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Oh look, they use a soul gem trap to light the candles. And I thought I was lazy.

Some say children are like arrows. You send them out into the world, and they end up in the arms of bandits.

This place is freezing. If I see one more bandit with his shirt off I say we ask them their secret before killing them.

Bandits are always complaining about their illegitimate children.
If only they knew we were about to kill them, they wouldn’t whine so much about the little things.

Danger ahead. About twenty, no thirty of them! Oh gods wait, there’s even more higher up!
I’m talking about steps of course. There can’t be more than a half a dozen Forsworn.
But killing them should be easy. Climbing those steps…now that’s murder.

Wow, so we’re going to try and cage a dragon in Dragonsreach? Before the only thing trapped there was the Jarl’s servants.



Hey, I got you something. I hope you like it.

Well, I do like receiving gifts. Hopefully this is the start of a trend.

(alternate) Of course, I love it! I’m sure I’ll love it even more when I figure out what it does. But for now, let’s enjoy the mystery.

scene 2

I found something for you.

You did? I hope it isn’t a mudcrab like that last time.

Some pretty flowers. I picked them all by myself.

Oh good, flowers are relatively harmless. In fact, we might be able to sell these to the alchemist for a profit.
Then we’ll use that gold to buy you toys. This way, you can’t make me feel guilty. After all, you’re an accomplice.

Okay, I can’t wait!

I think I’m getting the hang of this parenting thing.

scene 3


It appears we have more fools to slay. And these ones are living in comfort. It only weakens them.

Forsworn inhabit this rock. It was once a grand fortress, and now it is covered in sores. Let us cleanse its skin of their filth.

The crones who inhabit this tower are soothsayers. They saw your coming, and with it, their own miserable deaths.

This plan will work because Alduin flees. No general would remain loyal to such a cowardly king.


says “Fornsin” instead of Forsworn I think

That was a good fight, my Thane! The Red Eagle was very tall for a Breton. No wonder the Forsworn looked up to him.

It looks like the ruins of an old fort. We must be getting warmer. Literally.

Hags and Forsworn live here. We should be careful climbing up these steps, my liege. One false move and it will be raining sticks and stones.

I can’t believe they turned the dining area into an enchanting table. These hags could learn a thing or two about decorating.

You know, I’ve been in a cage or two myself, but never one so big as Dragonsreach. This dragon should feel right at home. Provided he doesn’t burn it down.



Down here, Giant!
You’re too slow!
I’ll chop you into scraps, machine!
Over here, you metal beast!
Agh! These crawlies are everywhere!
Stupid spiders!
I’ll skin you alive, wolf!
You fight as bad as you smell, troll!
Just try and hit me you overgrown ape!
(Wolves) They’re fast! Watch out for their bite!
Damn you, troll!
Wolves hunt in packs! Don’t let them surround you!
This is the end, Falmer!
Come on little goblin! Let’s go!
Sabrecats! Watch for their lunges!
My liege, look out for their spit!
Careful, their bite is poison!
Have a bite of my steel, Chaurus!
I’m going to crush you, bug!
Warlock! Ignore any summons! Focus on the mage!
You won’t put me in a cage, warlock!
Watch for the archer! Take cover if you have to!

Combat to Normal
Good work, my liege.
And that’s the last of them.
We make such a good team!
I think I might’ve hurt my wrist. No, wait, it was that one’s head.
That’ll teach them.
That was fun. Fighting is a good way to lose weight. Except if you lose. Then it’s very, very bad.
Phew! That was close.
All right, the way’s clear. Let’s keep moving.
By Talos, that was intense. Now I’m thirsty.
Another battle, another victory for my hero and his faithful charge.
That should take care of them.
Looks like that was the last of them. But we should be cautious in case there are others.
We grow stronger with each fight. At least, I like to think so.
I think I’m getting better. I probably only got a handful of scars from this fight.
Now, what was I gonna say? Before I got interrupted. Oh, never mind.
That was a good workout.
Looks like that’s the last of them. We really make for a deadly pair.
I think I learned something from that fight. Don’t get hit.
That’s it. On to the next battle. Or maybe the next inn.
That was a very tough fight. I think even my scars have scars.



On second listen, I think we should update SOME (but not all) of the base files gradually along with the new stuff. No more than a dozen at a time, slowly but surely. The opening and maybe some of the quest dialogue. The idle commentary is fine. 

