Encounter Yorgrim’s Overlook
Locations Yorgrim’s Overlook then Windhelm Stables
Quests A Spell for Rumarin, The Sleeping Giant, From the Blood of Kings, An End to Keep
Race High Elf Gender Male
Level PC x1 Class CombatBladeBinder
RefID XX0ab6ec BaseID XX0AB6D5
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills One-handed, Light Armor, Archery, Conjuration
Morality Any Crime Confidence Average
Inventory Iron Dagger, Windhelm Stables Key
Voice Jay33721

Rumarin is a jovial High Elf who can be found at Yorgrim’s Overlook in Eastmarch. One of the more complete followers in the mod, he has bonus conversations in a number of locations and is involved in multiple quests. Much of Rumarin’s personality is based on deflection, although he does demonstrate a visible resentment of mages.

Bonus Conversations

Quest Stage Location
The Eye of Magnus Upon Completion College of Winterhold
The Forsworn Conspiracy Upon Completion Markarth
Proving Honor Upon Completion Whiterun
Dampened Spirits After Honningbrew Meadery’s closing Riften or Whiterun
Dragon Rising While en route to the Whiterun Watchtower Whiterun
The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller Before retrieving the Horn Any
Elder Knowledge After meeting Paarthurnax Any
The World-Eater’s Eyrie Prior to departing for Sovngarde Dragonsreach
Dragonslayer Upon Completion Any

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105 thoughts on “Rumarin”

  1. I think this is my favourite follower I’ve come across so far, but I’ve become a bit stuck during his Sleeping Giant quest. I’ve recruited the worrier and the bard but I don’t know where to take them, there is no map marker or anything. I seem to recall Rumarin mention it was a cave in Falkreath Hold, but other then that I don’t know where to go. Would hugely appreciate a push in the right direction.

    p.s. This is by far the best Skyrim mod in my opinion!

  2. Despite saying he uses bound weapons, iv yet to actually see it. He just uses his dagger or any other weapon I give him. If I remove all weapons he find one nearby to use. I hope its not a conflict with SkyRe, as thats the only mod I have that modifies spells and AI.

      1. Hmm, then I will have to experiment to see if its one of the other mods that is messing this up.
        Thanks for the replay, and even more so for the video.

    1. I had the same problem after I tried to expand his spells using AFT… that totally screwed up Rumarin’s defaults and I couldn’t get them fixed except by starting a new game.

    2. Pretty sure SkyRe is the problem, I’m playing with SkyRe too and have yet to see Rumarin use bound weapons. SkyRe changes both the Bound Weapon spells as well as the perks concerning them so I guess it makes sense that there’d be some conflict. It’s unfortunate since simply giving him a good weapon and some light armor does take away from his uniqueness and is quite immersion breaking considering his Dialogue, but better that than a Follower in Robes who never casts a single spell and only attacks people with an Iron Dagger I guess.

      1. I found a partial fix with AFT, tell him to be a spellsword under combat tweaks then take his stuff, he will summon 1 bound blade so id recommend having a tank to take the damage for him.

      2. Hi, this is also one of my fav INPC’s and my characters hubby.:)
        I also use skyre (the last one before Dragonborn) and he stopped using the bound bow after a while and I’ve never seen him use a bound sword. However, I can get him to use a bound bow again if I add it back via the console.(Clicking on him and using additem ID# for the regular bound bow not the longbow) It only works for a little while then you have to do it again, but it does work.Unfortunatly the same fix does not seem to work for the bound sword. Anyway I love this mod. Thank you and everyone for all the hard work you’ve put into it.

  3. I decided to try this guy out with my new character, and I just want to comment that he seems mildly glitchy. Whenever I draw my weapon, I can hear him drawing his, too, but he’s not holding anything. He’ll swing his arm as if he’s attacking, but there’s no dagger in his hand. I have seen him cast his bound sword spell, but when he attacks with a dagger he’s not actually holding one, despite there being one in his inventory. *I haven’t taken his default equipment nor given him any new weapons yet*

    1. I think the requirement is that you have one bonus conversation outside of his initial dialogue – this is to prevent you from marrying him immediately after meeting.

