The Aldmeri Prisoner

QUEST GIVER Daenlyn Oakhollow
LOCATIONS Coldstone Mine, Cracked Tusk Keep
PREREQUISITES Honor’s Calling, Brother and Keeper
RELATED QUESTS A Debt of Blood, As You Like It
QUEST ID DialogueNair EDITOR ID xx2CB19B
NPCS Na’ir, Jerulith, Daenlyn Oakhollow, Na’ir’s Client, Griffith

The Aldmeri Prisoner is a quest that can be started by talking to Daenlyn Oakhollow after freeing him from his Altmeri captors. Asking the Bosmer if he’d heard anything while imprisoned by the Thalmor, the bard will tell the player of the prison he was bound for, a place named Coldstone Mine in the southern reaches of Falkreath hold. Daenlyn also speaks of a mercenary who was to be his cellmate, one who was in the process of being tortured for information by the Aldmeri Dominion.

Spared from a similar fate by the Dovahkiin, Daenlyn now expresses a desire to rescue his ‘cousin in chains’.

Head to Coldstone Mine, where one will find an assortment of Thalmor (dead) as well as bandits (alive). In the deepest recesses of the mine, the player will find a few cells- with one of them being occupied by a familiar face- Jerulith, the ex-Thalmor who played a part in the quest Honor’s Calling. After dispatching the bandit interrogating her, the Dragonborn may proceed with asking her a few questions of their own- namely, ones pertaining to the current situation, as well as the mercenary Daenlyn mentioned.

Jerulith reveals that the mercenary is a Khajiit who claimed to know the identity of a traitor within the ranks of the Thalmor- one which the feline claimed was Jerulith herself. Thus, she turned herself, hoping to prove her innocence.

Daenlyn questions Jerulith as to the location of the mercenary. The former Thalmor explains that the bandits have taken him, believing him to possess knowledge of treasure and the like. Jerulith knows approximately where they have gone, however she declines to reveal the location, except upon the condition that she accompany Daenlyn and the Dragonborn. Wary, Daenlyn lectures her before freeing her from the cell.

The bandits, it seems, have headquartered themselves at Cracked Tusk Keep, a short distance to the southeast. Head there, either ignoring or listening to the bickering conversations between Daenlyn and Jerulith.

When at the top of the tower overlooking the keep, the player will find a bandit chief, as well as the Khajiit they are searching for, a cat named Na’ir. After disposing of the bandit, talk to Na’ir.

Despite his seemingly polite exterior, Na’ir is no hapless and innocent mercenary, as is learned when he coerces both Jerulith and Daenlyn- and by extension the Dragonborn- into attending a meeting with one whom he refers to only as his ‘client’. He ends the conversation, and thus the quest, by urging the trio to go to Falkreath, where his client awaits.

 10 Travel to Coldstone Mine
 60 Travel to Cracked Tusk Keep.
100 Quest completes, A Debt of Blood starts.

NOTE: there is a LOT of dialogue and cutscenes in this quest. Stages 5, 13, 14, 15, 20, 30, 50, 55, 59, 65, 70, 75, 80, and 90 are related to said scenes and dialogue, and are thus excluded from the table.

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