1a. What do you want, stranger? I don’t have time for chit-chat.

“Ch” in chaurus like chocolate 

1b. What do you want, stranger? I have a date with the marsh, and the chaurus that call it home.

Just passing through.
2.  Then pass. Be like the wind. At least it has the courtesy not to speak.

The marsh is dangerous. You should not delve into it as you do.
3.  What chivalry! Perhaps you’ll also fetch me a bib, so that I don’t stain my tunic when I vomit at your words.

I wanted to meet the one who braves the marsh.
4. And I am honored to meet one so thick as to think this pond is a marsh.

Thought I’d say hello before you became Chaurus chow.
5.  Ha! Don’t worry, I’ll makes sure your cousin gets plenty of exercise before he chews my leg off.

Forgive my impertinence. I would simply like to know your name.
6.  And the politeness continues! Perhaps I am speaking with a noble! My apologies, my lord!
7. Ha! Don’t worry traveler, I meant no offense. There are simply so many bandits here in Skyrim, and such few persons of character.
8. As for my name, my clan once knew me as Anum-La, but fighting folk call me The Swamp Knight.

You’re bold. I’d like to know your name so I can carve it on your headstone.
9.  Ha! Then let me make sure you carve it correctly. I apologize for giving you such a hard time. But you adventurers make such easy targets.
10.  Greetings, brave traveler. My clan once knew me as Anum-La. The fighters I stand beside, however, call me The Swamp Knight.

New lines

Don’t know what he wanted, but that Psijic gave me a cold shiver up my scales. Well, I got off easy. I think Ancano went off to change his diaper!

All these goons and locked doors must make this bandit feel real safe. But as of right now, his ransoming days are over.

You sure we should let this Fjola live? She is a murdering, kidnapping bandit after all. But at least she was kind enough to talk to us first!

With his wife dead, Christer probably attacked you knowing you’d kill him. Some people will follow you to the void if they have to.

A warm fire, wine and cheese. Looks like whoever runs this bandit crew isn’t too bright. You never want your sentries to feel comfortable.

These bandits should be thanking us! By the looks of these barrels, if we hadn’t come along they would’ve starved to death!

Look at that table. It reminds me of a story Moon-Tail told me, about a bard with severed hands who conjured them back to life to play the flute.
Of course, I didn’t believe him. But unlike these bandits, I wasn’t drunk on skooma!

Another archer on the walkway. Looks like the way up is to the right. Sounds like a group of them talking, we may be able to catch ’em off guard.

So these bandits just tossed their leader into the pit? You’d think even the lowliest of companies would show a little more respect.

I get that he’s a necromancer, but what do you mean you never saw eye to eye?

Your aunt was a true knight, Golldir. It took a lot of courage to come in here alone. Even more to leave you behind.

Be ready, traveler. There’ll likely be more Draugr inside. Necromancers are too cowardly to fight on their own.

I like the way this Redguard thinks. Charge ahead, take ’em down, and sort out the pieces.

These aren’t ordinary bandits, traveler. It takes guts to kill a mammoth. Be ready for a fight.

A passageway like this is a double-edged sword. It’s a good escape route, but it’s also an open invitation to assassins.

I’ve heard about these bandits. They use these rocks to trap and kill peddlers. Now, we could find another route, but I say this way’s more fun.

They say it took thousands of men to slay the Red Eagle. I almost want to see him come back, just to see how we measure up.

So the Red Eagle was just another Draugr. I’ve almost gotten used to their shouts, although I can’t say the same for their breath!

I’d burn this altar down, but who knows, that might be what activates whatever dark magic is inside it. Best to just leave it be.

I’ve heard rumors of these Afflicted. Supposedly, instead of weapons, they just spit gobs of green bile at you. Ha! That almost makes me homesick!

These poor fools. The problem isn’t that their God forsook them, it’s that they chose a Daedric Prince to be their a God.

So if I understand this right, they built this grand arena and made a sport where people try to open this treasure chest.
Except when somebody gets close, some guy, sitting in that throne up there, pulls a lever and they get sliced to ribbons.
And I’m supposed to believe the Dwemer were an advanced race?

So these Afflicted, they just pour the slime on a table and breathe it in? You’d think they’d at least use a bowl.

