Lajjan by Numeriku

Lajjan fights with shield up. But it is not for defense. It is to see her reflection in awesome HD.

In addition to the wonderful influx of fan art, the screenshot database is now large enough to where I can start highlighting something new every day. Numeriku‘s screenies are always a good place to start, and this one of Lajjan is as warm as she is calm.

Fan Art – Amalee by Numeriku


Here is some more art from Numeriku. It’s Amalee on a bright pink background. Pink would probably be her favorite color if weren’t so rare in nature. Greens and blues are probably more common, but I’m sure pink would appeal to her feminine side.

After all, it’s the one color that women can almost call their own. Not out of any malice mind you, but because men – myself included -refuse to use it for some reason, due to some inexplicable fear that the color will suck away our manliness.

Fan Art – Erevan Comic by Numeriku



Here’s Numeriku aka Yee on Deviant Art with a wonderful little collage featuring her Dragonborn Talie and her awkward childhood romance with Erevan.

I have a couple more random doodles, and by random I mean my take on Erevan’s childhood mixed with my character Talie’s childhood kind of random *though they don’t remember each other, for different reasons*. So warning, utter random doodle distastefulness. But first…


Erevan, if you recall, grew up frail and brittle, the way a dried rose crumbles with the slightest touch of its petals. The only way he could become a knight was by being perfect, and it’s easy to imagine interactions like this motivating him to chase his dreams.

So, if I’m understanding the story correctly, the two meet as adults, and naturally things don’t go quite as swimmingly as you might expect. Talie clearly ain’t having it. Erevan looks confused. I think we need to put in a call and order 40 more episodes ASAP so we can find out what happens. #ErevanTalieSeason2 #allofmymoney

Fan Art – Erevan, Talie, Anum-La, and Qa'Dojo by Numeriku


Woohoo it’s Fan Art Friday or FAF as the people in the hood call it. Seriously. Go down to the hood and they’ll tell you all abouts da FAF. It is a worldwide phenomenon, and this week we are displaying the wonderful work of our resident screenshot champion, Numeriku.

The first set of pictures features Erevan and Numeriku’s PC Talie. She’s giving him the tough love and support he needs. She’s the fiery torch dragging, er, guiding his way through the dark.



Oh man, that picture in the corner. All the feels.qa_dojo_doodle_by_yee-d7sj36a

Here is a doodle of Qa’Dojo, looking rather serene. What the picture doesn’t show is that he’s riding a unicycle on a high wire. In life, balance is key.anum_la_doodle_by_yee-d7sj2kz

One of the complaints handegg players have is their lack of marketability. They wear helmets that cover up half their face, so it’s hard to identify your favorite players when they start rampaging in public. Anum-La, thankfully, doesn’t suffer from that problem. Even without her hood, you know her right away.


Here is a little dinner party Zora is having with a potato and a wedge of cheese. I imagine she’d give them both names, then find it excruciatingly hard to eat them for that reason. Of course, this would eventually lead to rotting, at which point she’d bury them in the backyard but not after having a short ceremony commemorating their life.

Au revoir, Cheesy-kins. Safe travels, Senor Mash. We hardly knew ye.

Fan Art – Rule 63 by 324b21, Anum-La and Qa'Dojo by Numeriku

2vce54m (1)

Here is some gender-bending art from 324b21 that he posted in the forums a few weeks ago. See if you can guess them all. Somehow I managed to fail this test, which is just further proof I am going senile.

anum_la_the_swamp_knight_by_numeriku-d7f9gbe qa_dojo_by_numeriku-d7f6w4u

This is a pair of MSPaint jobs from Numeriku, who’s provided a lot of the screenshots you see in the gallery. The colors on Anum-La’s scales are really vibrant here.2cd93yq (1)

Here’s the second set of Rule 63 art from 324b21. Raynes is looking pretty moe there, although it helps she’s juxtaposed with Barefoot Beefcake on the right.

Lastly, here is one more from 324b21, a GIF of Skjarn dry humping. Incredible. I have no words.

Fan Art – Extras by Moki, Kayla Marquez, Popfly, and Numeriku

tumblr_n455k9qatQ1tsbaoeo1_500 (1)

After a long day of killing bandits and squashing spiders, the Riverwood Heroes like to have a nice picnic with sweets and story telling~ Zora likes re-telling the story about the bandit killing cats and talking dog.

Ah, here’s another fan art segment. Most of this is stuff I should’ve posted previously, along with a few doodles I found on Tumblr. Like this one right here by Moki, which was posted after the last batch and missed the cutoff. Not that I mind posting more art . More like the opposite of mind. I would like nothing more than to post fan art every day, it would be like me died and gone to heaven.


This is a random doodle Numeriku posted on the forums of Rumarin. Rumarin is the undisputed king of fan art, although I think Anum-La and Zora are a close second. Still no love for Norgrof Oak-Heart.


Above, Erandur, Nalvyna (current skyrim char), and Rumarin (from Interesting NPCS mod) being ridiculous. I love these derps so much, they’re making my current Skyrim playthrough so much fun.

This one here is by popfly, and it made my sides rumble. I was kind of disappointed followers aren’t allowed inside the temple let alone Erandur’s peyote hallucination, but I managed to sneak in one line before the chicken squaring.

And just in case you haven’t had your fill of Rumarin art, here is some awesome work by sinokoi-sk from his Tumblr page. I have no idea how old this is either, but I just recently learned how to use the internet search function.


This last one requires some setting up, it’s an oldie but goodie the wonderful and talented Kayla Marquez posted waaaaay back in regards to the following line.

EXCUSE ME! Ur supposed to kick people’s butts and drop random parables and shit, not be an adorable dork. Sheesh! 

Qadojo by Kayla Marquez

Yeah, Qa’Dojo has his quirks. He has a weak spot for fish, he loves making snowcats, and his entire philosophy can be attributed to a head injury. Not your typical wise monk. Buuuut I suppose that’s the point of calling them three-dimensional NPCs.