Lajjan by Numeriku

Lajjan fights with shield up. But it is not for defense. It is to see her reflection in awesome HD.

In addition to the wonderful influx of fan art, the screenshot database is now large enough to where I can start highlighting something new every day. Numeriku‘s screenies are always a good place to start, and this one of Lajjan is as warmĀ as she is calm.

Trailers and Teasers – Lajjan

This NPC ostensibly doesn’t have much to say. Her conversations aren’t very long, and really don’t go anywhere. While a follower, she doesn’t have any idle commentary, and basically just ambles along pensively behind you. What she does have is a lot of unique hellos.

Lajjan’s (Cassandra Wladyslava) meant to be a silent, contemplative warrior type, who speaks when spoken to. Hopefully over time, the list of things she says will be substantial, which provides depth in a different way than some of the other followers.