News, Notes, Fan Works


Recently I’ve been trying to encourage more fan creations, and we’ve already gotten some submissions. Mazekial was kind enough to add some Rumarin commentary to the user collaboration section here, and with Jay33721 having already voiced the lines and nonoodles offering to mod it, it looks like a patch will be made soon.

Remember, anyone can write anything. If you subscribed to the website and don’t have authorial powers, send me a PM and I’ll grant them to you. The only reason it isn’t automatic is because spammers.

In the end what gets recorded will be up to the actors, but I’ve encouraged them to record as much as there free time will allow.

Checking his folder, it appears the character has over 400 lines already, and this is just general gobbledy-gook. As for the New Vegas demo, there should be an update in the near future, which includes some more backstory lines and the foundation for a personal quest.

Of course, a lot of this is predicated on Damien‘s health and well being. As a military man, he recently informed me he’s shipping out for the next four months. Let’s all wish him well and hope he stays safe out in the real life wastes.