Open NAT – Episode 2: Mutually Exclusive

It’s Wednesday, which means your weather report includes a 100% chance of podcast. This week we have the return of Open NAT. Will Handford (Skjel) and newcomer Lucy Starita (Ariele) talk about exclusives and news from Gamescom.


Given Open NAT is about controversial topics, this week also provides a supplemental episode as well, where myself, Jessica Osborne, and Will try to walk through a minefield while playing Russian Roulette in the middle of a lightning storm. I’m kind of half hoping you ignore it altogether.

Trailers and Teasers – Ariele

Here is a new NPC voiced by Lucy Starita, who will be the quest giver in a new adventure that will be released some time in the next few weeks.

Edit: Okay, this is better. Tried to make Ariele a little different than some of the other female quest givers, the earlier video had some features – clothes, face, etcetera – that I thought set the wrong mood or were too similar to other NPCs. Regardless the point is Lucy’s great.