages back, so if anyone knows the ID of that item please let me know. Thank you.

  6. Raynes’ voice acting has been replaced with vanilla! He’s saying things like, “We’ve stopped. What is it?” in that vanilla dark elf voice. His dialogue, such as asking him about his eye, produces no sounds. It was just fine before I started the Meridia’s Beacon quest.

    Reloading didn’t seem to help. He was also bugged before because he was constantly crouching and then got stuck unless he had his weapon unsheathed. Is that related to this?

    1. He also refuses to unfollow me as well, despite completing The Law Always Wins. Asking to part ways does nothing, nor does asking him to “Wait here.” Again, all his lines for these dialogue options are vanilla.

  7. Not sure where else to post this, but it seems that if I already have another Interesting NPC when I accept Raynes’ quest, upon completing it I can’t exit dialogue. He won’t join, and I can’t just close the conversation. Only way out was Ctrl+Alt+Del.

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