Fan Art – Sleeping Giant by Kinokosan


Here is some more fan art I found on Kinokosan’s PIXIV page for the Sleeping Giant quest. Long time blogrodytes might recall she’s contributed Rumarin fan art in the past and this is equally as adorable if not more so.

Thanks always to Sifka for the Japanese translation of the mod, without which art like this would not exist.

• Cryptosporus_tes aka Kinokosan’s Twitter Page


Fan Art – The Knight and the Bird by Anka97

By Anka97

Here’s some artwork from Anka97 over on DeviantArt featuring the one and only Swamp Knight:

Sorry I couldn’t help myself but Argonians are my favourite race now.<3

I’m also playing threw the Interesting Npcs Mod for Skyrim lately. So many amazing characters, stories and voice acting. I also encountered the Argonian Anum-La the Swamp Knight. Best companion ever. :D

But I was always wondering what she does all the time standing at her tree. Who knows? Well this is just my idea of Anum-La spending some time with one of her new friends. :’>

Anka‘s actually not that far off. The significance of the tree is expounded upon in her personal quest. You might say she’s waiting for someone – bird, companion, or child – the same way they waited for her, way back when. 

And then you came along. 

Fan Art – Rumarin by Frydragon


Here’s some Saturday morning fan art to go with your bacon and eggs. It’s a drawing by Frydragon of our old pal Rumarin, camouflaged next to a golden wall.  Love how the streaks of red contrast with the rest of sketch, symbolizing love, war, death, and the struggle of the human condition. Although really, it’s just makeup.

Check out Frydragon’s Skyrim tumblr here.



Fan Art – Extras by Moki, Kayla Marquez, Popfly, and Numeriku

tumblr_n455k9qatQ1tsbaoeo1_500 (1)

After a long day of killing bandits and squashing spiders, the Riverwood Heroes like to have a nice picnic with sweets and story telling~ Zora likes re-telling the story about the bandit killing cats and talking dog.

Ah, here’s another fan art segment. Most of this is stuff I should’ve posted previously, along with a few doodles I found on Tumblr. Like this one right here by Moki, which was posted after the last batch and missed the cutoff. Not that I mind posting more art . More like the opposite of mind. I would like nothing more than to post fan art every day, it would be like me died and gone to heaven.


This is a random doodle Numeriku posted on the forums of Rumarin. Rumarin is the undisputed king of fan art, although I think Anum-La and Zora are a close second. Still no love for Norgrof Oak-Heart.


Above, Erandur, Nalvyna (current skyrim char), and Rumarin (from Interesting NPCS mod) being ridiculous. I love these derps so much, they’re making my current Skyrim playthrough so much fun.

This one here is by popfly, and it made my sides rumble. I was kind of disappointed followers aren’t allowed inside the temple let alone Erandur’s peyote hallucination, but I managed to sneak in one line before the chicken squaring.

And just in case you haven’t had your fill of Rumarin art, here is some awesome work by sinokoi-sk from his Tumblr page. I have no idea how old this is either, but I just recently learned how to use the internet search function.


This last one requires some setting up, it’s an oldie but goodie the wonderful and talented Kayla Marquez posted waaaaay back in regards to the following line.

EXCUSE ME! Ur supposed to kick people’s butts and drop random parables and shit, not be an adorable dork. Sheesh! 

Qadojo by Kayla Marquez

Yeah, Qa’Dojo has his quirks. He has a weak spot for fish, he loves making snowcats, and his entire philosophy can be attributed to a head injury. Not your typical wise monk. Buuuut I suppose that’s the point of calling them three-dimensional NPCs.


Fan Art – Rumarin by Sanguithar

rumarin___interesting_npcs_by_sanguithar-d6swr2c (1)I love fan art. When someone cares enough to sketch one of your characters, well, that’s rewarding in a touchy, feely kind of way. That’s the universe humming softly, the radio picking up good vibrations.

Here’s Rumarin by Sanguithar, a Swedish artist and from what I understand a slayer of dragons. She’s also my newest favorite person in the world, in a tie for first place with everyone else who’s played, supported, and contributed to the mod along the way.

Sanguithar’s Deviant Art Page.

Fan Art – Rumarin by Kinokosan


Here is some fan art from our friends in the Far East, or the Far West, depending on which way you are facing. These are courtesy of Cryptosporus_tes aka Kinokosan, whose friend Sifka is in charge of the Japanese translation project and has also made numerous contributions to the Wiki. The drawings are awesome, and I’m sure the text is hilarious and enlightening and hopefully doesn’t imply that Hitler had some good ideas.

Rumarin fans will also be pleased to hear that Jay may be soon upgrading his mic situation and is willing to redo 7,383,177,029 of his lines. That is dedication to the craft, my friends.

• Cryptosporus_tes aka Kinokosan’s Twitter Page

UPDATE:  The original post featured two additional images, but the artist has asked that I remove the pictures and links to her PIXIV profile, so I have. Apologies as I assumed they were public.

Fan Art – Zora Fair-Child by Evil Seedlet


This is more fan art from Evil Seedlet. It’s Zora sitting on a rock dreaming about the nails she is about to crush with her two-handed carpentry hammer. Zora isn’t going to take any advice from that pussy Alvor about flailing her wrists back and forth like a nipple-drinker. When she puts hammer to nail, she is going to use her hips and drive it into the wood like a badass.

At least, that’s my interpretation of this piece. Everyone sees something different I suppose. Children are funny that way.

• Evil Seedlet’s Tumblr Page
Evil Seedlet’s Youtube Page