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  1. Hi kris.
    Are you able to make a little compatibility with Riverside shack home mod?

    I’m playing fresh and while installing your mod it apparently asks for overwrite. It’s likely will break some quest involving that spot but not quite sure yet. I just wanted to add the mod above for fun. hah

    1. I don’t think I’ve edited anything there, to be honest. Should be compatible but if you’re worried just put that mod lower on your load order, and if something gets screwy move it up higher.

  2. Hi! First thing’s first, know this mod has quickly become essential to my latest (and much belated) playthrough. It’s awesome.

    That mentioned, I’ve run into a quest-breaker of a bug in The Beast Who Cannot Be Slain. The quest’s title is actually quite apropos since that no account lizard is bugging out big time. Think flying through walls, clipping through the ground, poking it’s head through cavern walls, etc.

    Tried a number of console/common workarounds like setting scale, enabling and disabling, resetai, etc. Nothing’s working, but there is a little ray of hope in that enabling/disabling The Beast often clips the thing to a wall. It won’t die once drained of hp, but after disabling it again the screen will shake and the PC falls down. Only problem is nothing happens after. My PC can’t get up, no NPC has initiated conversation, and no teleportation is triggered. Kept that point loaded for at least 15 minutes just to see if something would change. Nope.

    So is there a way to progress? And if so, what quest stages should I console cue? Can’t find them in the readme/sections.


    1. Are you fighting the beast inside the cavern? It’s supposed to fly away and a scene commences. That’s probably where things are screwy. Yes, it can fly through a wall, by I think the real issue is you being able to attack it, I may need to disable player controls but I’d rather not. In any case, I’d suggest letting it fly off. If you’re still having trouble, watch the video by DanaDuchy:

      (Relevant video starts around 15:15)

    2. Oh wait, I think I can disable your weapon drawing only. I’ll do that. As even in Dana’s video, he seems to have ample time to fire on the beast. Disabling your weapon will prevent you from breaking the quest here.

  3. Hey Kris! First off this is my favorite and most essential mod for skyrim. I love that skyrim seems alive and interactive now. I’m having a small problem with the Forgotten lore quest. I talk to Olivia but when I get to her final few lines about Jadro’ra, the dialogue box closes and she finishes by saying he’s more useful as a rug. Yet The quest doesn’t start and when I talk to her again she still has the option about where to find the pages. I tried changing the quest stages but that doesn’t work because the trigger is in the dialogue. Any work arounds for this? Thank you so much!

    1. It should fire the script after the rug thing. The last two lines are part of a scene however, so they should happen outside of the dialogue box. Perhaps the BSA you have is outdated? If you’re using v3.04.3, it should be dated 1/27/2014 2:17PM

        1. Hm…does it play the scene? Are the sound files all playing? If not, then it could be a faulty install. Tested, It works fine for me.

          Although the HUD is off so it’s hard to tell, you’ll notice the line “bright as the sun” is the one that kicks me out of the dialogue. The last two lines below are from a scene.

          1. And if he finds that too sentimental, tell him he was more valuable as a rug.
          2. And when he accidentally lights his fur on fire, he would be no longer be worth anything to anyone.

          If she says these lines, then good, then you have the audio files and the script fired to play the scene. When line 2 is done, another script fires which sets the stage to 10. You can also enable Jadro’Ra via the console after setting the stage.

          As everything is set up correctly, the likely culprit is you’re either missing sound files or the scripts. I might’ve forgotten to include sound files, but scripts are automatically loaded into the BSA.

          A lot of people install the Hearthfire patch only and neglect to install the BSA and sound files from the main update, which is why I asked to check the date.

      1. I am having the exact same problem, only after yesterday’s update. I reverted back and it works just fine, so it is something with 3.04.4

        1. But I didn’t change anything.

          I need more specifics, really. Does the scene play? Do the audio files not play? Or does the quest just not start? This will help me rule out installation mistakes and things of that nature.

  4. Hi, just started using this mod and love it so far, but I seem to be stuck in The Gales of Guilt, I’m in the Blue Palace and have committed the first bit of dialogue with the shifty noble chap, he made some excuse, and now everyone’s looking at me expectantly but I can’t speak to anyone. Any suggestions?