      The 2nd requirement is owning a home. Because without one, he’ll go back to his original location – which is Yorgrim’s Overlook. Doesn’t make any sense.

  4. Rumarin. Oh, god, Rumarin. Easily the best follower I’ve seen yet– he’s a solid backup in combat, but honestly? His greatest worth for my current character is that he keeps her from feeling totally isolated, and his humor is a welcome relief from the darkness that’s in so many of the quests. There’s also an interesting vein of self-deprecation in many of his comments; I’m looking forward to seeing where that goes. (Plus the coffin made of pie line almost killed me.)

    I’ve found that he can sometimes disappear if I’m taking a non-standard route (i.e., climbing mountains), and in some mods with complicated terrain, but console codes (prid + moveto player) bring him back immediately.

    Wonderful work, both by the author and the voice actor.

    1. I agree with feeling less lonely. This mod has made playing a lot more interesting. My favorite comment is “who gets all our stuff if we die” or something along those lines.

  5. I loved hearing what some of the other NPC’s said about him.
    “You two are married? Yuck.”
    “I’ve heard about this Elf merc who’s completely useless in a fight…”
    “You been drinking skooma, elf?”
    Not to mention all the (as Nell said above) hilarious self-deprecating lines. But I appreciate that you gave his backstory some substance and angst- he’d have been far too shallow- a simple jester, really, if he didn’t have any troubled moments. Not too much where he turns into a Cicero, yet not too little, either, where he is unrelatable.

  6. Having discovered and installed this mod pretty late in my game I was wondering do I need to start a new game to get the bonus conversations because it seems to me the ones that mention that you merely have to complete a certain vanilla ought to be available but it seems they are not. Am I missing a requirement here? Does the follower in question actaully have to accompany you during the preceding quest, like if I want to hear Rumarin’s bonus convo for completion of the eye of Magnus does he need to have witnessed its completion?

    1. No, it’s based on whether you completed the quest.

      As such, the dialogue is deliberately ambiguous in case he wasn’t there. “I didn’t really do much,” etcetera. Meaning, it could be he wasn’t there, or he’s being modest or being self-deprecating.

  7. Rumarin is easily the best follower I ever had in Skyrim. Every time I get too bored or my Dragonborn starts to take himself/herself too seriously, Rumarin says something and I´m rolling on the floor laughing :D Like his friends “droppings” that were sent forward in time with the Elder Scroll, or that the Archmage needs to be informed about the copy of the Lusty Argonian Maid.(oh, and the orb too) and that banana comment after defeating Alduin xD Oh, and Belly-marco. loool. Plus, both his personal quests are amazing. Just what I needed after all the drama that is Skyrim.

    But I realized one thing. I never told him I loved him. I mean, my DB married him and after Alduin´s defeat, Rumarin said “I love you” (and many other things, but I love you was there too :3 ), but my DB never said anything back. I want to see Rumarin´s spluttering, half-mocking, comical and self-conscious response. Like then I asked him to marry me, that was awesome. :) Can I just somehow tell him “I love you”?

  8. Hello! First of all, I would like to thank you for this fantastic mod. It makes the game so much more interesting! Second, I wanted to report an irregularity. Before I did Rumarins first Quest, he used his bound Sword regularly. But, after I did it, he always has a white/ spell in his hand, that COULD be lesser Ward Spell, but he actually never casts it. Plus, he doesn’t cast bound Sword anymore. Is there a way to fix this?

    1. Don’t know, as far as I know you can’t really tweak combat in that regard, you just tell them to melee or use spells. I could change the spell he gets from “Lesser Ward” to “Lesser Ward Left Hand” but it might be too late for your game since it’s already been added.

