Stolen Property


Stolen Property
Quest Giver Vardath
Locations Markarth Warrens, Silverblood Inn, Solitude Docks, Shattered Plank Cave, Rothvine Manor
Prerequisites The Forsworn Conspiracy
Related Quests None
Enemy Level PC x 1.5 Class CombatMageDestruction
Quest ID WarrensQuest Editor ID 021C0F1E
NPCs Vardath, Prompt-But-Bashful, Sergius, Amsien, Boot, The Captain, Ralothi, Fassius, Nobleman, Rothvine Guard
Reward 1000 gold and Vardath available as a mercenary, or a key to a chest in Swindlers Den (contents: 400 gold, 1 flawless emerald, 2 flawless amethysts, 3 flawless diamonds), plus Prompt-But-Bashful as a slave, Amsien freed to later be recruited as a house servant.

In Stolen Property, the player explores the slave trade in Skyrim when asked to help rescue a slave. It has two different locations and multiple outcomes, depending on the player’s choices.

Give a Man Enough Ale and He’ll Give You his Blood for Free
When the player tries to initiate conversation with a distressed beggar in the Markarth Warrens, he commits suicide. A nearby Breton congratulates him on his escape from a life of bondage and considers the fine line between paying such a low wage that subsistence is barely achievable, and slavery. He introduces himself as Vardath, a former slave trader. He adds that someone close to him has made him reconsider the morality of his profession, a woman he wishes to rescue. He invites the player to join him for a drink and makes his way to the Silverblood Inn.

At the inn, he buys the player a drink and explains his current predicament. Though appreciating the moral objections to slavery, he opines that it’s a fact of life and for some a tradition. Getting by on high profits and moral disengagement, everything changed when he discovered a woman he cares deeply about is a slave. Now he plans to rescue her and leave the slave trade, but requires someone to pose as his slave for the purposes of infiltration.


Having outlined the three main roles the majority of slaves fulfil, he invites the player to choose their disguise, or allows them to suggest they pose as a slave buyer if they have the initiation fee (1000 gold). The player is instructed to find their chosen disguise and meet up with him later.

If the player has opted to pose as a slave, Vardath will meet them at the Solitude docks and travel to Shattered Plank Cave, where the slaves perform menial labour and are sorted for auction. If they have chosen to pose as a slave buyer, he will meet them outside Rothvine Manor, where the slave auctions are held.

Shattered Plank Cave
If the player chooses the role of slave, they will be transported by boat to Shattered Plank Cave and find themselves queuing to see The Captain, who will call them over and explain that he’s in charge. After some deliberation, he’ll opt to keep them at the cave while he decides where to place them.

Away from the others, Vardath will confide that he smuggled in some shivs on a previous visit. When a slaver approaches, he issues an order to hand out the bread to the other slaves. Having distributed the shivs under this pretence, he will move onto the next stage of his plan; to start a riot and stop the slave boat from departing. He’ll ascend a ramp and kill the guard at the top, then share his plan to kill The Captain and his archer from this vantage point. He invites the player to take the shot if they wish.

With The Captain killed, the slavers will turn hostile, and the prisoners will follow the Dragonborn and fight them. Lowering bridges and running to the other side of the cave, the player will come to the boat and find an Argonian slave called Prompt-But-Bashful, who’ll join the group. Vardath will observe that the woman he wishes to rescue is nowhere to be found, and suggest finding an exit.

Outside, the freed slave Amsien will remark that Vardath and one of the Imperial slaves stayed behind in the cave. Returning, the player will discover Vardath asking the Imperial if his name is Sergius, informing him that he’s there to kill him for stealing from his employer. The player is given the choice to kill Vardath or let him kill Sergius. If the player chooses to kill Vardath, a relieved Sergius will give them the key to his chest in Swindlers Den. Alternatively, allowing Sergius to be killed will cause Vardath to give a 1000 gold share of his fee and the ability to later hire him as a mercenary for 500 gold. Vardath will explain that he’s a hired killer who manipulated the Dragonborn with an emotionally compelling and fictional story.

Back outside the cave, Vardath will say that he’s heading back to the Silverblood Inn, and invite the player to join him for a drink. Amsien will head to the Riverside Shack where the Dragonborn can later recruit him as a house servant.

