The Breakfast Club by 324b21



i love me some crossovers uhuh


Skjarn by 324b21


It’s fair to say some people hate Skjarn. Okay, most people hate Skjarn. In fact, someone once told me he and a friend started calling their roommate Skjarn as an inside joke, probably because he was a narcissistic douche. Funny thing is, Skjarn was once a roommate of mine too, only I thought he was fucking hilarious.

Alas, that’s a story for another day. Presently we have a fantastic watercolor by 324b21. It has Skjarn doing a hero pose, no doubt stealing a glance at a buxom wench, fully confident the uglies will be bumped later tonight. That is, if Skjarn classified any part of his anatomy as “ugly.” Spoiler alert, he doesn’t.

Valgus by 324b21, LadyGray and Numeriku


Here’s an interesting juxtaposition of Valguses. Valgii? The first, by 324b21, is the younger version, the soldier who fought in the Great War and didn’t know a lick of magic. Wide of eye and full of heart, he’s a bit naive. Simple, even.


In this comic by LadyGray, we have the Valgus you meet in game. Tired eyes and disheveled hair. War-weary.  Able to heal anyone and everyone save himself. So this is him, letting go and embracing his future, literally. Love is like an anime. It’s ridiculous and cheesy and nonsensical but in the end, kind of fun.


And lastly, this one by Numeriku reminds me of an older, wiser Valgus, meditating and doing old people shit. In the game Valgus is probably in his early fifties and deeply depressed, so I think this sketch is probably about a decade after. He seems happier here, almost like a Buddha. Hanging out with the Dragonborn tends to do that.

The Black Door by 324b21


Interesting NPCs used to be a much simpler mod. The goal was to add texture to Skyrim through a cast of colorful and conflicted characters. And at the heart of every character was a backstory, which later became the foundation for future expansions and quests.

So it’s several kinds of awesome to see the backstories drawn. This one by 324b21 takes place in Dawnstar, after a young girl eager to impress her friend slipped and dropped her sword.

Fan Art – Duraz by 324b21


Here is some fan art of Duraz by 324b21, looking fabulous in her red carpet dress. Naturally, you want to accessorize your evening wear with some bracelets and perhaps a sword of some kind, regardless of whether it fits in your purse.

Really though, Duraz does seem like the type to experiment with dresses and such and be totally tsundere about the whole thing. That’s why she’s looking at you askance, to see if you’re judging or admiring. Choose wisely.

Fan Art – Isobel's Date by 324b21


I wish it was possible to set a backstory with an NPC and the Dragonborn through dialogue options. pretty much like in Knights of the Old Republic 2 (If anyone’s familiar with the game, you can set the first game’s protagonist’s fate).

I always pretend that my PC was BFFs with Fjona since they’re both from the Companions, and werewolves. But that could just be wishful thinking. :D


This is how my PC’s first date with Isobel went. Sorry for the eye rape lettering. I expected it to look bigger when posted.


“And now she’s being sarcastic..T_T”