Fallout 3 Mods: Quantum Gravity – Scribe Jones and Knight Casilla

Some bonus scenes for the Quantum Gravity mod. Scenes in Fallout are triggered by proximity. Random NPCs will target another, say hello and goodbye, and then go on their separate ways. They didn’t happen enough for my liking, however, so I also put in some trigger boxes in the cell that will force them to start. In case you miss them, here are a few, with Ash Eluned as Scribe Hammond, J.T. Decker as Scribe Jones, and Jessica Osborne as Knight Casilla.

Fallout 3 NPCs – Butcher the Ghoul

Huzzah so last weekend I popped my GECK cherry and made my first Fallout quest. I’m actually on the verge of finishing another for New Vegas, but it may be eons before they all get voiced.

However, it was considerably less time before one got voiced. So without further ado here is J.T. Decker voicing Butcher the ghoul for the mod Quantum Gravity. 

Non-Player Characters: Episode 2

Wednesday’s arrived and with it a second turn for J.T. Decker and Matthew Dixon. They go over the new Kickstarter game Divinity: Original Sin and a host of other topics.


On a news note, the rotation of these podcasts might change a bit in the coming weeks as I figure out the tone of the shows and the chemistry between the hosts, and how to balance that from week to week. Also, feedback on any of the podcasts is muy apreciado.

Trailers and Teasers – Godrod the Hammer

Here is J.T. Decker doing the refurbished Godrod the Hammer. The video shows a small slice of the new role play options and how it blends in with the old stuff. The audio quality is much improved and I may even consider moving him to Robber’s Refuge instead of disabling altogether when Darkened Steel starts.

Trailers and Teasers – Hagravi

As part of my ongoing quest to make the mod perfect, I’ve decided to expand some of the older NPCs as well as check in with actors to see if their mic situation has improved. As I couldn’t get a reply from DutchDude, I went ahead and got J.T. Decker to voice the revamped version of Hagravi.

Being one of the original five or so NPCs, Hagravi had a pretty shitty* dialogue tree. It wasn’t so much a tree as it was a goal post This, of course, is my fault, because when I started I had no idea what the fuck I was doing.

Now, like most other NPCs in the mod, those posts will branch out into secondary role playing options, and he won’t seem so ancient. Of course, all the new branches will make it a lot harder to kick field goals, but the point of the mod is not to play handegg, but rather to give starving children free ice cream or something like that.

*Of course, when I say shitty, I don’t mean the internet’s definition of shit, which is “imperfect.” I mean  the simulated ingestion of feces.