      1. Thank you for your replay. Well, it saddens me a bit that there might be no fix, but at least future users will benefit. I just want to mention that he as a follower is in no way broken, as he performs normal sword actions whenever you give him a weapon. it just is a bit immersion breaking is all. Also: I now have actually witnessed him using lesser ward, but as I mentioned, no bound weapons anymore. As some other user reported: There are the sound and animation for drawing his weapon, yet no weapon can be seen. I will try and use the amazing follower tweaks mod next, as another user suggested, and see what will happen.
        And again: I love your mod!

  9. With AFT I can see that he knows bound bow and bound sword in both left and right hand, but I’ve only ever gotten him to use the right hand bound sword with whatever physical offhand. Anyone know how to get him to dual wield and use the bow? Or is it even possible. Would be kick*** to have Rumie runnin’ around dual wielding bound swords.

  10. Is there any chance Rumarin will have more personal quests or a longer personal quest? Somehow, I want him to eventually learn a unique kick-ass spell with his “personal approach” to learning – think for himself and try new things rather than open a common spell book. Even if he does that just because he´s lazy.

    How about a Bound Ebony Blade? Basically what he does now, only instead of the crappy blade he uses now, he will summon an Ebony Sword. Perhaps if he “sacrificed” an ebony sword at some arcane enchanter and “stored” it in Oblivion until he needs it…Or maybe he´d learn a spell that´s pretty much useless in a fight, like Telekinesis and used it to chuck silver ingots at undead and made them explode? :D

    Just… some creative ways to use magic, without having to open a normal spell book. Skyrim magic is just so unimaginative, I can´t blame the guy for not wanting to study it.

    1. Well, my programming skills are very, very limited, so I can’t make new spells. Does the vanilla sword scale in strength? If not, wonder if I can clone it and make it stronger and pretend it’s ebony.

      A character tossing silver ingots sounds fucking awesome(although out of character for Rumarin due to the weight), but yeah, again, I suck at modding.

      1. Hm, only way to scale the sword is to get the perk Mystic Binding, I think. If that helps… My “skill” in modding consists of using NMM to install mods :D

        And yes, pretending is perfectly fine. Maybe just recolor the sword to be red and pretend it´s a daedric one? Which would make sense, since he´s pulling them from Oblivion. (And now I´m stuck with the mental image of an army of angry Daedra without swords, since Rumarin pulled them to Mundus and didn´t bother/know to return them. Dravos might provide some interesting commentary, too… :D )

        Also, there might be people to help you with creating new spells. I mean, skyrim nexus is full of talented people and many of them create awesome mods. I´m sure some of them would love to help.

  11. I have a question about the spell for Rumarin quest. I have been told to speak to some unconventional mages, but the first one I speak to (the Orc in WInterhold) says nothing that obviously advances the quest. The quest arrow is still over her head even after I have exhausted all dialogue. Have I missed something?

    Fantastic mod. Amalee is my favourite NPC in all SKyrim.

      1. The triggerbox just isn’t working. I have tried nudging him into her, but they just ignore each other. I do have 2 other followers (the male unorthodox mage and amalee), so that might be a complication. But I have now visited 3 unorthodox mages and none of them interact with Rumarin. Can I advance the quest thru the console?

        Many thanks!

  12. No joy. The scene between Mugnor and Rumarin will not trigger no matter what I do, even if I nudge him into her. They just ignore each other. can I advance quest via console?

    1. type “sqv rumarinquest” in the console and tell me what stage it says. It’s worked fine for a year now, so I’m not sure what the problem could be, but knowing the stage will help me see what’s going on.

    2. Okay, I might’ve figured out where you’re running into trouble. I don’t think you’ve met/talked to any of the 3 mages AND/OR asked Rumarin if he approves of the mage in question.

