Non-Player Characters – Episode 5: Quick-Time Bee-Hive

Matt and Lindsey are joined by fellow gamers Fork and Alzorath to discuss a variety of topics, like HOW YOU NEED TO PRESS X NOW TO SAVE YOUR LIFE.


Well, for those of you who survived, be thankful that you possess the reflexes of a cat and the paranoid foresight of a crazy person. Now, perhaps you think it unfair for me to have made this impromptu assault on your existence, especially since none of the previous posts asked this of you. But now you know. For the next time. Provided you survived this one. Quick time, baby.

Non-Player Characters – Episode 3: SO HYPE FOR ROMANCE!!

It’s Wednesday, which means a podcast. They say you can pretty much set your watch to it. I don’t know what that means.

Unfortunately, J.T. Decker has left the show due to life getting in the way, but Lindsey Lloyd (Marla, Y’tharil) has graciously taken his place. I think you’ll be pleased to find Lindsey is Lloyd, Lindsey is life. Full of life. It’s 3AM so I don’t know if I’m making sense. Good night.

Non-Player Characters: Episode 2

Wednesday’s arrived and with it a second turn for J.T. Decker and Matthew Dixon. They go over the new Kickstarter game Divinity: Original Sin and a host of other topics.


On a news note, the rotation of these podcasts might change a bit in the coming weeks as I figure out the tone of the shows and the chemistry between the hosts, and how to balance that from week to week. Also, feedback on any of the podcasts is muy apreciado.