Fallout 3 Mods: Room 404 – Sean

Here is another new actor from whom I expect big things, Mr. John Crosthwaite. The guy pretty much nails every read like a goddamn hammer and delivers some high quality recordings to boot. Also in this little scene is Jessica Osborne as Kate, who is also just the best.

I really hesitate to show much from this particular mod, because every scene is a spoiler, but I figure John’s done enough work on a number of roles that I should give everyone a taste.

Voiceover, Approval Systems, and Questions


For those who are interested in voice work, I put up some more Fallout roles, one for New Vegas as well – depending on whether it’s even possible to do background scenes like that with GECK. If you don’t like any of the current roles you can subscribe to the page and get notifications when changes are made.

You can also send me a demo reel to show off your range and previous work. Minimum requirement for any role is using a USB Condenser mic. Environment issues can be worked around, but a bad mic won’t cut it.

Enjoy the weekend, er, what’s left of it anyway.


Ghoul Teeth


She showed him what passed for a smile. The kind of smile that would make brave men flinch. There were gaps wide enough to hold a cigar and chips sharp enough to slice them, but technically it was nothing more than that. A smile.

Now, one could be forgiven for confusing it with a set of piano keys, an awkward grimace, or even a display of malice, but given the context, the most scientifically accurate interpretation would be to label it ghoulo-sapien cum ridet, a smile.

Nevertheless, as smiles go, this one would not find its way into any dictionary definition, stock photo, or billboard selling high quality toothpaste. No, this was hardly what you would call the Platonic ideal of a smile.  It was, as its wearer was fond of saying, anatomically incorrect. A great big nest of teeth.

But it lit him up all the same.

Trailers and Teasers – Hope Lies

“Howdy stranger. Take a seat by the campfire, we got plenty of room.”

The girl tips her cap and smiles. Both the fire and the invitation are warm enough, but the man to her right doesn’t seem too happy about it. His stare stretches for thousands of miles, far enough to see the back of his own head. It’s bald and dirty, with a scar running across the middle like a zipper.

“Oh, don’t pay him no mind. He ain’t much for talkin’. But, if you make trouble, he’ll put two…”

The girl makes a peace sign with her fingers, before pointing them at her head like a gun.

“…in your skull.”

I tell her I’m not here to make trouble, waves, or even conversation. All I want to do is rest my aching feet. The girl sympathizes. She tells me her soles are so worn not even Jesus can save them.

Maybe it’s the pun that makes my shoulders relax, or maybe it’s her southern charm, but I drop my knapsack on the dirt with a great big thud. Guns, ammo, and whiskey spill onto the ground like a diary.

“You starting a war, sheriff?”


“Then you’re gonna need a good deputy.”

Maybe I will.

“The name’s Hope,” she says, breaking the silence. “Hope Lies. Funny name, I know. German, I think. The lying part, not the hope.”

I ask her the obvious. Well, does it? Does “hope lie?”

I don’t know,” she says, “You’ve been traveling these wastes. Why don’t you tell me?”

Trailers and Teasers – Fallout 4 Companion

megatonbarHere’s another teaser for Vincent, my Fallout 4 companion. Damien’s recorded about 220 lines in total, and this is just the random hellos and idles, so it’s safe to say that in 2 years or so this motherfucker is going to have a ton of unique shit to say.

Of course, some of it will have to be scrapped depending on the setting. For instance, references to how hot it is would be worthless if the game is set in some nuclear winter. I also don’t know how good a feel I have for the universe right now, but it is fun to drop an F-bomb or two after modding Skyrim for almost two years.

What I’m looking for I guess is a texture person to give Vincent a unique outfit. I want to make a demo of him as a playable character in Skyrim, but he seems too out of place if he doesn’t have modern clothes and an array of guns. After all, you can toss Spider-Man into Skyrim and it still kind of works, but you couldn’t put a generic Nord in Skyrim, give him Spider-Man’s voice, and expect people to feel like they’re traveling with the web-slinger.

In other mod news, TheDarkPrince alerted me to the existence of the following mod, Evermoor Island by aplestormy, with the idea I could help his team populate it with NPCs and quests. I might take a spin around the island later this week, just for the hell of it. I’ve always wanted my own island to populate with lunar landers and hookers and blackjack.


Eh, or I could just say screw the whole thing. We’ll see.

Ads and Anniversaries


In less than a month, the blog will be a year old. One thing that’s been helpful is that unlike my previous failed websites and misadventures, this badboy is self-sustaining. I installed WordAds in December and despite a few misplaced commercials – there was once a half-naked woman under a post about Zora’s female empowerment – they’ve generally been rather benign.  I’m not entirely enthusiastic about the placement, however, as they take away from the gravitas of certain posts – but there’s no changing that apparently. In any case, while the revenue is still rather piddling, it’s enough to pay for the domain name and the various upgrades I’ve purchased.

I’ve also added a partner post section in the sidebar that is essentially for paid advertisements and will feature sponsored links. I doubt I’ll get much more of these, but just having one sponsor was a coup, especially considering how non-invasive the blog post/link is.

Some other news and notes:

• The Wiki is still not up to date. It’s a long grind. I have no idea how Blauwvis managed to do all those tables, but without her I feel like a cripple.

• Additional Tags – I’ve added a storytime tag, because I want to write more word sketches in addition to working on the mod, which is entirely dialogue-centric.

• Anna Castiglioni has started her own blog for her companion mod, Anduniel.

• As for the mod, I’ve mostly been working on super follower commentary. I made a new quest, but decided to scrap it. Some of the characters I liked, so I might use them for something else. At this point though, there’s no reason to add quests just for the sake of adding them. Quality over quantity.

• I don’t know when the release of Fallout 4 will be, but I’ve decided to throw some lines together in preparation. Again, it’s kind of therapeutic to get away from fantasy and drop a few F-Bombs here and there. Here’s Damien Lacambra providing a sample:

• Lastly, I’m considering altering the theme because I don’t like how the comments nest. They sort of tab everything to the right until your comment gets squeezed into the corner and looks like a scroll bar made of letters. Good for Tetris, bad for reading.

• I want to contact some artists about making alternative or straight fan art of characters, maybe even commission it using extra funds from the site if the artist is professional grade. Or maybe hold a contest of some sort. Although right now the mod just isn’t notable enough to garner that kind of attention.