Well, that takes care of the Elf. Let’s get some fresh air. Any longer in this place and we’ll have plants coming out of our ears.

So Valdar wants you to take care of this evil for him? Leave it to a ghost to lose his backbone.

What’s this room for? It’s not like the Draugr need a library. But, maybe they wanted a place where their guests could feel comfortable.

It’s hard to imagine Draugr used to be people. It’s even harder to believe there’s people willing to make them.

Get ready, traveler. These Draugr aren’t going to give up that bottle without a fight.

Another day, another ancient evil slain. Give us a year, and we might actually make this world livable!

So Nurelion thinks only a master alchemist can reach the phial? Ha! In my experience, the only thing you need is a strong back and good sword.

The phial may be broken. I hope the old fool doesn’t blame us. But he probably will.

These spiders ought to make for some good exercise. I’d probably kill them for free, but that’s a bad way to make a living.

Dravin’s bow must have a lot of history behind it, and a lot of sentimental value. You did well to find it for him.

Looking at this scene, sometimes I wonder who the real animal is.

Skooma. I’ve seen many an Argonian fall victim to that poison. It takes a strong will to overcome it. Sadly, few ever do.

I can understand why Mjoll misses her sword. Sometimes, losing a good blade is like losing a member of your family.

Will you look at that! A Dwarven city! Shame these Falmer are about to get evicted!

Bears! We should take the fight to them. Don’t want to get bottlenecked here by the entrance.

This conjurer says we’re disrupting her work. Well, I hate to break it to her, but we’re going to do a lot more than that.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this place. Like some dark magic is inside. Then again, I suppose I can say that about every ruin. Still, stay ready.

This cave is too far off the road. The bandits here must be hiding something. Make sure to check every chest.

This looks like where the chief lives. Should we charge ahead, or try and get the drop on them?

Danger up ahead. And by up, I mean, way up! That’s a lot of steps, and a lot of Forsworn coming down them.

There’s some black magic going on here. Let’s just hope that’s animal blood on the table.

So we’re going to trap a fire-breathing dragon in a castle made of wood? It sounds crazy, but then again, you wouldn’t be the first.


Fall to me, Giant!
I’ll cut you down to size!
The bigger they are, the harder they fall!
I’ll turn you into scrap metal!
You’re bleeding oil, machine!
Die you metal monster!
Damn these crawlies!
Blasted spiders!
I’ll tear you apart!
I’ll skin you alive, wolf!
You fight as bad as you smell, troll!
Just try and hit me you overgrown ape!
(Wolves) They’re nimble! Watch yourself!
Watch for their lunges!
(Trolls) Remember, they’re weak to fire!
Take that you big hairy beast!
Watch their fangs! Don’t let them surround you!
Come on you ugly son of a bitch!
They’re quick! But we’re faster!
Let’s dance, Falmer!
Traveler, watch out for their spit!
Have a bite of my steel, Chaurus!
I’m going to squash you like the bug you are!
The void wants its corpse back, mage!
Kill the warlock and the corpses fall with him!
An archer! Raise a shield or take cover!
Ha! You’re going to need a bigger weapon! And a new arm to swing it!

Combat to Normal
Ha! They never learn.
That takes care of these guys. Here’s hoping they have friends!
That’s the last of them.
Good work, traveler. On to the next fight.
Well trained means you fight well.
Another day, another victory. Never gets old.
All right. On to the next challenge.
A good fight always gets the blood flowing.
Area clear.
We got ’em.
Doesn’t look like there’s any more.
Way’s clear. Let’s keep moving.
With every victory, we honor the fallen.

Innkeeper scenes

Well traveler, let’s see what this inn has to offer.

My tail’s sore. I could use a drink. And maybe something to eat.

All right, let’s see what they got here.

This inn doesn’t look too bad. Maybe I’ll order something.

How about a cup of water, and some dried fish for the road. It never hurts to be prepared.

I’m as hungry as a werecroc. Give me a steak and a side of stew.

Just fill my flagon with wine and let me have at it.

Is there anything that doesn’t have bread or cheese? What’s on the menu?

I’m in the mood for some soup. What are you serving today?

On second thought, I think I’ll pass.

Never mind, I’ve brought a few things with me.

Can you remind me again what you serve here?

Hm…give me some more time to think about it.

All right, I’ll just have some ale then.