Rothvine Manor
Alternatively, should the player choose to play the role of a slave buyer, Vardath will instruct them to wear fine clothes, bring 1000 gold, and meet him outside Rothvine Manor. On meeting, he’ll direct the player inside and suggest they participate in the auction to dispel any doubts of their identity. Meanwhile, he’ll remain outside and chat to one of the guards.

Inside, a slave auction is in progress. After taking a seat, Ralothi the auctioneer will invite the player to commence the bidding on an Argonian maid. If the player chooses to participate, an outright high bid will win her for 2000 gold, while offering 500 gold will entice two nobles to start bidding and raise the winning bid to 3000.

Prompt-But-Bashful and Ralothi

Returning outside, the player discovers that Vardath has killed both of the guards and disguised himself in one of their outfits. He shares his plan to pose as guards to gain entry to the slave pen, and directs the player to loot the other dead guard and wear their Rothvine armour.

If the player rejects his plan and declares they’d rather kill him, he’ll attack them. On returning to the manor, the auctioneer will ask about the commotion, and depending on the player’s response will either turn hostile along with the rest of the staff, or thank them, refund their initiation fee and waive any costs incurred during the auction.

If following Vardath’s plan, the player must approach the guard at the door to the slave enclosure and persuade him to grant them access. Failing will cause all the staff to attack. The player will then need to loot the key from one of the corpses and either assign Prompt-But-Bashful to one of their houses or grant her freedom.

Once inside the room with the slaves, Vardath will ask one of them if his name is Sergius, explain he’s been hired to kill him for stealing from his employer, and draw his dagger. The player can choose to kill Vardath and be rewarded with the key to Sergius’ chest in Swindlers Den, or allow Vardath to carry out his assassination and be given 1000 gold and the ability to later hire him as a mercenary.

Sergius and Vardath

If Vardath is killed, Ralothi will ask what happened and depending on the response, either refund their initiation fee and any costs, or attack the player with the rest of the staff.

If allowed to live, Vardath will remind the player that they can go to a room upstairs to change back into their fine clothes and pay Fassius the accountant for any slave they’ve bid on, allowing them to assign Prompt-But-Bashful to one of their houses or set her free. With that done, they can decide whether to dress as a guard and sneak back out unchallenged, or kill the staff and free the remaining slaves.

Outside, Vardath will explain his ruse and suggest the player join him for a drink at the Silverblood Inn, where he can be found from now on. If liberated, Amsien will take up residence at the Riverside Shack in the Eastmarch hold, later asking the player to escort him to Darkwater crossing and offering the chance to recruit him as a house servant.

– A letter from one of Gabania’s men can be found in the Rothvine Manor slave room, suggesting he runs the Skyrim slave trade.
– Depending on how the player initially asks who Vardath is, he will tell them that either his Mother or his Lover is the slave he wishes to free.

Stolen Property  (WarrensQuest)
Stage Information
0 Talk to the beggar at the Warrens in Markarth.
30 Follow Vardath to the Silverblood Inn.
42 Find wench or barkeeper clothes and meet Vardath at the Solitude docks.
44 Find miners clothes and meet Vardath at the Solitude docks.
46 Find farm or merchant clothes and meet Vardath at the Solitude docks.
48 Find fine clothes and meet Vardath outside Rothvine Manor.
80 Attend the auction.
90 Take a seat at the auction.
160 Speak to Vardath.
170 Equip the Rothvine guard armour and return to the manor.
180 Convince the guard to give you access to the locked room.
200 (optional) Kill Vardath before he executes the Imperial.
220 Speak to the Imperial slave.
309 Stand before The Captain.
310 Follow Vardath.
319 Retrieve the shivs.
320 Pass the shivs to the slaves.
350 Kill The Captain.
360 Stop the boat from departing.
369 Speak to Vardath.
370 Escape from Shattered Plank Cave.
380 Find Vardath.
500 Kill Vardath.
510 Speak to the auctioneer.

46 thoughts on “Stolen Property”

  1. With serana as an extra follower she will not leave shattered plank cave? She will follow if I go back in the cave,but not leave?

