Audrey by Numeriku

Fallout 3 Mods: Vault 101 Questline – Audrey

Welcome back! I’m tentatively lifting the redirect after rebuilding the site from scratch, clicking on links for two days without trouble and installing some new security measures. These measures include a malware scan, login tracking to ensure someone isn’t using my admin account, and a system to check that core files aren’t altered. Hopefully it won’t slow the site too much, it’s expensive enough as it is.


During the hiatus I also tried a number of new themes, and while some of them were cool from a novelty standpoint, they didn’t function as well without the duel sidebars and widescreen post section.


Others just didn’t look anything like the advertised theme. Granted, it might’ve worked with some tweaking, but I couldn’t figure out how.  Above is the MH Cicero theme in theory…


And this is the result. Gosh Darn Diddly Doo indeed.

In any case, I’m burying the lede here, which is another new Fallout companion for the three-part Vault 101 questline. She’s voiced by Natalie Proudlock and named after a Hepburn, but in reality she’s more Katharine than Audrey.

I decided to go against the traditional ghoul voice on this one, not just for the sake of Natalie’s throat but to better get the right accent and emotion. Hope you like it.