Cassandra – FAR to STAR – A New, Custom-Voiced Skyrim Follower!

Hello, fellow Interesting NPC cast members/fans! My name is Cassandra Wladyslava.  You may recognize me as the voices of Lajjan, Dirassi, and a few other characters.   Well…gosh…I think clean over a year ago I was asked to provide the voice of a new follower for Skyrim based on the character “Cassandra Pentagast” from Dragon Age II and Dragon Age Inquisition.  I accepted and, after lots of time, hard work, and love, she was released yesterday!

Here’s a little blurb from the nexus page:

Cassandra went from fighting to close tears and restore balance to the land of Thedas to suddenly waking up in Skyrim. With no desire to return home, this custom voiced follower is now available to help the Dragonborn in their adventures, long as the Dragonborn is just, of course. 

I’d love for everyone to check her out and give her a shot!

You can find more info and d/l her here:

Fan Art – Dirassi by Classic El

2014 - 1


Here is Classic El‘s doodle of the mod’s resident hypochondriac, Dirassi. As you can see, her towel has gotten so much work it’s starting to sweat, which of course could lead to pneumonia that spreads germs through contact and oh gods where is my potion?

Potions, plural, I mean. One for the germs, and one for the anxiety.

Dragon Age III Auditions


A while back Bioware did a contest where amateur voice actors could audition for a role in the upcoming Dragon Age game. I have no idea who won, but it’s not anyone I know so obviously whoever was picking was drunk.

Nah, that’s a joke, the winners are probably great, and sometimes these choices come down to things you can’t control, like the sound of your voice or the hive of bees in the casting director’s ear. Anyways, at the time I didn’t want to pick favorites, but seeing as the contest is over, I decided to scour the GOOGLES and look for some auditions.

Well, it turns out most of the actors did not make their auditions public. Either that or I am really bad at finding them. Some people may have taken them down as well in a fit of rage.  Which is a shame now that I am writing this blog post. This is all about me, after all.

Okay, it’s really about the wonderful actors who I’m lucky to have working on the project. First to bat is Jessica Osborne being awesome as usual. I like how there’s text on this one so I can read the other person’s lines. Otherwise you’re just a crazy person talking to no one. Well played, my friend, well played.

Here’s my podcast partner Alice Bell telling the Inquisitor where to find the motherfucking door. Now, at first I thought her use of a plain black screen was just general laziness and/or indifference, which is something I can appreciate. But the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced it’s pure genius.

With a black screen, you pay more attention to the voice and the acting. It’s kind of like staring at some modern art piece in a museum. At first you’re like “Psssh!” but then later you’re like “Hmmmmm.” Anyways the moral of the story is Alice can do no wrong. You understand me, police? She has diplomatic immunity.

Another thing I noticed is that the only auditions that were posted on Youtube were women. Now we know who has the balls in the 3DNPC family.  Anyways, I love Cassandra’s emotion as always, you can tell why she makes an excellent hypochondriac. But the thing that I’m most curious about is the photoshopped III in the video.

It’s like “Fuck, there is no way I’m acknowledging the previous game’s existence. Not. A. Chance. In fact, I am going to take my MSPAINT tool and just blur that fucker out.” Which I totally get by the way, although I may have exaggerated when I said the game was bad. I mean for one, I really, really like the characters in DA2. Varric Tethras alone is worth the price of purchase. And…and…some of my best friends are DA2 NPCs. Although one of them is Alistair. Please don’t hate me.

This video has #TheRealEldawyn and jokes and cats. It’s amazeballs. But really, everyone did great. And they all would’ve gotten cast too, if it weren’t for those rotten bees.


Trailers and Teasers – Lajjan

This NPC ostensibly doesn’t have much to say. Her conversations aren’t very long, and really don’t go anywhere. While a follower, she doesn’t have any idle commentary, and basically just ambles along pensively behind you. What she does have is a lot of unique hellos.

Lajjan’s (Cassandra Wladyslava) meant to be a silent, contemplative warrior type, who speaks when spoken to. Hopefully over time, the list of things she says will be substantial, which provides depth in a different way than some of the other followers.