      So to recap, you have to have

      A)Met an unorthodox mage and spoken with them
      B)Having met said mage, you can now suggest visiting them to Rumarin

      that sets rumarinquest to stage 20, which enables the trigger box. In this video, I’ve yet to meet Mugnor, and can’t recommend her as a mage. Once I talk to her, the dialogue for Rumarin opens up. It does seem Rumarin’s dialogue doesn’t account for being in Winterhold, but easy to fix:

  13. It seems to have resolved itself now. I think the root of my problem was that Vargus was following me (he and Rumarin both). Once I dismissed Vargus, using the AFT dismuss, command, the right dialogue appeared and I was able to advance to stage 20 and then complete the quest. I guess that AFT was the complicating factor.

  14. I too cant seem to get him to use his bound weapon, I assume it is because I use REQUIEM overhaul, right now interesting npc is lower in the load order (i think to make sure there are no draugar conflicts) but i will try putting it before requiem to ee if that makes him use bound weapons. I assume requiem changes some bound weapon perks/spell names a bit/

  15. I’ve been trying to complete the “Spell for Rumarin” quest without success. I’ve spoken to all three mages. Rumarin rejects Mugnor, Vargus and Dagri’Lon both say no to training him. The quest shows that it is at stage 25.Not sure what the problem is. Any advice?

    1. First I’ve heard of it. There is an internal count that goes +1 with each mage(Valgus and Mugnor via a scene). At 3, sets stage to 50. Looks like it’s set up correctly. Perhaps clicking through the dialogue caused the script not to fire, dunno.

      Anyhow, you can use the console instead to bump it to 50.

  16. How do i start the Rumarin quests? Will they appear automatically or do I have to do something special? The NPCs is realy great and i dont want to miss the quests :D

  17. Hello there. Firstly, I must say I’m a huge fan of this mod. Simply wonderful. Though, I’m having trouble with the part of his quest where I need to hit him with friendly fire. He’s stuck in one spot, won’t respond to my spells nor will he move if I dismiss him. Am I doing something wrong? What can I do to fix this?

    1. Did he start the speech? The part where he says, “Alright, I’ll just stand right here and you start casting spells and such.”

      You can try waiting until he finishes talking before you attack him. That bit of dialogue sets rumarinquest to stage 70, which he has to be on for the friendly fire to work. It should work regardless though so long as he started talking, and haven’t heard any problems so far, but perhaps you’re at a different point in the quest.

      You can also try a physical attack.

  18. I’m at Windhelm, about to deliver a message to Ulfric Stormcloak- right after getting rid of the first dragon and made Thane of Whiterun. I speak with Rumarin with the intent of trading some things, but he says “Here, I got this for you. Just a token of my appreciation.”
    Is that new to v. 3 / 3.2? I’m aware that vanilla NPC’s do it (no clue why) but why did Rumarin say it- and do other followers ever do something similar? It’s quite the pleasant surprise, surpassed only by the accidental discovery of the Paper Mirror quest and listening to Alassea sing for the first time.

  19. I don’t exactly know what happened, but somehow Rumarin’s combat choices have gone permanent bound bow -> one conjured sword -> one invisible sword -> attempting to punch all enemies to death, and I cannot get him to stop. In regards to other mods, I don’t have any multiple follower mods or follower editing mods that do more than add a dialogue option or so (followers can relax, convenient horses, wearable lanterns, that kind of thing). In regards to mods that might’ve messed up spells, I have the apocalypse spell package mod and that’s basically it. I did try some console commands (resetai and diable/enable), but that was only after the problem became apparent, and I can revert to an older save if necessary. I mentioned in my other comment that I had had Interesting NPCs before the latest update, but that I hadn’t encountered Rumarin on that particular character yet.

    Sorry for the wall of text, but Rumarin is one of my favorite NPCs in this whole mod, and I’d really like to figure out how I might repair this issue so I can use him properly.

    1. Well, it’s not spell related as I switched to items in v3.03. He just has bound weapons in his inventory the same way vanilla followers have a hunting bow – it’s put in the inventory of the quest alias. You can see if the quest stopped running for some reason, it’s “ValgusHealRumarinBound” as long as it’s running he should have the weapons forever.

