Not 15, Not 16…


The mod reached 15,000 endorsements on Nexus the other day, and to celebrate I decided to get another thousand. But seeing as this would never end, to celebrate 16,000 endorsements, I decided to just do nothing.

In all seriousness though, it’s good to know people are discovering the mod for the first time, especially now that a lot of the early hiccups have been cleaned up. As for what having 15K+ endorsements means, who knows. There are plenty of popular things in life that are godawful. On the other hand, if people enjoy it, does it matter? It’s best not to take life so seriously, friend.

In other news:

    • I’ve been thinking about starting a podcast to help fill out the weekly content here. I want to try and bring on guests and things schedule permitting, but to start it’ll just be general video game shit until we get our footing. Hosts may rotate as well since it’s really hard to get the stars and schedules aligned. We’d probably need some cheesy intro music, and a catchy name. 3DNPodC? Too wordy. The iNPC podcast? Too Apple. I don’t have the lawyers to keep it.
    • Pelzknaeul asked me if there were any rules for the forums as far as who can get banned, canned, or body-slammed. There really is just one. Don’t be a dick. And for the most part, everyone has abided by that rule. The forums are pretty comfy.
    • Someone mentioned there was no RSS feed or subscription thingy on the new site. I tried adding an option via the WordPress Jetpack plugin, but it just added a “Notify me by e-mail of any new posts” at the bottom. Not sure if that’s the same thing. If anyone knows what plug-in I should be using, let me know.

Lastly, in addition to 16K endorsements, we’ve also surpassed 2,000,000 views for the blog recently, which is pretty amazing seeing as there’s like 12 of us here. Of course, most people are anonymous folks who come for the wiki, which Sheryl and Inara continue to work on. It’s really the backbone of this site, and without everyone’s help we’d have a bad case of scoliosis, so thanks.

News, Notes, and Elves Ear


They say the Elven ear was a once a leaf, and this is important, because leaves are the lifeblood of any plant. They are the vital organs that make food out of water and sunlight. Ears are cool too I guess but they are horrible at photosynthesis. On the other hand they don’t fall off in September.

That must’ve been hard to be an Elf and have leaves for ears. You’d lose your hearing every autumn and what sucks even more is you just got your ears pierced and it hurt like a bitch and now you’re going to have to do it again. It’s also kind of lame that you’re stuck in this low-walled cubicle and can’t hear what the human next to you is saying for another five months but then again that might not be a bad thing. Depends on the human, really.

Anyways, this is just an excuse to talk about Elves, particularly the one in Radiant Raiment. Right now he is a deaf mute who will do nothing save acknowledge your existence before moving on to the nearest chair. It looks like that will change before v3.07 though, in fact you can almost see the buds starting to form.

In other news:

  • Pelzknaeul made an excellent suggestion to add more fields to the profile section. You can list your contact info, give a little information about yourself, and even post an image.
  • I also added the ability to form groups, although I’m not entirely clear on what it’s for. Either way, let me know if there are any other profile or social features you want enabled. Look out, Zuckerberg, we coming for you.
  • I’m still in need of helpers for the wiki, mostly with regard to making quest pages since the NPC pages are more or less done. Also any stories, art, screenshots and other blog contributions are welcome.
  • I’m still tinkering with the Fan Patches page – ultimately a list might work better, but that’s a problem for later, once we get more fan patches than the one. Speaking of which, William Handford has voiced the Skjel marriage patch, so I’ll see if I can add that to the list in the coming days.