    1. There was a bug where a line slipped out too early the way most greetings do. Like all greetings, it’s based on player proximity. You can either go back to an earlier save and let him forcegreet you from afar – maintaining a respectable distance throughout the trial – or update to the latest version 3.04.3 where the issue has been corrected. Incidentally, 3.04.4 will be released later today.

      1. Hi, thanks for replying! I’m not sure whether what I did fixed it or whether I just happened to be standing in a better place, but I reloaded a save just before I went into the Blue Palace and did some shopping and wandered around Solitude to give the chap I was meeting time to catch up and get there ahead of me. Anyway, either way, it worked fine this time :) Great mod, I’m trying to resist the temptation to run around doing EVERYTHING as I don’t want to run out of new things to find on my next play through!

  5. Is the list above inclusive of the latest characters and quests? I just played a quest called Trololo. Was it one of yours?

  6. Above you mentioned forgetting to install the BSA for Hearthfire. I install everything with NMM as do many other enthusiasts of INPC. Is there any reason why this install procedure would miss anything in the updates?

    1. That’s a problem regardless of whether you install with NMM or manually. What people do is they only install the Hearthfire patch and not the Main Update first.

      Thus, they’re missing the new audio, the new scripts, and the new textures.

      What you’re supposed to do is one of the following:

      1) Install main update, then install HF patch, both via your method of choice


      2) Overwrite main update manually with HF patch, repack, and install through your method of choice

  7. Is there any method to determine if NMM followed this installation protocol when both files are included in the same folder the NMM installs from?

    If we need to do a manual install, it might be helpful to include a few more steps in the Read Me for those of us used to an automatic transmission.

    1. Did a manual install for the HF patch 3.04.4. It overwrote a file of the exact same size but one day older for the manual install (NMM might alter the date to when it installs the file, while the older date is retained through a manual installation). I suspect that NMM does indeed handle these patch installs properly.

    1. Nothing in the mod adds a ghost effect to the player. I don’t even know how, to be honest. Although i guess you could make the player a reference alias and add a script.

      In any case, when did you turn ghostly? Probably coincidental and related to something else.

    2. Replying because I cannot edit, the problem occurred when the two possible endings of the previous quest both hit it appears, because now it is working

  8. Hi!

    First off, I just wanted to say this is a truly awesome mod. This mod contains some of the best quests that I have tried to date, wayyy better then the original quest lines, and its mere existence is a testament to the importance of interesting characters during questing.

    However, I seem to have a problem. I am still on the 2.09 beta version, and I would like to upgrade to the current version. Is there a way to do this without losing all my quest saves?

    Thanks for your help

    1. Upgrading does not affect saves, as all the RefIDs and BaseIDs are the same. You should be able to update and not experience any issues. If anything, changes and fixes I made to quests since 2.09 may not appear in your save if they’ve already been loaded.

  9. I’ve got a question:Will we be seeing videos on certain character’s marriage dialog? I’m interested in marrying Sweetroll, but I’m hesitant of broken dialog or none at all.

    1. Not sure what you mean. Have you met Sweetroll? Because if you have, I’d think any questions pertaining to the kind of dialogue and engagement you’d have with him would be somewhat obvious.

  10. Hey Kris
    I’m using AFT(+INPC’s fix) and i took rumarin and zora to my party, will that create any problems like both talking at the same time? or one muting the other one?

  11. Hey guys, I’m not sure if anyone else has had this kind of problem, but I ran into a weird issue after I left Zora Fair-Child at Dragonsreach when flying on Odahviing to find Alduin in Sovngarde.

    When I got back, I found she was waiting for me at High Hrothgar, I didn’t think it was weird, but the problem came afterwards when she said that she was going back to Riverwood, to take a break from adventuring for a while,

    The issue is that she is still following me around. And her dialogue still has the option to ask her to follow me. When I click it, she responds by saying that someone else is already following me.

    Only she is.

    Nobody else.

    I was wondering if I could somehow get her character id and fix this issue she’s having?

    1. Ref IDs are on their respective pages.

      That being said, it’s entirely possible she’s following as part of a quest. This is the most likely of all scenarios.

      If somehow she got stuck in the alias, her RefID will show up when you type “sqv DialogueFollower3DNPC”. If so, recruiting another person would boot her out. You can “set 3DNPCFollowercount to 0” and recruit someone.

