Relic’s Revival


Relic’s Revival
Quest Giver Relic
Locations Blackreach War Quarters
Prerequisites None
Related Quests The Teleportation Machine
Enemy Level None Class None
Quest ID DialogueTheRelic Editor ID 03044B3C
NPCs Relic
Reward Relic repaired with a personality of the player’s choice

Relic’s Revival acquaints the player with an ancient but malfunctioning Dwemer construct, allowing them to test their smithing skills in attempting a repair, and offering the choice of two highly differing personalities. The player will be offered additional dialogue options with Relic, depending on previous actions and skill levels attained in the game.

The Relic
Relic is an ancient Dwemer Spider Centurion who inhabits Blackreach War Quarters. Possessing a black soul gem, after betraying a former master who tasked it with placing his soul in a Sphere Centurion, it is sentient and unique among its kind.

Relic and Sphere

It is currently in a state of disrepair, with a personality fluxing between servile and misanthropic. In accordance with its programming, it designates the player its master and invites them to attempt a repair.

If the player has a smithing skill of 50 or greater, they will be given the option to attempt to restore it to a polite and subservient construct, or can opt to sabotage its personality and unlock a nefarious assassin. However, they will also need the Dwarven smithing perk to ensure a successful outcome.

Regardless of the player’s smithing skill, improvising by crossing wires will always cause Relic to break, whilst tinkering will repair it to a subservient state.

Relic Exploding


Once repaired, the player can take advantage of the Relic’s long life, and quiz it on Dwemer history.
– Jay33721 provided the concept for Relic.
– Relic and this associated quest were authored by Roarian.
– Pickpocketing its soul gem destroys Relic in a similar manner to Forsworn Briarhearts.

Relic’s Revival (DialogueTheRelic)
Stage Information
0 Talk to the Relic in Blackreach War Quarters.
10 Attempt to repair the Relic and decide whether to sabotage its personality matrix.
20 I repaired a malfunctioning but sentient Dwemer Spider Centurion.
30 I repaired a malfunctioning but sentient Dwemer Spider Centurion. Its personality, however, seems… wonky.

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