Callen by Hermannesque


Well, so I was going to post this screenshot today, but apparently there’s some big news in the modding community causing fistfights in the street, so pardon if it feels a little anti-climactic. But don’t let the climatologists fool you. This is a pretty cool screenshot by Hermannesque. It is also kind of hot. It is hot and cool at the same time, which is why global warming can be confusing to some people. It shouldn’t.

Anyways, Sheryl broke the news to me in the previous post, so now I am aware of its bigness. However, as I mentioned in the comments, I am still on an NBA playoffs high, so I don’t really have any concrete thoughts or a grasp of the facts. Feel free to discuss and enlighten me here. For now, I’m just gonna sit here holding this can of worms.


Meresine by FadingSignal


Here’s some Skyrim Porn I found on Reddit courtesy of FadingSignal. One of these days I will get my game looking as nice as this screenshot, and perhaps with a decent FPS too. Just got to save up enough for that Skylake processor and next gen graphics card.

As always, click on the image for the full size version, I usually upload a low resolution one for the front page to maintain site speed.

Daenlyn Oakhollow by Hermannesque


Most of the newer followers don’t get as much traction as the old ones, but Daenlyn is probably the exception. It helps that he’s much more romantic than Rumarin and more jovial than Valgus, albeit he is neither as funny or deep as the two. Like he says when you meet him: a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

Zora Fair-Child by Corpsehatch

Zora Fair-Child

Here is a screenshot of Zora courtesy of Corpsehatch. Which, by the way, would be a really scary way for the zombie apocalypse to happen. Corpses hatching out of eggs would be 1000x more terrifying than crawling out of coffins. Especially with all the egg white goo.

Anyways, this screenshot is the opposite of that. It’s calm, relaxing, and stoic. So it’s best not to judge a photographer by the username.

Bodan by Numeriku

Bodan chillin’ like the villain he is most certainly not

Sometimes things just come together by luck. I’d written Bodan having a song like Tears of the Hist in his repertoire, but the melody didn’t exist until Arisen1 showed me her collection of instrumentals. It was a match made in Sovngarde to be sure.

All of which has nothing to do with this screenshot, but I needed to put some text here, since the context is Numeriku’s to define.

Valgus by Goodkiti


Here’s a screenshot from Goodkiti of Valgus with her Dragonborn. Daaaamn, you could chip orichalcum on those abs. Those things are harder than a no death run of Dark Souls.  So hard they said goodbye to yesterday and hello to tomorrow. And there’s no way dude drives wearing that armor, he’d get pulled over for an open container. Of six pack abs.

Beatrice and Urzub by Finn Wolfshorn

Two stoned troubadours
Beatrice and Urzub in the hood, up to no good

Technically, Beatrice and Urzub aren’t good people. One’s a Forsworn, the other tortures animals. Still, you can’t help but like them. People are strange like that. They’re funny and weird and ugly and beautiful. Talk long enough, or take enough drugs, and you’ll see every side of the die.