(Night to Remember) It seems I got drunk and lost control.
Ha! So there’s something in this world stronger than you after all. Don’t worry, traveler, your secret’s safe with me.

The priestess mentioned something about marriage and a goat. Sound familiar to you?
Maybe it’s a joke. I know when Arnwulf woke up from one of his drunken hazes, we’d always tell him some crazy story.
Of course, the funny thing is, half the time the truth was even worse! So you might not wanna find out.

What do you think Sam’s intention was?
Don’t know. But whatever he gave you didn’t kill you, so just be glad for that.

What do you think was in that drink?
Don’t know. Don’t think I want to. But if I’ve learned anything, it’s not to trust strange men bearing strange gifts.

Hellos with new mic
What is it?
Something I can do for you?
The swamps are dangerous at night. Lucky for us, there’s no swamps in Skyrim!



So the plan is to trap a dragon in the Jarl’s keep? Wow, I feel just like Olaf One-Eye! Except with twice the vision and half the hair!


I got you a present, Ma. I hope you like it.

Wow, this is for me? Thank you! And to think Aunt Karina said I was doing a poor job raising you.

scene 2

I found something for you.

You did? What did you get?

Some pretty flowers. I picked them all by myself.

You know your mother too well. I’ll make sure to put them where everyone can see them!
Although I guess that would be outside…well, don’t worry, your mother will figure it out!


Dragonsreach won’t make for much of a dungeon, but I guess you don’t need locks if the dragon can’t pick them.



I got you a present, Ma. I hope you like it.

Well, isn’t that sweet. Did you make this by yourself? You’ve got your mother’s hands, that’s for sure.

scene 2

I found something for you.

Really? What did you get?

Some pretty flowers. I picked them all by myself.

Thank you dear. It means a lot. But remember, a good blacksmith knows what type of armor best suits her client.




 (Companions Quest) What are your thoughts on the Companions and the Circle?
207.  I am pleased you asked.  There appears to be a divide in the Hall of Jorrvaskr between those who embrace the wolf, and those who shun it.
208.  To me, this divide is merely a product of perspective.   For when you see Hircine as evil, to serve him is tantamount to slavery.
209.  Another might say Hircine serves his hunters, by providing them with a purpose, and an eternity of prey.
210.  If Sovngarde is a mead hall of drink and festivities, I imagine someone like Aela would find it a chore.
211.  Such is the diversity of mortals. Sovngarde may be a utopia for some, but for others it is an Oblivion, a nightmare from which there is no escape.

True. I would go mad if I had to live in a mead hall for the rest of my life.
212.  So it is safe to say that you have no desire to spend eternity in Sovngarde.  But is it the Hunting Grounds of Hircine you seek?
213.  One with your destiny can choose from many paths, but in the end, there is no clear solution.
214.   This is the fate of mortals in life and in death. We must make decisions based on incomplete information, from a group of imperfect choices.

You can’t trust Hircine.  You’d agree if you didn’t fall and bang your head.
215.  It was a hard fall, yes, but I assure you, my mind has never been so clear.
216.  Consider, for instance, the difference between a domesticated hound and a feral dog.
217.  One is free to hunt, but if he fails he will starve.  The other never hungers, but roams only where his master commands.
218.  Both are free, and yet neither can act freely.  In life and in death, there is no perfect choice.  There is only what is right for yourself.

I just want power in this life.  I’ll worry about the next when I’m dead.
219.  Ah, but it is this life which determines your path to the next.  The two are connected, one constantly influencing the other.
220.  For Kodlak, the anxiety of death altered his path in life.  For you, your myopic view of life will determine your path in death.
221.  After all, a wolf must serve Hircine for eternity.  One can seek a cure before their death, but few among us know when that day will come.

It may be a gift to some, but it’s a curse to me.
222.  I disagree that it is a curse, for that word carries with it a negative connotation.
223.  It is simply another option, one that is not suitable for you and a few of your Shield-Siblings.
224.  We should not disparage those who choose it, however, for in the end there are many paths, but no clear solution.

The blessing of Hircine is a gift.  You ought to try it.
225.   I thank you, my friend, but I am no hunter.  I do not long for mead halls or hunting grounds, but perhaps there is a place for me elsewhere.
226.   This is not to disparage your choice, for in the end there are many paths, but no clear solution.

