Fresh Off the Boat by tillianCatcher



It was a long voyage, but he finally made it. As soon he heard one of the ship’s crew yell out “Land Ho”, an Altmer named Rumarin made a long sigh of relief in his cabinet. He then climb out to the deck of the ship and approach the rails of the starboard. Looking over the horizon, he can see the outline of the city. It was Windhelm, the Jewel of Skyrim, the Nords called.


Doesn’t look that impressive, he thought. The city itself was crumbling, barely holding it together. Still, at least it’s a decent start, plus he left behind his old troubles back in Cyrodiil, so no point in going back. He took a deep breath, as he was curious to know what a new start smells like.


Then he coughed out in disgust. “Taste like rotten fish and bad mead!” The Altmer spat.




So back in the forums I’ve frequent, I’ve started up a 100 words thread for this month, as a way to get the members bring out their creative energy. Which is really needed in the forums, especially when the Fan fiction Section has gone a little dry lately. So, to keep the engine running I’ve decided to write a prequel to Rumarin’s “adventure” before the events that happen in Interesting NPCs. Hence the lack of stubble and makeup… sorry warpaint.