Tailor Made

Tailor Made

Tailor Made is a miscellaneous quest starring everyone favorite skeleton- Skiel the Grey. Simply talk to Skiel when he is a follower and ask him about getting him a new body. He tells you about a mage in Riften called The Tailor who may be able to help. The Tailor can be found in The House of Garments located in the lower walkways near the Riften canal.

Enter the shop and speak with the mage to discover his rather shocking secret (No spoilers here!). The quest Tailor Made will then be completed.

The mage agrees to provide Skiel with the flesh that he seeks, in exchange for Skiel’s bones. There is a catch, however- the cave in which Skiel must go in order to complete his side of the bargain is filled with necromancers- thus it must be cleared in order for the transaction to take place.

At this point the player has several options- they can agree to let Skiel make the bargain, or attempt to extort money out of the mage (he will give you some clothes). The player also has the option to object, saying they prefer him as a skeleton. Additionally, the Dragonborn can also choose to take up arms against the Tailor, which will result in him turning hostile and the quest A Good Fit failing.

A Good Fit

In the event that the Dragonborn does not kill the Tailor, the quest A Good Fit will start, with the first objective being to clear out the cave of necromancers.

Head to crystaldrift cave and take out the necromancers. Skiel will start glowing purple once that happens, meaning it’s time to go back to Riften!

Once in The House of Garments, a quick look will reveal that the Tailor is nowhere to be found. He has, however, fulfilled his side of the bargain, leaving behind the ‘outfit’ he wore when he was first encountered.

Thus, the Dragonborn must make a decision as to what to do with the ‘outfit’ (as Skiel won’t make it himself). The Dovahkiin can choose to let Skiel remain in his skeletal body, or suggest that Skiel to take the new body and live the rest of his life as the proprietor of the House of Garments. Regardless of the choice that is made, the quest will reach its conclusion once a decision is made.

In the case where Skiel ‘rejects’ the new body, it turns into a (very creepy looking) mannequin, and the Player is rewarded with merchants clothes, merchants boots, and a hat.

If the Player chooses to have Skiel be the new proprietor of the house of garments, the body becomes animated again, and the player can talk to it/him to buy and sell items. Skiel, on the other hand, dies, and the Dragonborn is then rewarded with a set of Jester’s clothes, jester’s boots, and a hat.

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