      1. Thank you so much for your prompt response! Sorry, but I’m not very familiar with the console – what command would one use to tell if the quest was running? Would I have to use some sort of “setstage” command to start/restart it? And, if it is running, would stopping-restarting the quest possibly “reset” things correctly?

        1. Okay! We managed to muddle through most of that – console says the quest stage is at 0.00, only two quest stages are 0 and 10. Setting it to 10 did not appear to have any effect – he still punched enemies. Should I dismiss him as a follower before attempting this? Or revert to the save I have from before testing the “resetai” command in case that did something? Both? Could I somehow re-add the items to his invisible inventory another way?

          Really sorry for all these questions.

        2. the stage doesn’t matter, it’s one of those things where if it’s running, he should have them. You can try disable/enable. He might be essential so you can’t kill him until quests are done, otherwise kill/resurrect might have been a good try.

          Have you tried giving him actual weapons and bows and see if he stops punching?

        3. He had a battleaxe at one point that he equipped but didn’t use in battle. We gave him our bow once and he equipped that – along with his bound arrows, suggesting that he still has access to at least some of his items – but he never tried using it, I don’t believe. Pretty sure he’s essential since I know we’ve shot at him accidentally when he’s in bleedout and he’s been alright. I can try disable/enable again. Would kill/resurrect just not work on an essential NPC? I guess I could try removing the essential status first, but I don’t want to break anything.

        4. yeah, the essential is just there to ensure you don’t break quests. I don’t think his actual death will fail them though, so you can try that. There’s obviously something weird going on. You’re sure he’s punching and not swinging invisible swords? Sometimes the textures just have trouble showing up in game.

        5. No, he’s definitely punching – he’s done the unarmed power attack a few times. There was a phase where he was using an invisible sword (the new update said he’s supposed to dual wield, but I don’t think he’s using two invisible swords), but that was replaced by the PUNCH EVERYTHING mindset he has now adopted. I’m trying to remember if I did something (nothing console-related, just giving him an actual weapon or something) to him to try and stop the perma-bound bow he had at the very beginning – his bound weapons are real objects, so they’re not supposed to disappear eventually like actual conjured weapons, right? I could try looking for him on another character to see if it’s just this set of saves he’s gone odd on – at least one of my dragonborns has never met him at any point, pre- or post-update, and I’ve got one that was created after the update. I checked through my mod list again to see if there’s something I didn’t already notice that could be doing it, but most of my mods are immersion stuff like Frostfall or just don’t touch NPCs in general.

  20. I’m having an issue with his personal quest after meeting with the 3 unconventional mages. He asks me to cast an offensive spell on him to see if he can manage to cast a ward out of instinct, but my spells do nothing (as in literally nothing, he doesn’t take damage and doesn’t react to them). I’m using SkyRe so I’m guessing that could be causing this issue. Any tips on how to advance the quest through the console or such would be much appreciated.

  21. I don’t know the quest stages, but physically hitting him worked for one user above, and on two playthroughs I got it to advance by waiting an hour or two in-game and disabling/enabling him in the console and tying again. After re-enabling him he showed up like he was bleeding out, so I guess the multiple spells must have killed him but he didn’t enter a bleedout stage. Using ‘resurrect’ fixed it.

    1. Thanks, I’ll try in a while (can’t right now due to having to head out) and then I’ll post whether it worked for me or not.

  22. Can someone help me I’ve installed a mod to allow more followers to follow me, but when I ask him to follower me he says I already have a follower. I already have three followers with me and I set the maximum to 100.