      1. Alright, this is strange. I used ‘set 3DNPCFollowercount to 0’ and talked to Zora and she is now following me. However when I talked to her afterwards her dialogue reverted back to that whole ‘someone is following me’ thing.

        I’m not sure about her following because of a quest since I’ve completed the ones concerning Zora’s Field and Joceline, unless she has others?

        1. I entered in ‘sqv DialogueFollower3DNPC’ and it showed up with Zora’s Ref ID. It was at stage 30 but there was also something called priority 50 as well.

  12. Heya Kris! Preacher here, I seem to be having a bit of trouble with the recent update, some of the main folks of it have their voices muted, but I still see them, the subtitles and what not… I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall your mod a few times too and it doesn’t seem to be working… any suggestions?

    1. Likely you installed the update only and deleted the original file, which of course removes all the voices save the update. NMM has a specific procedure that I’m unfamiliar with to ensure you add on the update instead of removing the previous version. There’s some instructions on Nexus that Starfis provided on the File page.

      1. Unfortunately I’m using the manual install method. NMM was giving me far too many problems. I’ve re-installed 3.04, to get the originals working, now from there. Do I download your update and drag and drop both files? Or do I just put in the HF package?

    1. usb condenser mic. a good cheap one is the cad u37. blue yeti, apex 440, samson c01u, audio technica atat are others that are slightly more expensive. the one i don’t like that much is the blue snowball, despite its popularity/

  13. Aha…^-^; My game keeps crashing whenever I try to marry Gorr…it’s starting to annoy me, as I’ve gone back two saves trying to avoid the issue. Any way around this?

  14. -SPOILERS-
    I’m having a problem with Erevan amidst the Deathbroker quest. Erevan and my character were invited to Viola Giodano’s party by Alassea. I talked to all the party guests and singled out the broker. After deciding who was the broker I talked to Erevan and he said he would inform the yarls steward and meet me at the cornerclub after I got some info from the broker. Once I pickpocketed the brokers journal, I found Erevan standing outside Ulfric’s castle. He simply stands there and tells me “It’ll just be a moment. I’ll find you when I’m done” He’s been there for days.
    In the quest hud under deathbroker quest it’s currently at “eliminate or pickpocket a suspect” with the completion box filled.
    Oh, and the party is still continuing on at Viola Giodano’s house. The three potential suspects have left and the vanilla NPC’s continue to chat away.
    Can you help me?

      1. Derp! I realized this just after I had already posted! I didn’t make the connection that the courier was part of the script. I thought he was just delivering another dragon wall location, so I didn’t bother to read the note as I already kinda know where all the dragon walls already are from memory. Thanks for the reply! Oh, and the mod. It’s simply genius.

  15. Hm…for the updates that have been showing up at the home page, do I need to install every last one or just the latest one? I hope it’s the latter..><

  16. First of all, thank you for a thoroughly-brilliant mod. I enjoy the conversations with the new NPCs. I don’t know whether it’s discussed before; I tried searching for it but the keywords I put in google so far haven’t hit any relevant result. I’m experiencing an annoying bug while using your mod:

    I’m having Amalee as a follower and she’s great. One time I was at an inn in Dragon’s Bridge, conversing with another one of your NPCs (Eldawyn’s arch-enemy, forgot her name. Sorry…). When I’m done, I realize Amalee isn’t around anymore. I can still hear her random comments but she’s nowhere to be found. I left the inn and she doesn’t follow me outside. Then I tried the prid & moveto player trick; she appeared but as soon as she does she starts walking away. Initiating conversation confirms that she’s still a follower, but she won’t follow anymore. If I move away, she just keeps on walking.

    FYI I also use AFT, and I have Lydia and that mage from The Black Star quest following along with Amalee. Nothing seems to be wrong with them though. Not much anyway. I also use convenient horses. I install all my mods manually. No SKSE or SkyUI, if that’s relevant info for you.

    I’m thinking about taking all of Amalee’s gear and disable-enable her or something and have her follow me again because I don’t wanna lose her. Can you maybe suggest a better solution? Thank you for your time and attention. Love your mod :-)

    1. Have you tried moving yourself to her? This will tell me where she’s running off to. It could be part of a quest that got unfinished, maybe a scene, although I don’t think Amalee is involved in anything where a separate package would override her follower package. Dragon Bridge is part of the quest Bards, Beasts and Beauties, but again she follows you throughout the duration of that quest. Typing “sqv amaleequest” in the console will tell you if that has been started.

