Making Hope Essential

Now that I’m integrating Hope, Vincent, and Velius to New Vegas, I figure I should probably add some of the same features I gave the companions in the Fallout 3 Bundle. Given how easily they die, an option to make them essential should be standard.

This little dialogue thing here will flip the switch, but you have to use the base dialogue tree to get to it, as the wheel is for vanilla commands only. I really hate the wheel by the way. But I guess that’s because I do more talking than command issuing. It is fairly easy to remove, but some people might prefer it and it’s more consistent with the vanilla game.

Also, video games are really violent. I think Hope is going to need a blood transfusion after this test. And a new head.

Hope Lies v0.02


Here’s Hope Lies v0.02, now with a personal quest. With the news that Fallout 4 is going to have a voiced protagonist, I’m leaning toward keeping Hope in New Vegas. Jessica Osborne you know, and Jesus Acosta rounds out the cast.

If you’ve already asked Hope about her orchid hunt, you can start the quest by talking to her at either the Goodsprings or Mojave Outpost tavern. I think Vegas and a couple other locations work too, but those are the most obvious. I’ll make a proper wiki once I have time.

Fallout 3 bundle coming tomorrow.

Hope Lies v0.01c


Hope Lies v001c DOWNLOAD

All right, here’s version 0.01c of Hope Lies. Just a minor update with some new idles and some minor maintenance tweaks. I’m considering moving her to New Vegas on a permanent basis as well, so I may add the personal quest as a short little vignette you can play.

  • Added about 50 new idles
  • Moved some of the proximity hellos to the greetings. Greetings are said once a day, when exhausted she’ll say something generic like “We heading out?” or “Where to next partner?”
  • Added variable so that she won’t tell jokes until after you have the conversation where she likes telling them, as well as other very minor tweaks to the timing of the dialogue. If you’ve already exhausted that dialogue, just ask her what kind of jokes she doesn’t find funny again and the variable will take.

Hope Lies v0.01

Interesting NPCs v3.08 will release next Monday, but for this week, we’re going to release something different.  It’s another Fallout 4 demo NPC, ready for use in New Vegas.


Hope Lies is a character inspired by an email name. She’s also the mirror opposite of my yet unreleased Dragonborn character. Jessica Osborne did the voicing and did a wonderful job changing gears from her usual fare, and nonoodles handled the GECK stuff so I didn’t have to.

She can be found by the campfires at Goodsprings Source.


Trailers and Teasers – Hope Lies

“Howdy stranger. Take a seat by the campfire, we got plenty of room.”

The girl tips her cap and smiles. Both the fire and the invitation are warm enough, but the man to her right doesn’t seem too happy about it. His stare stretches for thousands of miles, far enough to see the back of his own head. It’s bald and dirty, with a scar running across the middle like a zipper.

“Oh, don’t pay him no mind. He ain’t much for talkin’. But, if you make trouble, he’ll put two…”

The girl makes a peace sign with her fingers, before pointing them at her head like a gun.

“…in your skull.”

I tell her I’m not here to make trouble, waves, or even conversation. All I want to do is rest my aching feet. The girl sympathizes. She tells me her soles are so worn not even Jesus can save them.

Maybe it’s the pun that makes my shoulders relax, or maybe it’s her southern charm, but I drop my knapsack on the dirt with a great big thud. Guns, ammo, and whiskey spill onto the ground like a diary.

“You starting a war, sheriff?”


“Then you’re gonna need a good deputy.”

Maybe I will.

“The name’s Hope,” she says, breaking the silence. “Hope Lies. Funny name, I know. German, I think. The lying part, not the hope.”

I ask her the obvious. Well, does it? Does “hope lie?”

I don’t know,” she says, “You’ve been traveling these wastes. Why don’t you tell me?”