3DNPC v3.09.1


Here’s a small update with some minor tweaks and suggestions from the past few weeks. The main  change is the addition of Ronja Monto’s version Wolves of Jorrvaskr, both to Alassea and as a random instrumental for the bards.

Marrying Alassea also comes with an additional requirement of taking her to the Temple of Mara and expressing interest in a relationship.

3DNPC v3.09.1

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.09:

  • Alassea now requires a brief conversation at the Temple of Mara to qualify for marriage
  • Ability to tell Rumarin whether to use bow or sword
  • Added Wolves of Jorrvaskr to Alassea’s playlist
  • Added temporary restraints to patrons in Pit Dogs so they don’t run around during the fight
  • Added script to Frodmar to bump Birds of a Feather to stage 20 in the event outside trigger fails to fire
  • Changed objective markers in A Spell for Rumarin to not show once completed
  • Changed Robber’s Refuge patron so she doesn’t have the name of a terrorist organization
  • Removed “A Warrior’s Life” from Ygglief’s list of duets
  • Upon completion of A New Dawn, Olivia and her acolytes are now removed from their factions allowing them to be raised as thralls without consequence.
  • Some unvoiced Valgus lines removed

Wolves of Jorrvaskr by Ronja Monto


Here is a new version of Wolves of Jorrvaskr by the amazing Ronja Monto. I believe that’s just a title she’s earned now, like Sir Ian McKellan or Doctor Doom. Half-woman, half magical pixie, all-amazing, all the time.

Ahem. Like I was saying, here is the amazing Ronja’s version of Giramor’s old song, which Alassea will play when prompted. It is great. Music to the ears, you might say, in the literal and figurative sense.

And of course, if you’re in the mood for more ear bliss, don’t forget to click on her name and subscribe to her channel. It is even greater.


A Bosmeri Sleeping Song


Here’s another wonderful arrangement from Ronja Monto, inspired by an old Bosmeri poem found in the Elder Scrolls Online. It’s still a sketch/work in progress at the moment, but it should find its way into the mod by next week’s release.

I think it goes really well with the pitter-patter of rain on your window pane, but if you’re like me and live in water-starved parts, there’s always a virtual solution.

Open NAT – Episode 1: Just a Small Town Girl

It’s Wednesday, which means a new podcast for the three or four of you who enjoy them. This is the first episode of Open News and Talk, or Open NAT, hosted by Will Handford and Ronja Monto.

This show will tackle on news and controversial topics in video games, but the hope is to do it in a way that will be funny and entertaining even if you disagree with the things being said. Given Ronja’s passion for social issues and Will’s offbeat humor, pairing them was an easy choice.

In short, I think they’re both awesome, and awesome together.

For listeners on the go, here’s the downloadable track:


Now if I can just figure out why Youtube is being a dick right now. I just want to change the thumbnail, damnit.

News, Notes, and NNNNNNPCs


Viridiane, the voice of Zora Fair-Child, is working on a patch for a new set of followers (Virtut and Chaine) complete with personal quest and marriage options. You can check the progress of all user scripts and collaborations here. Also, it looks like the Skjel marriage patch has been greenlighted.

Katie Votapka and Ronja Monto are working on their own NPCs, but they’ve decided to learn the CK to do it. This is probably the best way to go about, because no one will be as passionate about your project as you. However, if the learning curve is steep or if you just don’t have the time (re: lazy like me), then having the community here make your NPCs a reality is another way to go about it.

Finished patches can be found by clicking the Fan Patches link in the sidebar.

Lastly, here’s the first episode of Strings Attached, a music based podcast hosted by Anna Castiglioni (Amalee, Morndas) and Ronja Monto (Alassea, Mithril).

It’s much more chill than the previous show, something comfy to listen to as you go about your day. Hopefully it will give you a little more insight into the whole composition process.

Edit: Forgot the download link again, you can get it here.

Alassea’s Song by Ronja Monto

For fans of Alassea, here’s Ronja Monto with a video version of her eponymous song. In it you’ll find her flute playing, harp strumming, wind basking and hair brushing like a boss.

I’ve had this in the works for some time, but between pollen allergies and broken headphones and bloated bellies it’s had to take the backseat.

I tried to make a pretty video, but it ended up looking like one of those ultra-cheesy 80’s ballad videos. It was even worse when the light was golden, like right out of “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Hopefully the song is okay though. Ergh.

What, 80’s ballads are the best. By failing to age gracefully, they’ve managed to somehow age well. The 1980’s have. Memes, not so much.

On a side note, there was a lot of site downtime today, but not my fault, at least not directly. I did choose the hosting service, however, and I can be blamed for that. Evidently going with the shittiest company on the planet has its downsides. This is what I get for being lazy and trusting WordPress’ recommendation. Never again.