227.  This rogue mage Stalleo speaks of is nowhere to be found, but the evidence is overwhelming.  Whoever lived here was no ordinary enchanter.

228.  The man has reclaimed his castle, yet his life is in shambles.  The rogue mage has won, even when he has lost.

229.  Kodlak insists his predecessor was tricked, but I am not sure.  One does not make a contract with witches that is so one-sided.

230.  There she is.  A bird of Hircine.  And she is alone.  It seems this flock does not fly as one.  This is to our advantage.

231.  The timing of Kodlak’s death is tragic, and curious.  One wonders if Hircine set the Silver Hand in motion, so that he could claim his vassal.

232.  The Companions grieve, and they weep.  Because death is always unexpected, even when it is the one thing we can all expect.

233.  Kodlak has made many choices, but his fate will be decided by his choice of Companions.  Let us see where they stack up against the original ones.

234.  You are now the Harbinger.  You are the leader, and yet no Companion answers to anyone.  It is a system that mimics the very world we live in.

235.  So you aim to join the Thieves Guild.  Many are quick to disparage the role of the thief, but do not include the locksmith or the guard among them.

236.  One wonders just how far the Thieves Guild has fallen, if two vagrants were planning to undermine it.

237.  The first test for any new member is more than a test of aptitude.  These thieves wish to test your ability to do the unsavory.  To face your victim.

238.  It is natural for the owner of Goldenglow Estate to rebel, given Maven’s actions and how weak the Guild is.  He could not have foreseen your arrival.

239.  They say that the world of business is very cutthroat.  One wonders if Maven Black-Briar takes this term literally.

240.  The balance of any potion, whether it is mead or medicine, is very delicate. The  poison will alter the composition just enough to avoid suspicion.

241.  Every action has a consequence.  When the Arch-Mage casts a madman out, he may quarantine his school, but he poisons the world.

242.   Mercer insists this mystery backer slipped up, but looking at the bill of sale, there was no need to mention the agent by name, even by an alias.

243.  At last, our broker has a name.  Karliah.  Perhaps Mercer will be able to fill in the rest.

245.  It appears your fate is now tied to Karliah’s.  To prove her innocence is to prove your own.

246.  (Whispers) The guards are many.  Stay calm, and wait for the opportunity to open.

247.  Mercer has quite the audacity if he defiles Nocturnal’s temple.  A mortal with a God complex is his own worst enemy.

248.  How does one pick an unbreakable lock?  To know the solution, one simply must ask, how does any miracle happen?  The answer is quite clear.

249.  It seems Mercer has been plotting for some time, but Karliah’s presence has hastened his plans.  Let us hope his haste causes him to falter.

250.  So this is Nightingale Hall.  It is…understated, yet a powerful visual nonetheless.  A perfect hideout for the servants of Nocturnal.

(Thieves Guild) Is what Karliah said about Nocturnal true?
251.   That she revels in your suffering and your success?  That she is as capricious as the wind?
252.  Yes, it is all true, and all lies.  She is a paradox.  She despises those who worship her, but punishes those who neglect.
253.  She will grant you her blessing but mock those who rely on it.  Such is the mantra of the thief, and the way of the shadow.
254.  And yet through the chaos there is purpose.  Those who follow Nocturnal learn self-reliance, but also learn respect.

Sounds like she’s just lazy to me.
255.  (Laughs) If I were you, I would not say that in front of her.  The capricious are also known to be vindictive.

Well, I plan on worshipping her forever whether she likes it or not.
256.  If you seek Nocturnal’s favor, that is not the way.  Clutch the bird too tightly, and it will suffocate. Clutch it too lightly, and it will fly away.

I understand.  Respect the darkness, but don’t depend on it.
257.  Yes, for all darkness is temporary, as ephemeral as Nocturnal’s favor.

I don’t care for Nocturnal. Karliah thought it was necessary so I played along.
258.  Still, you formed the trinity, if not for your own sake, but for the others.  Nocturnal’s influence is an important part of their lives.

I did this for the Guild.  Luck has been hard to come by.
259.  So you admit that Nocturnal’s power holds sway over the darkness.  It is not a corrupting force, however.  The act of stealing is not always a crime.

