Safehouse guard script

New customer? Go on in to talk to the boss.
No funny business, all right?
I’m watching you.

All right, we’re closing up shop! Any of you junkies still here by the time I count to ten is getting a face full of lead!
Ha, didn’t make it past three this time. Man, look at those fuckers run.



Didn’t you hear what I said? Get out of here!

In one option, the player can watch this guard retrieve the key to the garage. If he/she is caught, however, the guard goes hostile with this dialogue.

What the fuck? Die asshole! (starts shooting)

player successfully sneaks

Okay, boss said the key should be taped under the swing.
(Sigh) Today under the swing, tomorrow, under the fucking highway.
Don’t know why she’s gotta keep changing it up.

Alternate Scene with Butcher as escort

Need a hand Butch?

No. Get back to your posts. And tell these monkeys to get lost.

All right, you heard the man! Scram you junkies! We’re all out of quantum for the day! Fucking no good addicts…

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