      Most likely culprit is some wackiness with AFT.

      1. AFT has a ‘reset AFT’ function which will clean up completely any follower behavior (this is used to de-install AFT’. I recommend using it to start with a clean slate. Your attached followers will start walking away but you can talk them going with you again.

        1. It’s such a bother resetting with the prospect of having to purge my followers off of all their inventory first and whatever else but I guess I know it must be done eventually so I’ll get on it and see how it goes from there. Thank you for your help :-)

  17. I just had an incredibly creepy moment thanks to this mod. Not creepy because of anything that happened in the mod, though. More like because of what didn´t happen.

    I started a new character and decided ´hey, I want to play “vanilla” Skyrim story this time´ and uninstalled all quest and npc mods. It started all right, I got to Riverwood just fine, entered Sleeping Giant Inn and that´s when the weird started. I tried to find Gorr to take him with me to Whiterun and realized he won´t be there. I kept waiting for Hjoromir to pass me by and ask if I need my “boots polished or anything else, really”. Then I talked to Orgnar and tried to get a warning about Necromancers…

    It felt like I played an unfinished beta test of a game where I´m supposed to check basic functionality and maybe combat. Was Skyrim always so dull and lifeless and I just didn´t notice? Now that I can compare Skyrim with some real characters and Skyrim without them, vanilla Skyrim is… creepy. Really, really creepy.

    I´ll never turn this mod off again.

    1. Ha, yeah. Even if you’re familiar with the stories and have talked to them dozens of times, it’s nice just having them around. In my current testing/playthrough, I’m living in Riften, and while I can’t remember the last time I asked Caylene to perform, it’d be weird if she wasn’t sitting on her box. City feels empty without them.

  18. As someone who hasn’t used torrent software before, would it be possible to get a native .zip download? I know this is a huge file, but I’ve heard a ton of bad crap about torrent software and would like to avoid it. I understand things may have changed over the years, but I somewhat prefer the old tried and true methods. Pretty much any compression method will work if you agree on this, I use JZip as my chosen archive tool.

    I tried this back in Version 2.42, which if I recall correctly was a Nexus download, and I enjoyed it, but at the time I had some major stability issues that were my fault.

    Alternatively, if I can’t get a .zip package, can someone point me to some decent, unobtrusive torrent software I could use to do a one-time grab of this? When in doubt, ask the community, and I’m very much out-of-the-know for torrent software.

    I’ll just have to remember to keep my version up to bloody date this time to avoid this issue in the future.

    1. nexus is the non-torrent option. The torrent is there only as a backup for people having trouble with that.

      As for unobtrusive torrent software, I tend to use older versions that were released much prior to all the adware versions that are out now. They used to actually be simple and clean.

      1. Thank you. I didn’t know the Nexus was still the live version of this mod. I’ve got no problems grabbing multi-gigabyte files (50mb line helps here).

  19. Noticed some quests are without a link to even a brief discussion. What is the best method for players to dig in and find helpful information if needed? Google searches for keywords on the net, the Nexus forum or trying to search for any characters mentioned on this site?

    1. The ReadMe is a work in progress, but Maligree is building the quest pages for me and doing an awesome job. Still many more to go before the wiki is complete, especially since I add new stuff each week.

    2. As for discussion, people tend to prefer Nexus, but this is the best place to get a hold of me as I get email notifications. Well, usually.

      Perhaps someday, more people will come here, but I think for that to happen I’ll need to give people a reason to come, so that starts with a better wiki and of course more blog contributors.

  20. How do I ACTUALLY start Robber’s Refuge? I’m missing out on some content and the readme doesn’t have a page on it :L

  21. why exactly there is an extra variable 3DNPCFollowerCount limiting to 1 the number of interesting NPCs? Why not let people be limited by the followers mod they currently use instead? Is it a long the line of ‘we know better than you what is good for you?’ :-)

    1. There is no limit if you are using a follower mod that is compatible. If the follower mod you are using does not account for the mod limit, then you’ll likely run into other problems as well. EFF, for example, made a patch. UFO did not, and the author did not reply to my messages.