Nocturnal.  Does she remind you of a parable?
260.  Yes. As Nocturnal is the Goddess of the Dark, I am reminded of the story of the young child who wandered too far from home.
261.  Lost and alone, the child followed the northern star, knowing it would guide her back to the village by the shore.
262.  Yet on the way, she found herself in a peculiar garden.  Suddenly, all around her were tiny wonders.
263.  There were torchbugs and luna moths, and flowers that seem to light up like candles in the shadow of the blood moon.
264.  As she was fearful of the dark, she did not stay.  Yet by the time she made her way home, she vowed to return to the garden the next morning.
265.  Only when she did, she was ultimately disappointed.  For while her fears were washed away by the light, so too was the mystery.

266.  Ah, the three of you are safe.  The cave collapsed, and I feared it did not bode well for your escape.

267.  You have 3 choices regarding the skeleton key. You can return it, keep it, or wait until it has exhausted its use.  Nocturnal awaits your decision.

268.  How about a drink?  The night is still young, and even a monk desires a spirit every now and then.

269.  In a short time, the callow thief has become the guildmaster. Yet if one only looks only at the calendar, he ignores the depth of experiences within.

270.  Whiterun is the very fulcrum of Skyrim.  If a dragon attacks here, all will know.  There will be no denying they have returned.

271.  Moons protect us!  The tower…it’s been completely obliterated!

272.  Ah, so now the other piece falls into place.  On one side, the return of the dragons.  And to balance it, the rise of the dragonborn.

273.   You have slain a dragon, become Thane of Whiterun, and now the Greybeards have called you.  Truly, the winds of fate swirl around you.

274.   I have heard the Greybeards do not like to alter the course of history.  But to do nothing is an act that has just as many consequences.

275.  Ivarstead.  To reach the Greybeards, we must climb the 7,000 steps.  An overwhelming number to be sure, but all journeys begin and end with one.

276.  Dried fish, salted meats…Klimmek’s food reminds me of my days as a monk.

277.  It is odd that Greybeards are in favor of letting you skip the mental training.  For that is what gives you the discipline to control your power.

(The Way of the Voice) Being here must bring back some memories of your days as a monk.
278.  Yes, it does. We did not have 7,000 steps mind you, but the monastery was perched high.
I do not know if my fondness for fish was a result of my longing for those halcyon days, or if the fish itself gave me nostalgia for the mundane.

It’s probably because you’re a cat.  Cats like fish.
279.  I do not think so.  The Khajiit are desert people, Dragonborn, and there are very few fish that swim through sand.
280.  Many, of course, prefer a different kind of fishing altogether, but Stendarr willed that I take a less traditional path.

What sort of fish do you like best?
281.  It is difficult to choose.  The other monks preferred the salmon, as did I, when all we did was salt the fish.
282.  Yet in my travels across Tamriel, I tasted a longfin seared with onions, parsley, fresh garlic, and a squeeze of lemon, and I thought that was best.
283.  And so on and so forth, from raw to cooked, from the River Betty to the tuna and back to the salmon.  So, I will say the best is yet to come.

People recall the past fondly, but it used to be the present, and that’s awful.
284.  Not so, my friend.  Today I was able to spend the day with the Dragonborn, as we made the journey to High Hrothgar.
285.   It was unlike any other day that has ever been lived, and when the future comes, I will look on this day as fondly as my days as a monk, if not more.

I like to reminisce as well.  About all the throats I’ve cut.
286.  The Gods made you what you are, and it cannot be helped.
287.  Just know that while you dream of the past, there are those who dream of a day when the throat that’s cut is yours.

I try not to think about the past myself.  It’s too depressing.
288.  Yet, your past disappointments keep you humble, and help balance the events of the present, when you have every reason to be arrogant.
289.  This is why the Aedra and Daedra have saw fit to make you their champion.  You accept power, but you do not necessarily seek it.

290.  As the conjurers and the Draugr fight each other, it seems our path is made easier, but the survivor of this arena will be a formidable foe.

291.  The first was a test of speed.  Is this the same, or does it require cunning? The Greybeards would not have sent you here without the answer.

292.  Simply magnificent!  A fitting mausoleum for the founder of the Greybeards.  Only a handful of mortals will ever witness what we are now seeing.

293.  The Horn is in Riverwood then.  Despite all the trials that required the Whirlwind Sprint, it seems we are still one step behind.

294.  It appears the dragons are multiplying, but so are those who seek to vanquish them.  Now with Delphine, you have another ally.