  23. So I tracked down Rumarin with a different character – he appears to be working as intended, since he pulled out both bound swords at one point (only during his initial encounter, but he may have been using an invisible set after recruitment at at least some points), and the bow at another. The invisible sword thing happens far more often than not – I also think he tends to generally use just one sword, not two, based on the power attacks. He used his base iron dagger at one point, I believe. I tried giving him some other gear to see how that might affect things – he equipped armor as normal, he didn’t equip any of the two-handed weapons I gave him (and we gave him some pretty powerful ones, so I don’t think it was that they were weaker than his existing gear), but he did briefly equip the ebony bow along with his bound arrows. I’ll have to test that last one again, see if he still wants to use his conjured weapons with the bow in his inventory. I also think I’ll have to try some more things before concluding that the punch-everything thing is not going to happen again. Maybe seek him out on a third character too, see if the punching is just a fluke on that one set of files.

    Is there any real fix for the invisible sword(s) thing? Would “too many other mods, graphical or otherwise” cause that, or is it just an issue with the conjured-weapon textures?

    1. Well, I tried disable-enable again (attempted kill-resurrect, but he’s essential, and I didn’t want to console-remove that and risk breaking stuff) on the Rumarin Punches Everything file, and he seems to have gone back to the one-invisible sword state. Looking at my tests, I’m starting to think that he’ll function as intended for a little while – that is, switching between bound bow and dual bound swords – before defaulting back to the one invisible sword, although why that is I don’t understand at all. Anyway, it’s bothersome, but still better than the punching.

    1. Did you start any of the following quests? Because he may be following for that reason.

      “Spell for Rumarin”
      “Raven of Anvil”
      “Sleeping Giant”

      It could also be a conflict with your follower mod. He dismisses properly otherwise.

    2. Like Kris suggested, it could be a follower mod conflict. I used AFT and he wouldn’t stop following me- he’s very sweet in that way, but unfortunately unappreciated. I had two solutions; one was to dismiss him using the AFT option “dismiss [normal]” and then kill him and resurrect him again via console to get him moving. Unfortunately I couldn’t get that to work again the second time, so I unchecked and uninstalled AFT then went back to a save right before I recruited him.

  24. I can’t get him to use his bound weapons, he just pulls out an invisible sword and never uses his bow. Also after a while his bow didn’t go away when he still used it so I did unequipall and now I can’t get him to use his spells other than his invisible sword which seems to be the same as his bound one in terms of damage. Anyone know how to fix this without ruining his character and make him use real weapons?

  25. His bound bow doesn’t dispel after he sheaths it back. He;s basically forced to use the bow because in his inventory, it checks out to a “real” weapon and thus, the AI looks for the more powerful weapon. ANd may cause me situational CTDs.

  26. I love, love, love this mod and Rumarin is the best character I’ve ever encountered, but I am having one issue with him.

    As far as I can tell I’ve met all of the prerequisites for it–I talk to him at an inn, I’ve actually done most of the College of Winterhold quests, Forgotten Lore is done, and the quest/location specific conversations–but A Spell for Rumarin doesn’t show up in my quest log, or seem to become active at all. I can talk to Rumarin, and he mentions searching the Arcanaeum for a book that he can understand, but past that there’s no indication of where to go or what to do. I see other people have mentioned having to speak to a few mages (that’s for this quest, right?), but I don’t know if that will make a difference if I don’t technically have the quest active.

    Thanks for any ideas you have on how to fix this!

  27. Thank you for the reply! Now please bear with me, as I have no idea what I’m doing with things like this. The “setstage rumarinquest 5”, is that the console command to get the quest to start? If it is, how do I enter it? After hitting ~, does the command need the quotations around it? Sorry if this seems like an obvious thing, I just have no experience with it.

      1. Hello again. Hopefully you guys aren’t getting tired of hearing from me. :)

        I did the console command, and all that comes up is some text that repeats in the command area: GetIsID >> 0.00

        I really appreciate all the help you’ve been giving me with this.

        1. It should pop up in your journal the way it did in the video. The exception would be if you already, say, were on stage 5. In either case, check your journal.

          Typing “Sqv rumarinquest” will tell you what stage you’re on, by the way.

