Fallout 3: Atomic Radio – PSA on Marriage

Here’s a sample from an upcoming PSA for the Atomic Radio mod, whose cast grows larger by the day. This one was done by Rosalyn ‘blarghbleh’ Meney, but other newcomers include Trevor “Teky” Hutchins, Roksys, Lynkstar, Antonio Vesagas, Fairfieldfencer, Gabi King, Victoria Bowes, Goose Boose, Dark Aeolus, Mippa, and Mindwinder. The next update should breach the 3 hour mark as well.

If you’re interested in helping out, you can check the casting call page on this website, or find the roles on CCC here and here.

Fallout 3 Mods: Quantum Gravity – Adlai Covington

Here is Daniel Hodge, a man whose name you may recognize from a number of Skyrim mods, but whose voice for Dr. Covington you may be hearing for the first time. Such is the man’s range. As for the quest, Quantum Gravity was the first one I made for Fallout 3, so a lot of it was just playing around with different aspects of the modding kit. The radio signals, holotapes, and stuff I learned making this quest really helped in building others like Room 404 and The Blue Note, which relies heavily on the radio mechanic. So in a lot of ways this was the Fallout version of The Radiant Dark. The place I cut my teeth.

This mod is already available here on the blog, but it’ll also be included with the next version of the bundle along with two new quests, Death and Taxes and It Takes a Village, as soon as those are voiced.

Fallout 3 Mods: Background NPCs – Abe and Martha

This didn’t make it into the bundle unfortunately, since there hasn’t been enough of them recorded. People don’t seem to like auditioning for background NPCs, so I may have to just ask actors to record them as favors to me. Still, I think they’re good roles and add a lot of color to the game.

Here’s one such example, with Ainsley Brennan and Elko voicing this nutso couple living in post-apocalyptic suburbia.

Fallout 3 Mods: The Ties that Bind – Gabriel

Here’s a few other NPCs for the start of the game. While having a predetermined background is limiting from a role playing standpoint, it does present an opportunity from a narrative perspective to create characters who you more or less grew up with – even if the growing up part happens really, really fast.

John Crosthwaite voices Gabriel, and that’s Elko as the janitor Mike. What’s the worst that can happen, he says, broom in hand. Ah yes, what indeed.


Fallout 3 Mods: The Ties that Bind – Maury

Here’s another new addition to the roster, Noi Sek voicing Maury over at the Canterbury Commons diner. Someone alerted me that the name is already taken by another mod, but the name is actually just a quest.

I’m not entirely sure what to call the questline at this point, not everything is as easy as Blood of Kings. Or Darkened Steel. Or the Radiant Dark. Okay, I guess this really is the only one I’m having trouble with. Maybe I’ll just call it Garry Blotter and the Sorcerer’s Nuke.