      As for why the base mod has a 1 follower limit, that’s the way it was designed in terms of balance with the vanilla game as well as how the dialogue is written (the followers don’t account for the presence of each other). Still, you are welcome to use a follower mod as it’s your game, but if there are compatibility issues, it’s really up to the author of that mod, especially because my knowledge of scripting is limited. All said author has to do is account for the existence of my framework, as it’s cloned from vanilla. CH and EFF have done so.

      1. I’m not too sure I follow you here. I’m using AFT with the compatibility patch for iNPC. If I don’t reset to 0 your own variable 3DNPCFollowerCount with the console, the follower refuses joining up. If I set it to 0, then I have no problem. Both try, I’m well under the AFT limit of 5 followers. So there is an additional barrier here which is your variable. Leave the followers mods impose a limit and get rid of this variable, this is basically what I’m saying :)

        1. Then AFT’s compatibility patch needs to set the variable to 0 or ignore it. EFF has no problems doing this.

          The variable is there for a reason. Like with vanilla, it tells the follower if someone is with you already. Without it, existing followers would be automatically booted and cause confusion.

        2. case in point, AFT does this with the vanilla variable, right? Same concept.

          In fact, as the follower system is a clone of vanilla, everything is the same. The principles simply need to be applied to the cloned framework. That’s what CH and EFF did to make compatibility patches.

        3. Hi,
          Apology where they are due, it seems the AFT fix was installed but not activated on my skyrim.

          Keep up the good work :)

  22. I seemed to be stuck in Deathbroker. The quest points me to Erevan in the Temple of Talos, yet even after I spoke to both Alassea and Erevan, the quest wouldn’t advance. Is there something I should have done?

    1. need more specifics.

      i’m going to sleep now, but basically a scene starts the moment you enter the temple. alassea sings, erevan talks, then forcegreets.

      after talking to erevan, one of the dialogue options starts another scene where alassea introduces herself, scene ends you talk to erevan, quest advances.

      1. Yeah, when I first entered the temple, Alassea sang, and so on and so forth…. until I had exhausted all the dialogue options for Erevan and Alassea didn’t introduce herself.

        1. never heard of this failing before. type “Sqv 3dmcue4”

          When talking to erevan, the question What can I do to help?
          leads to 4 responses. All kick you out of the dialogue setting teh quest to stage 15. Stage 15 is when a scene plays between Alassea and Erevan, at the end of which quest is set to stage 20 and Alassea Forcegreets you.

          After talking to Alassea, quest is set to stage 21, and scene plays where Alassea says goodbye, Erevan forcegreets you.

          Erevan’s conversation sets stage to 25, then 30. All is shown in video here.

        2. Thanks. The quest advanced normally, until I had to talk to the three suspects. I had talked to all of them, but the quest didn’t advance normally. So I forced it with console, little by little, until the journal was updated. After killing Deneris and his minions, though, the quest stopped again. (I suspect I have either a mod or a script clash somewhere, the quests from this mod seemed to bug on me every so often. I’m burning through my mods to see where the problem is.)

        3. You probably broke the quest via the console. Keep in mind it’s been played by quite a lot of people, and untouched for some time.

          After talking to the suspects, you talk to Erevan and the party ends. The 3 suspects leave the house, after which you are given an objective to pickpocket or steal evidence from the person you suspect.

          Once that’s done, a courier spawns giving you a note to go to the Hall of the Dead.

          That’s where you meet Deneris and fight his goons, and Alassea joins you. This may be where you broke the quest, Alassea may be stuck in the house or something. Talking to Alassea in the Hall of the Dead advances it.

  23. Okay, I replayed the quest again, (only used the console to get to the party). Is Erevan supposed to come with me? Because he stayed behind in the Temple and I thought that was how it’s supposed to be.
    (Also, actually, at stage 5 of the quest, Erevan just stopped his line after “When I was in Cyrodiil, I used to sit every morning in the Chapel of Arkay” . It didn’t trigger where he introduced Alassea. The quest just stopped there.)
    Forced the quest to move forward, Alassea DID come with me to the Robber’s Refuge, but Erevan didn’t (is this normal or..?) and I and Alassea were able to enter the tavern. Once inside, Alassea said something and again the quest stopped. (yes, I’m aware it’s prolly due to my console use) Is there something I’m supposed to do?