        2. Sqs isn’t it? I had this too. Eff is my mod of choice and mine said the same. I suspect if you page up it isn’t just one either. Its thousands. I ended up just going to an earlier save and holding off. I never could get it to progress even with console commands


    Bring up the console with the ` key (on UK layout – top left corner under Escape). Firstly find out the RefID for the weapons.

    To do this type in help ” Bound Sword” and hit enter. The ID usually starts with 00.

    Then select Rumarin whilst in the console so his RefID shows as selected.

    Then type –

    giveitem 00REFIDGOESHERE 1

    The number on the end is the amount to give.

    Don’t forget to give arrows for the bound bow.

    I did this and found that he started using visible weapons again! Much better.

    Hopefully it will work for you too. I am also using AFT and set him to None in the combat settings and enabled Gear management.

    Good luck and happy adventuring!

    1. Works!

      I’d just like to add a few things:

      – the console command is additem, not giveitem (item IDs here:
      – set him to “ranger” in the AFT combat menu and he’ll use the bound bow
      – possible mod conflict with a sorting mod that renames weapons. I’ll test that some more

      But yeah, works fine. Thanks!

      1. Hi, I just wanted to ask for your help, seeing as you had the same problem as me but resolved it. Rumarin was working brilliantly until a short while ago, and now he only either punches things or draws an invisible sword. Previously he had always used bound bow, and I liked him that way. Nothing seems to have worked in fixing this, so perhaps you could give me a detailed guide on what you did to make it right? I tried the console commands to add bound bow into his inventory, but that has made no difference. Sorry, I just don’t want to loose 9 hours of game play over something so silly :) if you could help I’d be very grateful!

  29. Rumarin is an excellent character and I love him to pieces. All the NPCs in this mod are beautifully done — I love that Rumarin’s sense of humor has a backstory and a reason that influences his future. Very cool.

    I’m on my way to doing his quests and marrying him, but I was just wondering if you need to have completed the pre-req quests, or simply have them? As in, do I need to complete the entire Winterhold college quest in order to trigger Rumarin’s story? Thanks! <3

  30. Having a marriage problem here. In-game. I own two homes (Lakeview and Breezehome) and I’ve done quests with him, had some extra banter, so I think the requirements are met, but I don’t get the option to bring up marriage. Is there any console-fiddling I can do? Or did I just misunderstand the prerequisites?

  31. Hello, I am having problems with the followers. I already used this before and my favourite follower was Rumarin, but now after a clean reinstall and installing only the most basic mods (skyre, for example) I can’t get him to follow me. I dismissed belrand and checked my follower count and it was 0 and he still said he couldn’t follow me. What’s up? What do I have to do?

  32. My favorite follower! It’s a rare thing to find a male follower that’s pleasant in face, voice, and personality. His witty remarks have brought a lot of joy to my adventures.

  33. hi, it seems Rumarin doesn’t change weapon when he is in close combat; with the console command i add 2 bounds sword in his inventory as MattBOM suggest ( it’s work) but when he is in long range he use his bow ( ok) and after that he doesn’t change weapons when he is in close combat ( not ok) , is it normal , or is there a way to fix this ? Sorry for my english, i come from France. An amazing mod by the way thanks a lot for all your work!!

    1. Just going to add that I’ve noticed the same thing: Rumarin doesn’t switch to his swords when enemies get close; for me he’s always using his bow. It’s not really a huge issue since his arrows pack a nice little punch, but it’d be nice if I could see him live up to his title of bladebinder. Other than that little bit, Rumarin is a fantastic follower with hands down the best and funniest lines ever written for Skyrim. Having him around brings a little life to even the dullest, most repeated quests.

      1. For me he also uses bow 90% of the time, but I saw him taking out his swords a couple of times. Emphasis on taking out, it happened only in situations when enemies were at very close range initially, like with skeletons/draugrs emerging from coffins right behind his back. But I actually like his bowbinder side, with the kind of character I have on that playthrough, sticking to long range weapon saves the elf a lot of pain from accidental friendly fire.

