Settlers for Velius Quest Script

What do you want to do with him?

I say we cut him loose.

Are you crazy? You saw what those fuckers did to Nipton!

He surrendered without a fight.

For now, maybe. But what do you think is gonna happen when his friends show up?

He says he ain’t with the Legion no more.

Jesus Christ man, if it walks like a gecko, and it talks like a gecko….well, I hate to spoil it for you, but it’s probably a fucking gecko!

Shit, I don’t know. Let’s ask this guy. See what he thinks.

Shit, I don’t know. Let’s ask her. See what she thinks.


Hey, we’ve got a problem, maybe you can help us with.

What’s the matter?
My friend and I were on way south to Arizona when we stopped to make camp. Seemed like a good spot with the water and all.
Thing is, we hadn’t even filled up our canteens when this Legion fella just walks up to the pond like we ain’t even here.

He just walked right past you?
Yup, didn’t say a word. Me and my friend just sat here with our jaws on the ground, watching him drink.
Then it finally occurred to me to grab my gun.

It’s likely he didn’t see you as a threat.
Well, we may not be soldiers, but we still have guns.
Granted, me and my friend here were shaking so bad I don’t know if either of us could shoot straight.

My guess is he was hoping you wouldn’t notice him.
Hard not to with that getup. But if you ask me, it’s more like he wasn’t afraid. Not of us, and not of death.

I was thinking of taking him to the NCR outpost, and let them figure out what to do with him.
My friend thinks it’s best to just shoot him dead.

Your friend’s right. 
Yeah, maybe. Problem is, he’s all talk. Neither of us have ever killed a man.
But if you wanna do it, be my guest. It’d save us both the trouble.

The NCR will probably shoot him on sight, and maybe you with him.
That’s what I’m afraid of. The other option was to just cut him loose.
But if you want, you can talk to him first. See if you can’t figure up what he’s really up to.

Your friend looks like an idiot. Whatever he says, do the opposite, and you’ll go far in life.
Heh, he ain’t dumb, just a little scared, and with good reason. Hell, I’m scared too. That’s why I’m hoping you’ll make a decision for us.

Kill him and the Legion might come after you.
We considered that too. But we cut him loose and they might do that anyway, only now they have a witness.
Maybe you can talk to him, let him know we didn’t mean no harm.

What if I talked to him first?
Well, I was about to suggest the same thing. Of course, it might do more harm than good, depending on what he says.

What has he told you so far?
Not much. Just that he ain’t Legion. Used to be, but not anymore.
I mean, most of what he says makes sense.
The problem is, knowing what we know about the Legion, it makes a whole lot more sense for him to lie.

All right. Me and my friend are gonna talk it over some more. But if you wanna make it easier on us, be my guest.

It’d save us a whole lot of heartache if you could figure out what to do with him.

So you’ve decided to let him go. Well, I hope you know what you’re doing.
Either way, my friend and I are glad to have him off our hands.

Thanks. Truth is, killing him was probably the smart thing to do. I just didn’t have the nerve.

Settler 2

I say we just shoot him. Right in the head. Then we bury his armor and let the vultures take care of the rest.

You saw what they did to Nipton. They’re just a bunch of animals, and we need to treat them that way.

If this guy isn’t Legion, then why is he still wearing the armor? I don’t trust him.

if legionary set free

You’re crazy letting him go free.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

It’s your funeral.

if Legionary killed

Smart move. Those Legion assholes are bad news.

Glad you killed him. I would’ve done it myself if my pal here wasn’t chicken.

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