    1. Well, that means the navmeshes are finalized and done correctly, if NPCs can enter/exit, although I’ll do it again just to be sure. Could be a conflict with another mod that alters the exterior, but if that were the case then everyone would be affected, dunno. I’d suggest teleportation.

  2. If I try to teleport serana it creates two (place at me) she is not a proper follower (just asked to followe while I hade anouther follower)

  3. Really enjoyed this quest, great job! When the time came to make a choice I let Vardath live and I’m really glad I did. His voice actor is fantastic. I get a real sense that this character is laid back; that he’d rather be slammin’ an ale in a busy pub then doing dirty deeds for dirt cheap. We slum around from time to time and he’s impressive with his bow, but truth be told I keep him around because his cries of pain and complaining in combat make me giggle. That’s not strange, is it? :3c

    Oh also is there any way to get Amsien to wear something nicer when he becomes a servant? I tried reverse pick pocketing and even console commands, but he just didn’t want to take his rags off and put on some normal clothes. It’s not that important of course, just an aesthetic thing for role play purposes and I was curious.

    1. Glad you like it, make sure to try the Rothvine Manor route as well if you haven’t already. Amsien is like any normal NPC, perhaps I can try out a trade mechanic or something, not sure how that would work though if he isn’t a follower.

      My suggestion would be a mod that allows you to dress people.

      1. Ha ha! Victory! Turns out I was using the wrong command like a derp. Using equipitem forced some decent clothing onto him. That finicky feline can’t stop me now!

  4. I can’t give a shiv to Boot. I enter dialog with him, but he does not say his line and my dialog option is unclickable. I’ve tried waiting and reloading but nothing helps. Because I can’t fight at this point, I can’t punch him or otherwise interact with him to get him out of whatever loop he is in.

  5. I adore this mod. It adds so many awesome NPCs to the game and make it so much more interactive and interesting.

    I have had trouble with this quest though. I decided to be a slave, so I got my tavern clothes and spoke to Vardath. He tells me to get on the boat, then the game either becomes unresponsive (and the loading screen lasts forever. Task manager says it’s not responding) or the game crashes. It autosaved after the boat ride, but the same perpetual load screen. Is there anything I can do?

  6. I get CTD after I met Vardath at solitude docks and get on the boat to continue the quest.
    any clues on what causing it?
    I don’t have any mods listed as incompatible to 3DNPC.

      1. thank you for the quick reply (^_^)
        I’m not sure about the ‘new memory mod’, but I do have SSME and ENBoost installed.
        and i tried the command coc 3dnpc_17 it still crashes me to desktop ;(

        regarding my pc, here is my spec
        i7 2600
        4GB of ram
        AMD HD 6950 2gb of VRAM

        well :( I guess I should try to troubleshoot it myself in case there are other mods that conflicts it.
        thank you again <3 love 3Dnpc ^_^

  7. i have a problem, i started this quest and i get barkeeper clothes and nothing’s happening, Vardath.has no dialogue, and the quest’s stage is 50 i dont know what to do

  8. i have a problem, i started this quest and i get barkeeper clothes and nothing’s happening, Vardath.has no dialogue, and the quest’s stage is 50 i dont know what to do

    1. You’re supposed to meet Vardath at the docks in Solitude. If you aren’t near the docks, the dialogue won’t show up. I’m not clear where you are atm, but I’m guessing that’s the reason.

        1. the log is completed at stage 260 when you speak to vardath at the docks.

          when you get teleported to the cavern, a scene will start upon arrival. Vardath will say “this is the place…”

          and the captain will interview Boot, then interview you next. Basically the quest log doesn’t need to be updated until after you finish the interview and follow Vardath to the kitchen.

        1. you need to give more specifics. type “sqv warrensquest” and tell me what stage you are on.

          the same stage that teleports you to the cavern also starts the scene. The scene will set the objective to stand before the captain. Of course, if you just walk in front of the captain, a trigger box will cause him to forcegreet.

          in other words, even without the scene the quest advances. but if you’re still unsure of what to do next, tell me what stage you’re on and i’ll walk you through it.

  9. As a redguard I’d like to wear some oriental dancer instead of the wench / barkeeper clothes.
    So I’ve changed the keywords via TES5edit to ArmorClothing, VendorItemClothing, ClothingBody and ClothingPoor (those of the ClothesWenchClothes01) and been told wearing the wrong clothes.

