3DNPC v3.18

zora by corpsehatch_lo_res

Here’s version 3.18. There’s a few typos and other mismatched lines that aragonit pointed out recently, so those should now be working properly. Viridiane also sung a little tune that I’ve added to Zora’s idle commentary, just some traveling music more or less.

3DNPC 3.18

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.10:

  • Added a little idle singing to Zora
  • Fixed some typos and duplicate lines for Lyrek and Veralene
  • Added Dibella amulet to Amalee’s default outfit
  • Changed Berg’s default outfit to Giant Clothes by testiger2
  • Fixed issue where Haakon and guards clash when player enters Bloodworks, script now checks to see if his cell door is locked
  • Raised level cap of Darkened Steel ghosts
  • Added light to campfire in Bards, Beasts, and Beauties
  • Bards in Bards, Beasts, and Beauties set to observe only during duel. Skjarn teleported to safety at end of quest.
  • Fixed issue where Alassea, Amalee, and Skjarn would run their innkeeper scene in all inns
  • Fixed some apostrophes that were the wrong font
  • Prompt-But-Bashful‘s inventory can now be accessed while in player home
  • Added Carmella to various beast factions
  • Removed some pops from Carmella’s tracks
  • Blacksmith sandbox packages added to Isobel if she’s in a Hearthfire home with a forge in the cellar (MTWTF 9-12pm)
  • Added missing drum file for Portraiture duet with Ygglief
  • Fixed unfilled property for PlayerREF in Pit Dogs (bug introduced in 3.11 or 3.12)
  • Added mod bards to the BardAudienceExcludedFaction
  • Forwarded some MHDT changes made by Dragonborn.esm
  • Carmella‘s skeletons are now protected
  • Carmella removed from necromancer faction and added to Riverwood faction to avoid battles at inn
  • Fixed a scene near the end of As You Like It that sent Daenlyn to the docks making him AWOL for the actual scene
  • Removed (Quest in Alpha) on dialogue to start Aldmeri Prisoner
  • Disabled trigger box in longhouse of Idle Dreams after initial use, as running into it a second time would make the initial scene repeat
  • Fixed Batheru‘s intro dialogue not to repeat when speaking to a Dunmer character
  • Made Blood of Kings possible to start before Pit Dogs. However, starting either quest must be done to completion before you can start the other.

In order to limit how often this idle is run, I set it to only play on 1 of 2 conditions, she’s a follower and it’s Sundas, or she’s married and at home and waiting for your return. Still only a 50% shot the idle will run, even then. Hopefully that will keep it somewhat rare. If Viridiane makes any more of them I’ll be happy to add them to her saylist, which is like a playlist, only you say it.

New Amazing Nightmare by Viridiane


At long last, it’s finished, up, set.


The IndieGoGo campaign where I hope to raise money for line editing of the first book of New Amazing Nightmare. I’m sooo anxious, it’s been a ton of work and I know nothing about marketing :D Guess it’s time for a cup of tea and an evening with research.

Panicking like a ferret on an electricity wire! Keep your thumbs crossed, please, and if you can, spread the word! Thanks <e-hugs>.


Valgus by Siempre

Poor Valgus

Here is Valgus looking somber, despite the fact that he is sporting some new fits and a cleaner haircut. A haircut which is actually the one Viridiane suggested I give him back when the idea of Valgus was still in its fetal stages.

Given my liberal use of facial sliders on many of the male NPCs, she’d hinted that perhaps it was time to make some more attractive followers. So I said “Fine, I am going to make you a super sexy man steak,” and Valgus is what I came up with.

When I first showed him to her, she thought the unkempt hair and threadbare robes was a little too “villager,” which of course is why I kept it. Thing is, after developing his character and backstory, it turned out our sexy man was actually a man of the people. Besides, tying the hair back looked way too Geralt of Rivia for my liking.

Of course, that’s what mods are for, to change things to your liking. That’s how you get wonderful screenshots like this, with Valgus of Cyrodiil the way the combs intended.

News, Notes, and NNNNNNPCs


Viridiane, the voice of Zora Fair-Child, is working on a patch for a new set of followers (Virtut and Chaine) complete with personal quest and marriage options. You can check the progress of all user scripts and collaborations here. Also, it looks like the Skjel marriage patch has been greenlighted.

Katie Votapka and Ronja Monto are working on their own NPCs, but they’ve decided to learn the CK to do it. This is probably the best way to go about, because no one will be as passionate about your project as you. However, if the learning curve is steep or if you just don’t have the time (re: lazy like me), then having the community here make your NPCs a reality is another way to go about it.

Finished patches can be found by clicking the Fan Patches link in the sidebar.

Lastly, here’s the first episode of Strings Attached, a music based podcast hosted by Anna Castiglioni (Amalee, Morndas) and Ronja Monto (Alassea, Mithril).

It’s much more chill than the previous show, something comfy to listen to as you go about your day. Hopefully it will give you a little more insight into the whole composition process.