295.  While ostensibly you work alone, there will be many guests at the Embassy from all parts of Skyrim. Perhaps you will find another ally among them.

296.  You escaped the Embassy…walked right into the belly of the whale, and came out clean on the other side.  Hmm…perhaps that is not the best analogy.

297.  Brilliance and insanity are partners in the same dance.  When speaking with Esbern, we can only wonder which of the two will lead.

298.  In a time like this, one must take only what is needed.  One must not let temptation distort this fact.

Generic Combat lines
299.  I can take you!
300.  Why won’t you die already!
301.  You’re outmatched!
302.  You won’t get away!
303.  You don’t stand a chance!
304.  Think you can take me, Orc?
305.  I’ll skin you alive, cat!
306.  Say hello to Ysmir for me, Nord!

307. Come on, is that all you’ve got?
308.  Do your worst!
309.  Agh!  Bastard!
310.  Ugh, you fiend!
311.  You need to do better than that!

Dragon combat
312.  Go back to where you came from, dragon!
313.  Some legend you are!
314.  You’re going to look good mounted on my wall!
315.  I’ll cut right through your scales, monster!

I need to trade some things with you.
316.  Alright, let’s trade.
317.  What do you need me to take?
318.  What do you need?
319.  Of course.  What shall we exchange?
320.  I wish to thank you.  Wisdom is always the best gift, but today this will have to suffice.

Brawl Dialogue
321.  Keep your hands up!
322.  Maintain your balance!
323.  Drive your opponent the ground!
324.  Fight! Fight!

325.  We must be careful when entering an old ruin. Time changes owners, and this Akaviri Temple may be Haven to something far more sinister than the sky.

326.  The problem with the Greybeards and the Blades is their adherence to absolutes. It makes things difficult when they need each other’s counsel.

327.  And so we ascend the mountain once more, for the world demands a savior, just as it demands to be consumed.

328. An ancient ruin frozen solid. Thus this once great temple is preserved, even as it is destroyed.

329.  A spider den. We must be cautious, for the hasty fly will soon discover it can no longer flap its wings.

330.  There are times when wisdom and madness are two sides of the same coin. If this man were a coin, it would have two tails.

331.  Dwarven machinations are a wonder to behold, but they are dangerous as well. We should not be caught looking.

332.  Alchemy and enchanting tables, fireplaces and dining chairs, and they all face away from the door. Your back is turned from danger, as is your mind.

333.  The music of the Crimson Nirnroot that grows here is both haunting and soothing. It mirrors the very ambiance of this cavern.

334.  These people serve the Falmer. Like their masters before them, they have thrown away their rights as mortals.

335. An Elder Scroll! Incredible! The very nature of duality flows through it, and it will balance our strength against Alduin’s.

336.  The drop is steep, but perhaps if we can climb down the walls, we can avoid learning the hard way if the water is shallow.

337.  So we have trekked through a cave teeming with violence, and have come to a calm. Yet this tableau of serenity belies the danger ahead. Be ready.

338.  Perhaps the Wood Elf here assumed he could tame these wild beasts and make them the guardians of his treasure. But even with magic, wild is wild.

339.  One wonders how many have passed under the watchful gaze of these twin eagles. For them, we are but tomorrow’s history.

340. Interesting that these vampires worship the same master as the dog, yet the two are hostile toward each other. Chaos rules the walls of this shrine.

341.  Ah, so you have spoken to Clavicus Vile. His wishes are said to be cursed, yet perhaps it is the wisher who knows not what he desires.

342. The enchantments on these spiders are but a jester’s trick. Their true power still lies in the poison that drips from their fangs.

343.  A shrine to Julianos. As you can see, it is not only the Daedra who have their ideals twisted by mortals.

345.  The Rueful Axe. Most fathers would be insulted with such a gift. Did the wizard keep it out of fear, greed, or for its intended purpose?

346.  It would seem that Barbas is Vile’s better half, but one can never be certain with Daedra. Chaos by nature means there is no clear choice.

347. This cave paints an interesting picture. The light shines on this dark ritual, to grow the seeds of evil.

348.  When a pack outgrows its food source, the cubs will starve, and the pack will die. Peryite blesses them with disease to balance their numbers.

349.  Meridia’s light is dim without the beacon. We must restore it, so that all will know there are Daedra who espouse the pure.

