Drobar's Shack

Before I forget, here’s a test ESP nonoodles made for Drobar’s shack, if by chance you are suffering FPS issues while navigating it. I believe it turns some of the interactive objects into static ones while filling the sky with clouds of cotton candy.

Again, this is for people suffering from performance issues near Dro’bar’s shack. Which is understandable given there’s a homeless Khajiit standing there watching you have sex.


Happy Easter!


So, I think I wasted enough hours on Photofunia for one day. That site really does live up to the name though.  There are photos, there is fun, and the suffix -ia accurately describes it as a type of infectious disease from which there is no turning back. I probably spent a good 3 hours putting Two-Tails’ face on various types of money.

Open Roles
I’ve opened a lot of roles in the casting call section, but most of these are unfinished. These are long term roles that will be built piece by piece once I get a better feel for how everyone is going to interact.

Happy Easter!
I suppose today would be a perfect day to discuss easter eggs ( or legalizing recreational marijuana). I’m not really sure anything in the mod quantifies since most of it isn’t designed to be hidden. For example, when Jerulith mentions the murder in Markarth, I want you to suspect Jeerah-Nur is the culprit. When Dro’bar talks about the High Elf who drank his wine bottles, there’s only one person that could be. Gorr will talk about his time in the dungeon because you’re supposed to make the connection to Larkspur with minimal effort. While you don’t want to shove them down people’s throats, concealing these eggs from the player would be foolish.

If there are easter eggs to be found, it would mostly be inventory items or minor rewards that depend on your responses. Here are some just off the top of my head:

  • You can pickpocket the note from Wander-Lust’s son.
  • You can pickpocket Godrod’s “Letter to Jarl Tullius” and “Letter to Ulfric.”
  • Asteria has the birth certificate she mentions on her person.
  • In Lorne’s Shack, one of the wine bottles has a poem inside.
  • Inside Widow’s Watch, telling Arilwaen “We could sit down and talk for a bit” will open an additional reply option at the end.
  • Morndas has a running gag where she comments on people’s “made up names.”
  • Bringing certain followers near each other may result in additional conversations – these were made before I decided to stick to the 1 follower limit. This is mostly limited to a handful of super followers, but I believe even Raynes will have an idle commentary on Qa’Dojo.
  • If the player is a member of the Bards College, they can recite the poem about Olaf and the Dragon to Beatrice. Beatrice will then respond with her take on the Lusty Argonian Maid as opposed to her standard poetry.

I’m sure there’s a ton more, but I can’t remember them all. There’s also this one I threw in there just for shits and giggles.


Hagravens can’t actually fly, and I don’t recall them ever using brooms the way most witches do – for delivery services and the occasional game of high stakes Quidditch. So I’m assuming this, having referenced things outside the game, would technically fall into the category of an easter egg. I think.