Griffith and Morrigan by Pancakesandplaid


Fan Art – Griffith and Morrigan by Ciao, Mad War!


It’s Fan Art Friday which means I get to post more stuff I found on the cyberspace.  Which is what the internet used to be called before most of you folks were born. Lawn, off please.

Then again, I find it harder to shake my fist at all the darn kids when they come bearings gifts of amazing art. This is one I found on the blog Ciao, Mad War! – it’s Griffith and Morrigan sharing a moment.

Fan Art – Brother and Keeper by 324b21


Not sure what the DB equivalent is for Fallout lore , but the Omertas are the closest that I can think of. So yeah, ex-mafia Griffith running away from the Omertas with Morrigan while cowboy vigilante Raynes hunts out for them.

Works for me. While it’s a Fallout crossover, this 324b21 sketch has a very western feel to it, and on the day Eli Wallach passed away it seems somewhat appropriate. More importantly, it gives me an excuse to post this link.

Fan Art – Assorted NPCs by 324b21


It’s official. Caylene is now my new fave NPC.  I lost a total of 20 gold just for her performances. Totally lssed by her songs.


Happy Valentine’s Day! Oh it’s June? I don’t care! (Jaspar and Dovahbabes). 


And yet another Rumarin fan art. Ha! But not just any Rumarin fan art, it’s an R63’ed Rumarin fan art!


Well, that’s adorable. Here is a set of sketches from the always great 324b21. For more arty goodness, you can head on over to her Deviant Art page here. Do it now.