3DNPC Fallout 3 Bundle v0.05


This is version 0.05¬†of the Fallout 3 Bundle. Apparently two holotapes for Spider’s quest were stereo instead of mono, and as such, they didn’t play when you popped ’em in your Pip-Boy. If you already have version 0.04, all you need to update is the Spider mod here.

3DNPC Fallout 3 Bundle v0.05

The rest of the bundle is the exact same as before.

Fallout 3 Mods: Spider – It Came From the Vault!

I have a good feeling that Audrey, who I showed off previously, is going to be universally popular. She has an acid wit, is fun to be around, and is part of the largest quest in the bundle so far. The same is true for Mortar. The big lug will have some features that are fairly unique and will help fill those long, arduous gaps of nothing as you walk the Capital Wasteland.

There are other followers, however, who I’m sure will be much more polarizing. Spider is one such companion. If you like crazy though, she will definitely be in your rotation. Plus, her quest gets you some fun prizes like the three-part holotape series in the video above. Version 0.02 can be downloaded from the wiki page or on the forums, or by just clicking on that link.