Edit: Forgot the download link again, you can get it here.

Character Sheet – Gorr

Encounter Riverwood
Locations South of Ivarstead, Markarth, Various
Race Redguard Gender Male
Level PC×1 Class CombatWarrior2H
RefID XX02d6e7 BaseID 0202D184
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills Two-Handed, Heavy Armor, Block, Archery
Morality Violence Against Enemies Confidence Brave
Inventory Iron Armor, Hide Boots, Hide Gauntlets, Iron Warhammer, Horker Meat, Horker Stew
Voice Nile Zam Jones (Zammuel)

Gorr the Wanderer
Upon recruiting Gorr as a follower, you have the option of asking him where to go next. This conversation will effectively enable his wandering quest. Progressing through this quest will result in unlocking Gorr’s marriage dialogue, his personal quest, and setting him to wander.  It should also be noted that Gorr’s marriage question, It’s funny how the fates keep bringing us together, while accessible only by wearing an Amulet of Mara, is deliberately ambiguous. This way, you can hear the story while still avoiding a romantic overture by responding with That’s right. We’re great friends.

Gorr the Wanderer (DialogueGorr)
Stage Information
10 Gorr wanders to the camp south of Ivarstead. This video will show the exact location of the camp.
20 After meeting at Ivarstead and dismissing, Gorr will head to the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth
30 This stage will unlock the above mentioned options and set Gorr to wander to the following locations:

  • Sundas – Anga’s Mill
  • Morndas – Orotheim
  • Tirdas – Hela’s Folly
  • Middas – Morthal
  • Turdas – Broken Tower Redoubt
  • Fredas – Whiterun Drunken Huntsman
  • Loredas – Clearpine Pond

Pit Dogs
After reaching stage 30 of his wander quest, Pit Dogs will be available by talking to Zora Fair-Child, or by bringing Zora to Gorr and speaking with him. The quest has two possible outcomes, as well variable rewards determined by the dialogue choices.

Pit Dogs (Gorrquest)
Stage Information
1 Help Zora find Gorr. This stage will be skipped if Zora is brought to Gorr and he is spoken to.
20 Gorr makes a reference to the Ivarstead conversation, that someone is casting aspersions on his character. Zora mentions a suspicious character headed toward Whiterun.
30 At the Drunken Huntsman, the player is introduced to J’Sharr, who is the character mentioned in Gorr’s marriage request dialogue. He mentions an underground pit fighting ring in Fort Sungard, and asks the group to attend his match.
40 J’Sharr will proceed to poison the Dragonborn. The PC will wake up in a cage, after which J’Sharr will quickly free the PC and usher him/her to the pits.
70 After watching Gorr defeat a combatant, the player has the opportunity to mingle. 3 NPCs, Valenor, Ignatius and the Fair Lady will have conversation strings. Talking to the Fair Lady will advance the quest.
75 The PC is partnered with J’Sharr and must battle 2 Alik’r Warriors in the Pit. Before the fight, J’Sharr attempts to fool the player with faulty math, at which point he/she can call him on his mistake, deny payment for the fight, or accept the amount J’Sharr says the PC will win.
100 After defeating the warriors, J’Sharr provides a key to the exit and reveals Zora can be found at Skytemple Ruins. Through Gorr’s dialogue, the option will be given to kill J’Sharr now, or prioritize rescuing Zora. This will affect the outcome of the quest.
105 Killing J’Sharr immediately will result in a delay that ends Zora’s life. Eliminating her killers will end the quest.
110 It is revealed Zora did not have a match, but was sold to a necromancer. If J’Sharr is ignored she can be saved.
135 The group returns to the Pit to find out information on J’Sharr’s whereabouts. The player can progress the quest by convincing Valenor you want to make a deal or bribing the Fair Lady.
140 J’Sharr’s location is revealed to be Orotheim. In the cave, the player finds a Khajiit and three henchmen, along with any bandits generated by the vanilla game.
200 Upon killing the Khajiit, a scene will trigger and the quest will complete.

Notes: J’Sharr is the Khajiit mentioned in Gorr’s marriage dialogue and his initial foray to Ivarstead. The Khajiit in the cave bears a striking resemblance to J’Sharr, but is unnamed for a reason. It is unlikely that J’Sharr would be careless enough to trust the player or divulge the information to the Fair Lady, and it is implied he escaped. Killing J’Sharr is possible if the PC is willing to sacrifice Zora.  Zora’s death, however, will result in breaking a number of quests with which she is involved in.

For more information about Gorr, check out his character profile here.

Meet the Actor – Viridiane

Back in May of 2012, when the mod was but an infant, a helpful fellow by the name of throat cutter pointed me toward a forum where I could find voice actors.  I peered at that list like a motherfucking hawk, looking for actors with two X chromosomes.  I sent out about 10 emails.  I got 1 reply.  It was from a girl named Viridiane, and it changed everything.

Food tasted better.  The sky seemed bluer.  The world wasn’t perfect, but it was close enough, because she was living in it.