350.  A foul mist walks these ruins, but it is not the work of Peryite. It does not end life, but corrupts it.

351.  The source of the mist lies ahead. Do you sense it? It is death rising from the ash.

352. This is a spectacular sight. Knowing the ordeals we have endured, Meridia grants us a reprieve, and blesses us with this view of her domain.

353. It seems Meridia has chosen a worthy champion for her blade. Use it well, and use it wisely.

354.  I would like to investigate this Wolfskull cave. When this farmer speaks of the unnatural, he could very well be speaking of the exotic.

355.  It seems I was wrong. This does not appear to be a misunderstood wonder, but rather a dark ritual disguised as something wondrous.

356. These necromancers were blinded by power. Potema cannot be controlled, as her mind is chaos, and chaos is a wildfire that burns without direction.

357.  I am proof that a steep fall is not always such a bad thing. It may lead you to unexpected places.

358.  Like the salmon they fish, the bandits of Orphan’s Tear head straight toward their death, simply out of instinct.

359. Ah, Peryite. One should not cast aspersions on the power of disease. For sometimes it is the infection that provides the cure.


Generic Dungeon Entrance Dialogue
A cave. What will we find, trouble or treasure?
There is a cave here. Perhaps we should enter.
There is a cave up ahead. We should tread carefully.
A cave lies here. Animals, bandits, or maybe both.
Old ruins. Nordic, by the looks of it.
Nord ruins. One wonders how long they have stood.
A Nord ruin.  Thousands of years old.
Old stonework. Filled with gold, traps, and bones.
Ah, look. A cave. What awaits is a mystery we shall soon uncover.
A Dwarven city. Remarkable.
Dwarven ruins. Old cities, old ghosts.
By the Mane, look. A Dwarven city.
Legend says Dwarven ruins are haunted. I suppose there is only one way to find out.

You’ll need to do better than that!
Not quite good enough!




Valgus Idles – These have all the idles plus filenames if you’re going to rename them. I exported using the CK as there was no other way to find them in the massive stack of follower commentary. Should be readable. This doesn’t include commentary that triggers when looking on a wonder, or cave entrance, or potential danger, just the random travel idles.

Download TXT file

Civil War commmentary

Does it bother you that I’ve joined the Stormcloaks?
You’re not a child. I can’t say I’m not disappointed, but you’re free to make your own decisions.

Ulfric may be hungry for power, but his goals are just.
That’s your opinion, and I’ll respect it. I hope you’ll do the same with mine.

It’s not just my decision. It’s the right one.
But whether you’re right or wrong, people die. That’s the one thing that can’t be debated.

Ulfric fights for freedom, and the right to worship the Nine.
I disagree. Many who seek power hide under pretenses that are admirable. Uflric is no different.
A man like that will just as easily strip of you freedoms if they happen to conflict with his own goals.

I’m sorry. It’s just I’m in love with Ulfric and can’t help myself.
I hope you mean you love his ideals. Unless this is your way of asking for a divorce.

Love can make us do foolish things. I’d say this is no exception.

Will you still fight beside me if our opponents are Legion soldiers?
I’d rather you didn’t involve me. But my time as I soldier is over. The only oath I’ve sworn is to you.


Does it worry you that I’ve joined the Legion?
Well, only in that you remind me of how I was. You’re passionate, but at the same time, somewhat naive. But that’s okay.

A strong Empire is our only defense against the Thalmor.
I agree. That’s why Ulfric’s rebellion is so maddening. Still, my larger point is that war itself is an imperfect solution.
It’s something we do because we have to, not because we want to.

Why do you think it’s naive?
I’m sorry, I didn’t mean any offense. It’s just most soldiers enter the army for honor and glory.
But war isn’t something to be proud of. And its effects linger on long past the day you put your sword down.

It’s important we protect the terms of our agreement with the Thalmor.
Yes and no. It’s true we should honor our agreements, or else we’ll lose diplomacy as a tactic.
But the agreement itself is an open wound. Restoring the right to worship is the only way to heal it.

I just want that racist Jarl dead.
Yes, Ulfric must answer for his crimes. But his death will only stop the bleeding. Until Talos worship is restored, I’m afraid this wound will never heal.




some lines for jeerah for a quest, (he taunts you and kills a victim every time you step on a pressure plate)


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