Tikrid by C-Squared


So it’s too late for a Pi Day, and too early for St. Patrick’s. Which is kind of how Tikrid rolls. Here is a great shot of her staring down (up) what I assume to be a dragon, although it could be a Macho Man depending on the mod.

The shield and armor look fantastic, and I imagine those are mod pieces as well. It’s one of the benefits of not having a mesh/texture person to brand the NPCs with a specific armor. You get to dress them up yourself, any way you like. It’s like Barbies, er, Transformers for adults. Transformers were fun. I put my Optimus Prime in a pink dress and tiara and when Ken took notice he finally let him ride in his Hot Rod. Somehow I am a heterosexual.

Anyways, it’s a great screenshot and a nice addition to the collection. Happy weekend, everyone.