    1. watch the video. a scene fires after that line. Things that can halt a scene include

      1)other scenes(higher in the queue)
      2) missing audio
      3) inability to get to a spot in the scene.
      4) loose files in your script folder such as Erevanscene.pex that is overriding the BSA script.

      none of these apply unless there was a faulty installation for #2 or #4. It’s possible #1 could be the reason, if for some reason an old Erevan scene from his quest never finished and got stuck somehow, sounds unlikely but you can attack him to see if that kills it.

      At the end of the video, you are at stage 25 or 30. Erevan is set to go to Viola’s house at stage 25. After the stuff with Deneris, Alassea shows up. You talk to Alassea, then Erevan interrupts and the 3 of you go to Robber’s Refuge.

      In any case, it seems your issues relate to Erevan, I’d suggest attacking him or killing/resurrecting him or doing something to fix his AI. The quest is set up correctly, so as long as whatever is going on gets cleared it should run normally.

      1. Yes, I do believe this mod of yours is amazing, really! I think it was a faulty installation since I got bugs similar to this every now and then. I’m redownloading the mod atm, see if that works.

  24. Hi, Kris.

    I discovered your mod through the Game Mods page on TV Tropes and even before I got my new PC due to being a console gamer for years I knew this was one I would be downloading as soon as possible. I’m not ashamed to admit I love it and fell for Gorr immediately as he was the first of your NPCS I spoke to.

    I’m using the latest version or at least I think I am as I updated it maybe a month ago. As I first downloaded 3DNPC last Summer. I am experiencing one issue where the audio isn’t always played when an NPC is speaking. Can you advise on how to fix this?

    Your mod and others such as Falskaar are encouraging me at experimenting with the Creation Kit myself.

    1. It’s possible that when you updated the mod, you uninstalled everything and installed only the update. This happens a lot with NMM users because the update process is a bit counter-intuitive.

      I would suggest downloading the entire v3.05 when it releases tomorrow and installing that to ensure you aren’t missing any files.

      1. For some reason NNM doesn’t let me log into the application. So I updated the MOD manually. I’ll grab the latest version when it releases.

  25. I finished the whole Blood of Kings questline (after getting through some of the bugs to getting to that point, which I thank you for helping me with).

    I know you’ll probably skim over this, but I have to give my thanks. This mod is just…amazing. I can hardly put it into words, and after experiencing the Blood of Kings, I think it’s on par, if not better, than the base game questlines. And I genuinely mean that. Your story telling skills actually blew my mind, and how in-depth you go with each character and how personal I can get with them… I just appreciate your talents so much.

    I’m very, very happy that you’re continuing this mod even today. If I had a job, I would donate to you. But unfortunately I do not, and until that day comes, all I can give is my thanks and my praise to your talents. I hope you strive to create a game one day, because I’ll definitely buy it without a second guess.

  26. Hi, I really love this mod so much! I am having some trouble with Rumarin. I was in solstheim and we departed ways, and for some reason I can’t find him at windhelm. Normally I would just do a moveto player command using the reference id with prid, but I have no idea what stage number to put in front of the reference. I have already gone through his entire “teach me a spell” quest. Can anyone tell me what Rumarins reference id is?

      1. Thank you so much! It worked and I now have Rumarin back! It was bitter sweet however, since I found out that his level caps at 50 :'( I might have to marry him, just so he stays useful to me because I love him so much lol.

  27. Well I fixed the problem I was having. I also downloaded Inigo and something wasn’t allowing me to recruit him. So I decided to do a fresh install of Skyrim and install mods via Nexus which fixed the dialogue issue. I picked up Zora almost immediatly after starting and I now want to dismiss her but she keeps following me regardless. I have started her personal quest but not done the part in Falkreath yet.

      1. I suspected that was probably the reason as choosing to meet her in Falkreath fixed the problem. Thanks for the help. I’m curious as to why Interesting NPC doesn’t have any custom load screens.

  28. I’ve been playing with your mod for some time now. I read there is a 7-part main quest. Can you tell me the name of the main quest? I’ll look it up here and try to do that. I’ve started “The Way of the Nine”. I suspect this is the main quest but I’m not sure. Thanks.

  29. Just playing around with the musical trios in Vilja 3.0 and realized there must be some way to sync the audio files for the INCP trio in Windhelm. Speaking of Vilja, I was thinking how neat it would be to add some traveling music sung by such traveling companions as Zora, Amalee, Fjona, etc…. This would be a fun a capella song:

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