  34. Love the mod, absolutely adore Rumarin. I’ve completed many quests with him, such as the Mage Questline and did a few location conversations as well as one of his personal quests (A Spell for Rumarin) but I’ve not gotten the actual dialog for his possibility of being a spouse. Do I need to complete more quests before he can become eligible for marriage?
    (i’ve also tried wearing the Amulet of Mara around him after completing the quests)
    Do I have to complete the main questline?

  35. rumarin is my fave companion evar! can he be recruited for the blades? or any other 3dnpc followers? have a nice day sir :)

  36. Realy the best follower evaaaar! :D

    But.. I’m having the same problem that has been reportet here several times. In the beginning Rumarin has used all of his bound wepons, even dual wield sometimes (but still rarely :-/). After playing with him some time as a follower he stoped using the bow and the dual wield completly. At the moment he only attacks with his right hand bound sword. Is there any way to fix this and let him use more dual wield and bow? It would suit his charackter way more if he use dual wield or bow.

    Btw. at some point I also got this invisible blade problem. I solved it by putting a normal dagger in his backpack.

    Thanks anyway for the great mod!

  37. For some reason I am not able to marry him, I’ve had quest conversation with him, completed his personal quest, I own a house. I do not get any new dialogue when wearing an amulet of mara

  38. I have a problem with Rumarin not using his bound weapons. Instead he’s trying to punch everything to death. Resetting the character removes all of his college mage gear and puts him in steel heavy armor (???).

    Here’s all the stupid stuff I’ve done to him, and any one of them might have caused this, I just really want to know how to get him back to using his goddamn bound weapons.

    – I gave him light armor. Somehow I didn’t stop to think that since I’m using Amazing Follower Tweaks, he can’t die anyway.

    – I taught him Flame, Healing, and Oakflesh. When I got annoyed with him setting every oil slick ablaze, I took away Flame using AFT, and he responded with casting Oakflesh on himself and punching things during combat.

    – At various times I tried to set his combat to Ranger, Magic Only, General, and None. He still tries punching things.

    tl;dr, it’s my own damn fault, but how can I fix this?

    1. I leveled up and now he’s using whatever double blades I give him, and whatever bow I give him, but if you take those away he still punches everything to death until he finds a weapon on the ground and uses that.

  39. I have to say this mod has made me feel so much less lonely in the game and has boosted it up to par in companions making you feel more immersed on a dragon age level, which was my favorite thing about DA and had wished Skyrim had. You guys delivered :) So far so good I haven’t had any issues aside from my inability to get Rumarin to move into a hearthfire home. When I ask to move they simply do not display the option for hf homes. I assume on the most updated version you do not need HF patch I tried with and w/o it however and neither triggered the dialogue. It isn’t a huge issue for me as I use modded homes for storage and don’t really go to my liveable homes often anyways. I typically adopt the 6 children and stick them in a home but I might forego that this run since there isn’t really any dialogue between spouses from inpcs for children yet. All in all thanks for this mod. I thoroughly enjoy it thus far!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. You should any bug reports on and post them here:

      This site is defunct.

      As for your question, the HF patch is required to move NPCs to your hearthfire homes. It’s conditioned to the same variables that vanilla uses. You mention using a “modded” home, however, and there is no option to use mod created homes. You’ll need something like “my home is your home” or a special mod for that.

  40. Rumarin is awesome and so is your mod! But I have a strange question (or problem).
    When I just started travelling with him, he used to talk a lot duruing our travels, some phrases about his name, about how he should be treated according to his contract, about his fighting style and a lot of other things. But after marriage, the ONLY things he says are “Marrying to adventure and each other…”, “Ready to get moving?”, “Should get moving?”, quests-related lines and nothing else((
    How can make him more talkative? Or is it marriage life made him so depressed?

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