Skjel the Gray

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Skjel the Grey
Encounter Lost Prospect Mine
Locations Lost Prospect Mine
Race Skeleton Gender Male
Level PC×1 Class dunLabyrinthianSkeletonMage
RefID XX0d54c4 BaseID XX0D54B4
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills N/A
Morality Any Crime Confidence Foolhardy
Inventory Warlock Hood, Leather Boots, Pickaxe, Snowberry (10)
Voice William Handford

Skjel the Gray is a satiric NPC designed to mock the repetitive nature of the vanilla dialogue. Skjel has a variety of unique commentary which triggers based on his proximity to certain NPCs. Originally the NPC was given an assortment of spells, but the game prevents him from using anything other than the ones assigned to the vanilla skeleton mage.

– Versions prior to 3.05 were voiced by Jay33721

18 thoughts on “Skjel the Gray”

  1. I love this guy’s commentary, but he won’t cast anything for me! I also noticed that his spell list changes all the time (if I look at his spell list in AFT). On one save, I gave him chain-lightning as a tweak spell and he cast that, before going in and trying to claw the guy to death. Typically, though, he’ll just rush in and try to play patty cakes with whatever I’m fighting. I’ll see if I can get him to “work”.

    1. Yeah, it has to do with his AI, but any suggestions are welcome. I’ve tried giving him various equipment, spells, etcetera, but none of it worked so I just made him the same as the default skeleton mages.

      1. Hmm, experiencing something similar.
        He is not using any of the default spells, and will “play patty cakes” instead.
        He does equip weapons, but as soon as he enters combat, he will unequip them and start hitting the enemy with his fists.

        I am using AFT like Mrwaltnerbees.

  2. Alas, Skjel’s quest is finished. Both endings (I saved at the point where I had to choose and saw the two endings) were unsatisfactory, but in the end, I think I like Skjel as he is. He may not see it as such, but he does have personality, and there’s no other bag of bones I’d rather haul around than him.

    1. Do you mean Dagri’Lon? Because when we went to see him, nothing happened. I thought of him before, but since nothing happened then I thought I was mistaken. But there is no one else I can think of, and there’s still no reaction when we revisited him.

  3. Really love this guy/thing, really reminds me of Wilbur the Brave, really underrated companion with a great voice and awesome model, sorry if someone else has already asked this, but have any thoughts of including Wilbur or managing to get some ideas on his character model to improve Skjel?

  4. probably not the right place to post this but the quest is buggy for me, the quest marker for “Find the Necromancer Alter” is attached to a dead novice necromancer and never gets completed, when i go back to Riften Korrilan is the only mannequin left and has his “shopkeeper dialogue”, when i tell Skjel to become a shopkeeper he give’s me the jester costume and there is no advancement in the questline

    1. The necromancer doesn’t start out dead (Start Dead box isn’t ticked). Do you have a mod that adds potential hostiles to caves? There’s about 4 or 5 necromancers in that cave, in fact, the GREEN M’s in the picture are them. If none of them got enabled, it would point to an alias not filling.

      Without completing this stage, you might miss out on the context that happens afterward. Yushari and Sadrin meet outside the tailor, explaining the Orc was executed for murdering the High Elf, but no one could find Korrilan’s body.

      There is no advancement in the questline

      The quest literally completes at that stage. This was an early test video, but go to 13:50. The moment he gives you the clothes the quest completes (stage 100).

  5. He is my new favourite follower. Best dialogue in the entire game. <3

    And his quest is appropriately gruesome.

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