Room 404

Fallout3 ROOM 404

ROOM 404
Version  0.01 Alpha – Download
Quest Start Abandoned Building [3DNPCAA] – East of The National Guard Depot
Locations Abandoned Building, Grocers
Enemy Level N/A Class N/A
Quest ID x3dnpc101
Editor ID xx001F19
NPCs Casey Clarkson – Elko
Detective Brooks – VoltumnaVA
Detective Conrad – Loes Van Honk
Mara – Alice Bell
Sean – John Crosthwaite
Kate – Jessica Osborne
Doctor Cheng – Phoenix Emrys
Doctor Watkins – Patrick Mahoney
Music Excursion – Giramor
RefID/BaseID Full list of Form IDs here – RefIDs on left, Base IDs are on the right. Replace first two numbers with the mod’s place in your load order
Reward Follower


– Music added upon exit of building is set to play until player exits cell
– Taking the follower to either the grocer in Georgetown or Northwest Seneca will result in an additional scene.

ROOM  202 [x3dnpc101]
Stage Information
10 Casey Clarkson greets player
20 Prostitute killed, Casey travels to tub while speaking to player
30 Brooks and Conrad conversation start
40 Casey leads group to the bathtub, Brooks asks for a dedication
50 Conrad inquires about the blood
60 Brooks interrogates player
65 Conrad asks to speak to Brooks in private
70 Conrad asks to speak to Brooks in private
80 Player plants drugs, gives Casey a weapon, or refuses to assist, triggering Brooks and Conrad to return
85 Essential tags removed
90 Essential tags removed


ROOM 303 [x3dnpc303]
Stage Information
10 Mara and Sean have initial conversation about Brooks
20 Mara and Sean travel to living room
30 Sean forcegreets player
40 Mara and Sean discuss McKinley
50 Sean asks player if they think he is guilty
60 Sean leaves for a smoke break
70 Mara suggests player talk to Sean
75 Stage is used as a condition, automatically sets to stage 80
80 Sean returns to living room, Kate stands up
90 Sean argues with Mara
100 Mara reveals truth
110 Mara asks Sean and Kate to leave, goes to couch
120 Speaking to Mara disables Sean and Kate, radio turns on, entering trigger box near radio sets to stage 125
125 Doctor Cheng and Watkins speak through radio, Mara approaches
130 Mara speaks to player and departs for Room 101


ROOM 101 [x3dnpc404]
Stage Information
10 Objective to follow Mara displayed
20 Trigger box outside in Room 404 unlocks door and allows Mara to enter
30 NPCs restrained
40 Mara approaches looking glass
50 Watkins forcegreets player
60 Mara speaks
70 Mara adds tire iron to inventory, essential status removed
80 Mara added to enemy faction, engages in combat with Cheng
85 One robot killed
90 Both robots killed, Mara forcegreets player and key is added to inventory
100 Player receives key
110 Player hits trigger box in cistern, old Mara disabled, follower Mara enabled
120 Exit enabled, Mara added as follower
125 Player exits, music added
130 Mara mentions how quiet it is
150 Quest complete
200 Mara killed, quest complete, key added to Mara’s body and exit enabled

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