    Would someone mind telling me which keywords should be used?


    1. The dialogue checks to see if you’re equipping the vanilla wench/barkeeper clothes actually. For immersion purposes, remember that you’re supposed to dress to their specifications, not yours.

      Ultimately it’s not terribly important, it just alters the dialogue somewhat. The main difference is between slave buyer(noble/fine clothes) vs. potential slave(miner/wench/etc), as it completely changes the 2nd half of the quest.

  10. I played ‘stolen property’ last night. I didn’t read any spoilers first. I went to the boat as a pretend slave whore, which was nice. It was obvious Vardath was lying (as it’s meant to be) but I was a hero there to kill slavers and rescue slaves so it didn’t matter. Waiting in a queue and saying the right things to the captain was a great moment in the game, one of so many in this great addon.

    I thought it was odd that my weapons weren’t confiscated on entry, perhaps something like the Cidhna mine removal would be more fitting?

    Secondly, when Vardath was about to kill the imperial at the end, I wasn’t aware that I had a choice to let him do it. It felt like the game ordered me to kill Vardath, and kill him quickly.

    Anyway, I love the addon, you’ve added so many hours of fun to the game so a huge thank you to Kris and the voice actors. Make more missions quickly, I’ve nearly done them all! :-)

    1. thanks, vardath is the one who “patted you down,” hence no need to remove weapons. I can add an (optional) to the objective so it’s more clear.

      edit: looks like optional is there already. anyhow, glad you liked the quest, it’s definitely one of my favorites, be sure to try the rothvine manor route as well, completely different tone/experience I think.

  11. Vardath isn’t going to either the docks or Rothvine (depending on which i go with). When I get to Rothvine the only way I can get him there is via the console, from there he’ll do his dialogue, but once again I need to use the console to update the quest. Basically, no scripts involving him from the moment I talk to him at the Inn are firing. The auctioneer still does his thing, but Vardath doesn’t update

    1. it sounds like you’ve skipped something along the way. you can’t get into the auction house if vardath isn’t there first.

      Both routes have been tested and completed many times, so whatever is causing his package to hold up must be unique to your situation. Perhaps there’s a navmesh conflict with another mod, or maybe something wacky happened and he’s stuck in an earlier scene.

      Without a video, it’s hard to tell. My suggestion is to play the quest normally, and when you get to the point where Vardath isn’t showing up, type “Sqv Warrensquest” so I can see if you’re on the proper stage. Moreover, you can teleport to Vardath with “player.moveto REFID” and see exactly where he is. Maybe he’s on his way and you just need to wait, maybe he’s stuck at the inn. I just need more information as from my end it looks set up correctly, and I can’t replicate the behavior.

  12. I’m having trouble starting this quest. I’ve gone to the Warrens, checked in every hour, but I don’t see Vardarth or the Beggar (I do see a silent Jeerah-Nur, though). I’m level 13, and I’ve initated the Forsworn Conspiracy but not finished it, if that’s relevant.

    1. Also, I just installed it two or three days ago so it should be fully updated. I tried to find Vardarth by using the console command “player.moveto xx1c0f1c” but it told me “Item ‘cc1c0f1c’ not found for ObjectReferenceID.”

      1. Okay, so I finished the Forsworn Conspiracy (and levelled up to level 14) and then talked to Kleppr and he initiated the quest. I don’t know if I just missed that dialogue option before. i guess it all worked out.

  13. If you hire Vardath before leaving the cave on the slave version of the quest, you’ll have to dismiss him outside of the cave before he can say his final bit of dialogue to end the quest. It then wouldn’t let me rehire him.

  14. On my game, I’ve got Vardath stuck in the inn. I cannot inititate any diologue. I traveled to the Solitude docks but he won’t leave the inn. I’m on stage 50. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

    1. ah, didn’t see this message. you still should be going to the new site though.

      anyways, try clicking on him via the console and “resetai” or disable/enable him. His AI package indeed goes to the docks at stage 50. Perhaps he got stuck in a scene that didn’t finish, in which case try teleporting him to the docks.

  15. I can’t interact with boot to give him his shiv. Talking will open the dialog window, but the give him the shiv is un clickable.

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