And she’s still here.  Seven months later, and Vi’s done three characters – Zora, Lleyara, Callen, and probably near a 1000 lines of dialogue and counting.  I asked her some stupid questions, and she was kind enough to reply.  If you have questions of your own, feel free to ask them in the comments.

You have a unique accent, where are you from exactly?
I like to keep people guessing. Sometimes they truly surprise me!

What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?
A, R, E, S. I have a few. I really don’t like P and B.

What got you into voice acting?
Google. Well I had an idea to see if there’s some way to try dubbing something and I found English website Voice Acting Alliance. Turned out there was plenty of amateur projects to audition for and that’s how it started for me.

Who would win a fight between a frost troll and a Nord on anabolic steroids?
Nord. Science > Nature when it comes to good old face mashing.

What sort of character do you like to play?
Pretty ones! And small ones. But not halfling-small. Just FR elf-small. I liked to play Ainmhi in Oblivion. Class? Jack of All Trades. In Skyrim I had to settle for a boring Nord due to most bearable faces. Still had so many wrinkles. Can’t wait to use some of the mods for faces! Played some kind of rogue-type. Not sure. I’m a hoarder, very much. I hoarded gems, coins, strawberries and Nirnroot planters. Then I searched for items and cloned them into my house while throwing away gold [imagine a shop :D] In Skyrim I settled for the 1-of-a-kind items like bee in a jar or some ship models :D

I want you to share the story you told me about how we both suck at video games.
Yeah, I panic in games, I was trying to play one at my friend’s and a monster jumped at me, so I panicked and I turned the camera around and shot a barrel with something that exploded and killed me instead. >D

Nirnroot: Noisy or Calming?
Awakens my pack-rat instincts. GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL.

Where does the name Viridiane come from?
It’s a name of a color. I like colors.

Do you have a favorite alchemy ingredient?
No, I love them all and hoard them all and put them in their respective chests/boxes/jars.

What are your favorite video games?
Baldur’s Gate <3 Forever. Right now I’m playing League of Legends though.

How hard was it to voice Callen?
Much harder than Zora, but much easier than carrying bricks on my head.

If you’ve played the mod, do you have a favorite character, and why? If you haven’t played the mod, why are you such a horrible person?
I’m a horrible person :( I haven’t had the chance to play Skyrim for months. I’ve played Vanilla right after release and I’ll play it again, modded, when I’m done with university. It will be my nerdy victory dance.

Talk about Zora’s character and what you think about her. Why do you think Zora is so popular?
I didn’t know she was popular, I never get to see the comments Kris is mentioning sometimes. I can’t find them :( But if I were to guess, I’d say she’s simply sweet. With a twist. Not your regular cutie with a bandit fetish and a two-handed sword, is she? Besides, she is flawed. That makes her affable and humane.

What other projects are you working on? Mods, fiction, acting, etc. Where else can people hear your talents?
Voice acting wise? A few, you can see a list on my website, I try to keep it updated. Non-voice-acting wise? I’m working on a book. Almost alllmost done with the first part, but writer’s block knows no mercy.

Do you share any similar traits with any of the characters you voiced? How are you different?
Tough question! Not so much, I think. I actually try to avoid voicing characters that are similar to me, because it’s boring and presents no challenge at all.

Stormcloaks or Imperials? Paarthurnaax or Blades? Wine or Mead? Sweet rolls or Apple pies?
Chocolate! And baby pandas.

What kind of mic do you use and what difficulties did you run into making your recording environment?
I use Blue Snowball. I have a pop filter made of an old stocking and wire. The difficulty is that I have 2 settings on this mic, I can build a soundbooth from books and I can even put scarves on it, but every person has a different opinion on what sounds best, so I never know how to record :D A pro-studio mic would surely remedy this situation, but I’m broooke.

If you were an all powerful dragon, how would you go about eating and entertaining yourself? Would you terrorize towns, steal the occasional cow, or just eat wild beasts? Keep in mind people are probably delicious.
Food, food, food, does everything have to be about food? Psh! I would steal a princess and live out a fairytale!

Hello World

This is a blog for the mod Interesting NPCs. The ultimate goal is to have this be a hub of information regarding the mod, with articles on characters, interviews with voice actors, and basically looking under the hood of this product of Dwarven engineering.

You may be curious why it’s in blog form. Curiosity is bad for you and is known to cause cat scratch fever.  However, if you must know, it’s in blog form because I am too cheap to pay for a website.

In all honesty, I do not know if I will have the time to even come up with articles, posts, or pictures to propagate this blog with. I do not know if the actors are willing to subject themselves to my terrible questions, or if that is considered torture by the standards outlined in the Geneva Conventions. We shall see.

In closing, I offer a picture of my current game, as I build dialogue for Zora and the other super friendies. I use Zora because I know everyone loves Zora, and everyone loves her voice actor, the talented Viridiane. If you don’t you probably are an unpleasant person to talk to.