Treads-the-Ashes by Numeriku

Nice Try Larkspur by Amethyst

Larkspur: “We sex now?” Dragonborn: “More like we hay fever.”

Whether it’s lavenders or limericks or rock hard abs, Larkspur knows a lot of tricks, but Amethyst’s Dragonborn isn’t buying it.  Get them flowers off my bed, it’s time for a nap.

Skjel the Brave by AmeliaR96



Skjel The Gray is probably my favorite follower from Interesting NPCs. He is perfect for those players who played the game half a billion times and knows every line used in game cause he gonna use those lines and mix them together and just make them funny. I love his insanity. He won’t use weapons in this playthrough tho, I dunno why, prob just a bug Im to lazy to look into. But well, here is some random shots of the best skeleton on the Nexus!

Gorr and Hjoromir by StillsEve


Sometimes two NPCs are linked together for reasons other than a protracted quest. Gorr and Hjoromir are the typically the first two NPCs you’ll meet, and they each have something completely different to offer.


Credit goes to StillsEve for the metaphorically moving but otherwise stationary pictures. You don’t see this sort of moon based lighting in screenshots very often, so it’s a nice change of pace.


Arelthor and Cassius by Numeriku

Screenshot by Numeriku

Here’s a pair of screenshots from Numeriku that feature some of the deeper content in the mod. Arelthor is a Thalmor warrior you can run into while scavenging ruins in Hjaalmarch.

Screenshot by Numeriku

Cassius you can meet in the dungeons of Fort Greymoor. People have mentioned helping the Imperial, but I’ve never heard anyone mention Ogdul before, when the two are part of the same story.