Fan Art – 324b21, Evil Seedlet, Maybe Mischief, Druhagenhimalkhes


Every weekend I’m also going to scour the interwebs and search for fan art. I might come up with something, I might come up with nothing. Let’s start with something that was posted on the forums from 324b21, and it’s Moris the Draugr.

It’s pretty badass, and an encouraging sign. There are over 250 NPCs not named Rumarin, so it’s always good to see some of the others get some love.


Well, that lasted all of two seconds. Hey, Rumarin is a popular NPC, what can I say. This one is by maybemischief over on the Tumblrs.

Pretty much me saying fuck you for taking me 38+ hours on you, Rumarin.

I’m practicing with painting and it makes me very mad that people can do this in 40 minutes minimum. and it’s not even done.


This is Rumarin’s twin brother, Niramur, and…no it’s actually Rumarin again, but this time courtesy of druhagenhimalkhes who promises death to all reposters. It was nice knowing you, Earth.

guess who drew rumarin. 

this nerd did.

repost and i will kill you 


Evil Seedlet voiced Melea and has drawn a few things for the blog in the past. This one is an animated GIF. Fancy. Don’t believe me? Wait for it….wait for it…  ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


And lastly, some more non-Rumarin art from 324b21:

This is Amalee crushing on my female asexual altmer.

I like how Amalee’s Amulet of Dibella almost looks like a peace sign, because Amalee’s got that hippie vibe going on. Just laying back like a daffodil drinking in the sun.

Trailers and Teasers – Melea Entius

Here is the revamped Melea for v3.04.3. Although the original actor did a wonderful job, her voice was probably a little too old for this character, not to mention the dialogue itself needed some fine tuning.

The problem with an older voice, of course, is that it gave the impression her death was more of a natural turn of events, as opposed to something tragic. EvilSeedlet’s rendition sounds mature and worn down but not necessarily feeble, and it really gives a better sense that Melea is dying far too young.

Fan Art – Zora Fair-Child by Evil Seedlet


This is more fan art from Evil Seedlet. It’s Zora sitting on a rock dreaming about the nails she is about to crush with her two-handed carpentry hammer. Zora isn’t going to take any advice from that pussy Alvor about flailing her wrists back and forth like a nipple-drinker. When she puts hammer to nail, she is going to use her hips and drive it into the wood like a badass.

At least, that’s my interpretation of this piece. Everyone sees something different I suppose. Children are funny that way.

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