Valgus by 324b21, LadyGray and Numeriku


Here’s an interesting juxtaposition of Valguses. Valgii? The first, by 324b21, is the younger version, the soldier who fought in the Great War and didn’t know a lick of magic. Wide of eye and full of heart, he’s a bit naive. Simple, even.


In this comic by LadyGray, we have the Valgus you meet in game. Tired eyes and disheveled hair. War-weary.  Able to heal anyone and everyone save himself. So this is him, letting go and embracing his future, literally. Love is like an anime. It’s ridiculous and cheesy and nonsensical but in the end, kind of fun.


And lastly, this one by Numeriku reminds me of an older, wiser Valgus, meditating and doing old people shit. In the game Valgus is probably in his early fifties and deeply depressed, so I think this sketch is probably about a decade after. He seems happier here, almost like a Buddha. Hanging out with the Dragonborn tends to do that.

Who Needs Books by LadyGray


Holy shit this comic by LadyGray. Love the facial expressions. Oh the facial expressions. Look at Rumarin, so proud of his ward. He’s like, yeah, we showed that stupid healer. We showed him good.

In fact, how about you and me test drive this hand-fortress in battle. And no, I don’t mean in some sweaty dungeon. I’m talking giants and mammoths and dragons oh my. We probably don’t even have to wear armor. We don’t even have to wear clothes. Not with my new powers. Nope. Completely safe.

And by the way, Imperial? Make like a tree and leave buddy, your services are no longer required.