3DNPC v2.42


Here are the release notes for version 2.42 beta. Again, special thanks to the awesome Blauwvis for testing, as well as all the others on the forums who volunteered to try out the Alpha/Beta quests and report bugs for the previous version. She also did tremendous work on the wiki, and now Sifka has been working like a madman on the same. And of course, the voice actors have always been an indispensable part of the team. We’re still a long way from getting this thing fully operational, but being able to spread out the work helps immensely.

With this update, you’ll notice the sound folder is in the form of loose files. Next version, I might go one step further and only put the scripts in the BSA, as I didn’t realize the meshes/textures were so large. However, ideally we want to reduce clutter so uninstalling is simple.

• Raynes(MalevolentMC) – Quest Dialogue
• Morndas(Anna Castiglioni) – Approximately 200 of 700 lines
• Gren(Giramor), Frygg(Jay Appleyard), Hrongar(David Bodtcher), Hjolm(Randy Westbrook), Signus(Aaron Kelley) for Blood of Kings Questline
• Valgus(Christian Gaughf) – Approximately 30 lines
• Vardath(Jay Appleyard), Amsien(Jay Appleyard), The Captain(Randy Westbrook) – Stolen Property
• Lurgok(Jay Appleyard) – Bite the Hand that Feeds You
• Grotta(Anna Castiglioni), Ulrund(Anna Castiglioni), and Gormleif(Julian Shanahan) – The Crabber’s Wife

Brother and Keeper fully voiced
• Stolen Property now in Alpha
• Bite the Hand That Feeds You now in Alpha
• The Crabber’s Wife [A quest with no journal/objective markers]
• Untitled Quest – In construction, but location created called “The Bird’s Eye” which can be found near Steepfall Burrow

• Removed ITMs for better compatibility
• Missing sound files for Isobel
• Fixed Anum-La’s improperly conditioned dismissal dialogue
• Blood of Kings Questline – A few lines for Valgus and Isobel that should be available in part 5 only are conditioned improperly and show for the remainder of the quest and post-quest.
• Epilogue for Honor’s Calling had some missing sound files for Fjona that paused the scene
• Fixed Nelacar visiting the Radiant Dark when siding with the Guild
• Added disable script to Knights of the Eight corpses after Rose Without Thorns
• Morndas dialogue not conditioned properly upon escaping prison
• Gren’s dialogue not conditioned properly for female characters during The Harbinger of Us All
• Removed cause of random aggro from soldiers at Gren’s Camp