Kiss From a Rose by Numeriku


I pulled something together for the first time ever. Didn’t even know I had it in me. This mod… seriously, it changes you man~

Read from right to left. Sorry if it’s confusing, I’m just used to the Japanese layout ^^;


Gawdaymn, I don’t know how Kentaro Miura does it. One strip and I’m pooped.

Fan Art – Amalee by Numeriku


Here is some more art from Numeriku. It’s Amalee on a bright pink background. Pink would probably be her favorite color if weren’t so rare in nature. Greens and blues are probably more common, but I’m sure pink would appeal to her feminine side.

After all, it’s the one color that women can almost call their own. Not out of any malice mind you, but because men – myself included -refuse to use it for some reason, due to some inexplicable fear that the color will suck away our manliness.

Fan Art – Amalee and Zora by Rusavia


Here’s some more art courtesy of Rusavia over on the Tumblrs. If you like her blog, follow her. Not in that creepy stalker way, but in that loyal companion way, exactly 384 units behind while ocassionally blocking the exit.

Anyway, I like the way Amalee’s sketch has tiny freckles of color, in her amulet and in her eyes. In fact, I like to imagine the amulet works like a mood ring. It turns green when there’s a beautiful landscape to witness, red when there’s danger, and yellow when it’s time to hit the gas and speed through the intersection.


Zora, looking cozy. You can also see the diamond and opal colored eyes here, it makes you want to pluck them out and where it as a ring. But that would be creepy and gross so don’t do that.

This piece of art doesn’t have that vibe at all, it’s just comfy, like a warm fire in a winter cabin.

Warrior's Life (Harp Version) by Anna Castiglioni

Here’s a harp cover of Giramor’s Warrior’s Life song, composed and performed by Anna Castiglioni. I decided to remove the requirement that Amalee listen to a previous version of the song before she learns it, because there are just way too many bards and seriously eff that.

You do still have to finish her quest. I also noticed while testing this that one of her hellos – the nirnroot one – was set to repeat 24/7, so I’m switching it to “SayOnce.” Anna’s also pretty good with recording, so I decided to give Amalee a dozen more hellos to be added sometime in the future. If you notice any other lines from other NPCs that need the “SayOnce” treatment, let me know.

Character Profile – Amalee


I can’t remember the last time I listened to live music. It was in some dark, ramen-scented catacomb in downtown Kichijoji that seemed too clean to be credible, as if the performances were meant to be observed rather than absorbed.

I was there to see a friend’s band, only they weren’t up just yet. Holding their place in line was a girl with a bowl haircut, a polka dot dress and candy-striped stockings. While she looked like a pop star, she kept this mean-ass guitar slung over her shoulder like a guard dog, and I felt like if I reached out to touch it it’d bite me.

So I kept my distance as the lights dimmed and the crowd gathered around her. She said a few words and backed off the mic, waiting for the chatter to fall to absolute zero. Then she went to work, strumming her tiny fingers across those taut steel fangs. And when she played, I got all sorts of feelings. Even if the music was bad.

I like to think that same combination of electricity and magnetism flows in Amalee. She’s got charm and she’s got style, but she’ll bite your finger off if you wag it at Dibella. She’s not the most technically sound bard, but she’s got passion and drive and hope and belief and that makes up for any notes she misses along the way. You could say the science of Amalee is a cluster of positively charged protons, and that pure energy will force you to have a good time, even if you’re a negative person like me.

For whatever reason, I don’t remember hearing my friend’s band play. The lasting memory from that night was the girl in the polka dot dress. But the best part wasn’t even the music. It came before she began her set, when she stepped up to the microphone and made a request. When she was done rocking the joint, and you were done smashing that beer can on your forehead, she asked that you place it in the appropriate, recyclable bin.

I thought that was kind of, well, neat.

Fan Art – Amalee and Skjarn by 324b21


More fan art because really I’ve been swamped and so I haven’t had time to really do much of anything, let alone think of new blog posts. This is what 324b21 refers to as a Manalee – half man, half Amalee, 100% amazing. I’d like to think a male Amalee would be a huge fan of manscaping and of course wandering around with his shirt off.


No poor lady soul can resist the walking testosterone that is Skjarn…. nobody.

Ha, the beauty of Skjarn is that his boasts are mostly up to your interpretation. Personally, I see him as more of a Zapp Brannigan type figure, but others say his skill in bedroom brawling is unmatched. Or the truth could fall somewhere in between.

Fan Art – Rumarin, Amalee, Anum-La and Zora by Moki


Okay, that’s enough administrative nonsense for one lifetime. It’s time to christen this new website with some fan art. Found this splash of goodness on Tumblr, courtesy of Moki.

Drew my Half elf (YgNord) in Skyrim, and a few of my favorite NPCs from 3DNPC ahhhh ; Q; I tried really hard on Anum-La but she came out reaally poopie OTL I’m so sorry.

There’s nothing to be sorry about really. I love these alternative art styles, it’s like I’m really playing Final Fantasy Tactics, lining Anum-La and Zora on adjacent tiles and keeping Rumarin and Amalee as support. That horde of pesky goblins doesn’t stand a chance.


Zora’s so cute ahhhhh I only met her by chance when travelling around Riverwood that I wandered into Brittleshin Pass, she scared me when I walked near the cage since I had RLO and could not see well in caves.

If only I could see the world the way Moki draws it, life would be a much softer and more comfy place.