Episode 19 – The Future is Bright and Creepy

In this episode of Lore Friendly, Alice and I discuss the new trailers for Mirror’s Edge, Deus Ex, and other horrible things.

Also, if you listen all the way to the end, you’ll get a nice little bonus. Well, listen or fast forward to the end.

Episode 16 – Pony Island

Here is episode 16 of Lore Friendly, where we discuss Sherlock, Pony Island, and other horrible things.

We are making episodes at a much faster clip nowadays, which is important given most successful podcasters try to provide both quantity and quality. Unfortunately, as Alice pointed out, we offer neither. But if that fails to dissuade you, brave listener, you can try the download link here or iTunes link here.

Episode 15 – A New New Hope

Here is episode 15 of Lore Friendly where we discuss Star Wars, GRRM, and other horrible things. Now available on iTunes as well as via download here.

Also, when my hard drive crashed, I lost the original title card. I had to use a print screen which was kind of blurry, so I decided to just use a new background from the Fallout 4 trailer. Anyways, this is all completely meaningless given it’s a podcast.

Episode 12 – Doctors and Dispositions

Here is a new episode of Lore Friendly, where Alice and I talk about Fallout 4, Doctor Who, and other horrible things. Wanting to avoid spoilers, we basically don’t go much into Fallout 4, which is more of just ranting against disposition mechanics in general. But for the record I like the game. I really, really do. We just couldn’t really talk about it because spoilers.

If youtube is not to your liking, you can download the show here or iTunes as soon as I figure out how to put it on there. EDIT: You can listen to it on iTunes here.